Bringing The Kids To The Animal Farm

Monday, August 21, 2017

Hello everyone! It has certainly been long since this space was last updated. So long until my husband asked me if I am even blogging anymore.

The truth is, I still love blogging and I *try* to do my best to immortalise the happenings in my life as much as possible, but these days, I am so occupied at work I no longer have the time to even access the computer. 😨😨

And on days when I do sit down at my work desk, I have mountains of paperwork to clear... and when I am finally somewhat done (throwing everything to other people's court lolol), it is time to pick up the kids / cook dinner / the kids have woken up from their naps / the kids are bored from playing in the toy room etc.

Despite the hectic schedule, I also get to spend a lot of quality time with my friends! Just 2 months back, we arranged a group outing to the animal farm and the kids had a blast. It's nice when all of us have children who are the same age because they get to spend so much time together too.

This was the second time Dylexis visited the Animal Farm and they were still as excited as ever! All of the kids were given either chicken feeds or rabbit food, and we have the option of purchasing carrots for the resident horse there.

I've always enjoyed bringing my kids to the zoo or the farm because I think it is quite an interesting experience for young children to hang around with animals. Also, I think that being with nature and away from the urbanisation is actually pretty nice for the kids too.

Except that I don't really appreciate the mozzie bites, AND my son happens to be a huge mozzie magnet zzz.

Here's us with the resident horse! Nian and I usually have to work on the weekends, so on days when I get to stay at home to take care of the kids, I make it count and bring them out for interesting trips.

I read about an article on Friso's website, that Nature’s diversity is such a rich resource for exploration and sensory learning.

Symbolic learning, for example, from the television or books would never equal to the experience of being there in the midst of nature! Watching a documentary about a camping trip to the jungle or forest would not be the same as actually being on the trip and “ feasting the senses on all the sights and sounds”.

Being on Friso Gold 4 provides my older two children with zinc, iron and nucleotides, which support their natural body resistance, so they can experience and discover the world together. It is also well-balanced with nutrients such as prebiotics and probiotics, calcium, nucleotides and taurine, which is great because they not only have a balanced meal when they are taking their usual solids, but also a balanced meal when they drink their night feeds.

Are there any other interesting places that we could go? I did read a lot about Coney Island and I hope I can bring the kids there soon! Not quite sure if I can ride all three of them on a single bicycle though!!

This post is in collaboration with Friso Singapore

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