Hit The Right Note with the Right Flowers

Friday, August 25, 2017

Choosing the right flowers means as much as choosing the right colour or outfit for a wedding. It’s important to know that each and every beautiful bloom of this world has a symbolic meaning, and represents a certain sentiment. So, before you jump to your florist and pick out the prettiest bouquet you see, stop. Put your thinking cap on, and think about the sentiment behind the bouquet.
What is the occasion or the event? Is it the ideal time to gift roses or is it tacky? Are you going to offend or please someone with the flowers in the bouquet? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then keep on reading to find out which flowers are suitable for certain occasions. Only the best flower delivery in Singapore will know this distinction, and we’re sharing some of their secrets.

  1. Birthday Flowers
Nobody expects you to be a flower expert, which is why we’re going to compile a short list of blooms that are perfect for bouquets that wish someone yet another year of happiness, health and joy on this planet. Birthdays are the easiest, because there is large selection of blooms that are appropriate, like: Gladiolus, Carnations (stay away from yellow ones), Lilies, Marigolds, Roses, Daisies, Violets, Daffodils… It’s quite a long list. A great source of unique birthday flowers is a florist in Plaza Singapura.
  1. First Date Flowers
For some, gifting flowers on first dates is the old-school way, but for some, flowers are still one of the go-to tokens of admiration and liking on this significant meeting. You want to stay classy and not too tacky, and although your first choice might be roses, they are definitely not the best choice for the first date, as they carry a very powerful meaning. Go for tulips and orchids, as they are beautiful, playful and classy. I’ve seen a Dubai Florist arrange orchids and tulips to look heavenly, and they truly are the only flowers appropriate for first dates.
  1. Mother’s Day Flowers
On one of the busiest days for florists, you don’t usually get to choose if you haven’t ordered your bouquet in time. But if you do plan on gifting the ideal bouquet to send that one special woman in your life a truly special note, go for Gerber daises, red and pink carnations. A Better Florist in Singapore has beautiful arrangements for this occasion, and are always prepared to create beautifully designed blooms that will make your Mother feel special.
  1. Funeral Flowers
Although it isn’t a joyous occasion flowers are commonly sent or carried to funerals in almost every part of the world. And it can be one of the most challenging choices, because it’s a sensitive time when you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but rather send your support. Lilies and chrysanthemums are very common funeral flowers, but pay attention to the colour as well, and try to go subtle tones instead of strong and bold colours like red and orange.
  1. Get Well Soon Flowers
When you want to show some support and wish them a speedy recovery, flowers usually do the trick. They have the power to uplift the spirit, but only if you choose the right ones. Tulips, Irises and Gladioli are ideal as they don’t have a strong fragrance and look beautiful. A Hong Kong florist makes beautiful, thoughtful arrangements, and specializes in infusing your special message into beautiful bloom creations. Along with their best flower delivery in Hong Kong and their knowledge of the right pairing of blooms have though us a lot about the power of flowers.
  1. Sympathy Flowers
The Best Florist in Hong Kong also knows that these flowers are a bit different than funeral flowers. Not only because they are sent to the home of the grieving individual, but they are supposed to send out a message of hope and re-birth, and sympathy. The ideal blooms for that come in blue, yellow or purple, and they could be roses daises or lilies.
  1. Thank You Flowers
Last but not least, the best florist in Singapore would confirm that there are such flowers that can be used to say thank you. So, you want to show someone appreciation and thank them for being there for you? Even if you don’t know the person very well, and have insight into what kind of flowers they prefer, the safe choices are carnations, lilies and daises. They don’t send the wrong message, and if arranged properly, along with a written thank you note, can hit the right note.

Think very carefully at what message you want to send. It’s no longer enough just to want to send flowers; you have to create bouquets with your loved ones in mind. With 24 hour florist delivery in Singapore, you don’t have to stress about whether you can get flowers, but just about making the right choice.

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