It Was My Birthday + Reflections

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Tokidoki Sea Punk cookies made by Crissa's Cake Corner! Thank you Crissa, for putting in so much love in making these cookies specially for me. VERY BLESSED!

The month of August always concludes with my birthday, and before I know it, I am yet another year older. Just a couple of years ago, we were talking about how I crossed into the Big 3, the rites of updating my NRIC... and then here's where we are now.

The year has been great to me as usual, we've been self-employed for close to two years and I still feel a little bit surreal about that? It used to be a lot more on the whim, side-income, for fun and passion kinda thing, from online blogshop selling clothes because everyone was selling clothes hahaha, to dessert table styling and stuff.

Right now, it is way more serious since our livelihood is dependent on it. 

The Downs

Working with the husband is actually no mean feat too. Don't get me wrong, we do get along well most of the time, but working together is an entire ball game altogether that I think we haven't really grasped well.

In the past, working separately meant that we would have other things to talk about - our own colleagues, interesting / funny / angry stuff that happened at work and overall, having more me-time. When you spend more time together, sometimes it really translates to more arguments together 😅😅

Also, these days, we really just talk about work, work, work, work and soccer. And with three kids in tow, we were pretty much tied in our hands to remotely do anything quality together. Quietly. Sans the three of them.

In fact, the last time we even had a date night was so long ago, I found myself transiting between envying to outright hatred towards couples who go on date nights. 

I mean, obviously my hatred was exclusively reserved for people whom I dislike lah, but it was clear that all I wanted was not only a night's off, but a night's off WITH MY HUSBAND.

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Which he made it come true, thanks to my mother-in-law who came in to help us with the kids while we get a precious evening off (albeit we got home by 9PM cuz we didn't want my MIL to go home too late).

The thing about having a date night after six years is really, we don't know where to go!!!!


We spent the first hour of our date asking each other repeatedly, "So how? Where you wanna go?"

Nope, nobody has any answers...... But we ended up at Punggol Containers, thanks to Google, for a nice night-out. I'm not sure what would be a better place we could have gone to, but it is nice, to be sitting in the open, with my beer, and the breeze.... talking about work.

Sigh, such is life LOLOL.


I could go on and on about work - about how it largely affects my mood most of the time these days because working on this business really makes me see all sorts of people. More so than my PR days.

There are days that I feel extremely thankful because we've met really nice people who go out of the way to help and teach us.. people who would not take advantage of us, even though they can. And of course, there are days when I meet really horrible, selfish people... 

I try to stay as emotionless as possible towards these people, but really, I think I am a human.. and especially one who has a very low tolerance level towards disloyalty, naysaying and unfilial piety. 

Anyhow, let's move on!

The Ups

Can I still talk about work? 😂

Despite a lot of hard work, sacrifices and bad moods, I think we are generally in a good track and I hope we can continue to do even better. 

I've been given more time offs than usual, thanks to the husband. The time-offs have given me many chances of hanging out with my girl friends, which really balances me out, especially on very emotional days when I get very frustrated with people and stuff.

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A night's off after our roadshow at Kidz Academy a couple of months back!

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Another nights off in view of my birthday! XY and I went for an intimate Hai Di Lao session and because of work relations, we managed to get into HDL without much queueing, and got a really great seat even!

And I made a good friend this year too. 😊 Actually, to be accurate, I made many great friends who would go the distance for me... and I am really blessed. I was so surprised to get a cake from my neighbour because I wasn't expecting a birthday celebration at all?????

All in all, this year is really pretty great. Work, friendship, love, family... it gets frustrating sometimes, but it has been a great run.

To a better next year!

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