#TansCelebrateAugust It's Dylexis' Birthdays Again!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

August is here again and this time, even though there were no grand celebration, dessert tables or even a buffet, we had such a great time celebrating with the kids! Can you imagine we are already halfway through the month already????

It was a simple celebration at home for the two of them since Dy's birthday fell on a weekend this year. Nothing super special for his first cake, but it was a delicious rainbow cake from Prima Deli that sealed the deal!

Rainbow cakes are always a hit amongst the kids, hehe.

Thankfully, my mother-in-law was at our place, so she expertly whipped up some nice dishes, cooked some extra rice and all 4 families came together to have a nice dinner!

Look how serious are they at making their birthday wishes 😂😂😂

We then had another round of celebration with the Sunday Friends at Ah Yat Restaurant, over dim sum lunch!

I think the best way to hang out with friends is always cakes, food and lots of laughter.

The second cake was a superman cake, as requested by the birthday boy, and a handful of princess cupcakes as requested by my baby girl! All these beautiful cakes are done by Crissa as usual.... she impresses me SO MUCH with her baking skills every day.

*Still* very concentrating in making a birthday wish hehehe


Finally, a couple of days after National Day was Alexis' birthday party. Gurl was soooo stoked about having a birthday celebration in school! It was her first celebration and she was really looking forward to it.

We actually planned a party for her last year, but she was unfortunately down with chicken pox, so we had to call off the celebration.... I am so happy that she gets to spend it with her friends this time round!

Another delicious rainbow cake from Prima Deli - this is becoming *the* cake I buy for any celebration because it is really quite pretty and it tastes really good too. The sponge layers are so fluffy!

My little Frozen fan had been asking me for a Frozen cake since the start of the year, but since the school requires the cake to be halal... this is the best Frozen cake I can give her 😅😅

Swensen's has a Frozen cake, albeit it is ice-cream cake so I think it's probably gonna be very messy?

Yay! A small, but cosy celebration. Happy 5th birthday, Dylan! Happy 3rd birthday, Princess Alexis!!!

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