A Getaway To Legoland Malaysia

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Shortly after our trip to Legoland Discovery Center in Tokyo, the family finally visited Legoland Malaysia! We've always, always wanted to visit Legoland Malaysia, but despite various media invites, we never got around visiting it because of timing and logistics issues.

As all of you must have known by now, it is not easy to be bringing three kids out to a theme park alone because I would have to accompany either one of the kids to the rides, but I won't be able to do so because I would have to carry Miss K.. so in order for theme park trips to happen means we need full family strength!

Having my mother-in-law with us is the icing on the cake because I really love having her around with us, which is pretty rare these days because we no longer stay together, plus she has a busy social life and taking care of her other grandkids.

We initially wanted to bring her along with us when we visited Tokyo, but she was very worried about the cold weather lol. Nevertheless, we were very happy that she took time off to join us for a short 2D1N trip up North this time. 😀😀

We had complimentary tickets to both Legoland and its water park. It is recommended to visit the water park whenever the weather was good, as during rainy days, the park would be completely closed. Legoland itself, however, would be partially opened.

Regardless, we had no intention to explore the water park because with only one day on hand, I think it would be too much of a rush to try to cover two places, so we would rather concentrate on one!

There were plenty of rides and such for the children in Legoland Malaysia! Dylan is about 1.1m tall, so he is good to go for most rides. Our 90cm Alexis had quite a lot of fun too, even though she was not tall enough for some rides, she was still able to take most other rides.

I was initially a little worried about my little girl when she queued up to ride on the car on her own. Will she be able to drive the car?!

Turns out, my worries were unfounded. This girl is as good a driver as her mom. 😏😏 Also, thankfully, the very patient abang staff also stayed beside her in case the older boys in other cars knock into her.

Have I already mentioned there were simply so many things to do and explore? Before we get to this house that is on "fire", we already spent at least an hour at a really huuuuuge playground with tunnel slides.

Right now, I think the boys are ready to put the fire out! This was one of the rides that Alexis couldn't take because she didn't meet the height limit.

The entire fire engine / police car + fire hydrant works in a manual suspension. In order to move the vehicle, both the parent and child would have to work together to pump the suspension. It is a lot of teamwork!

When they reach the burning building, papa would have to rotate the handle as quickly as possible so that water can be pumped out to the hose. Dylan would then have to do his part to aim at the fire so that the screen drops down.

Once completed, the boys would have to pump their way back to the starting point again! 😂😂😂

Ninjago 4D Ride

Last year, my fellow blogging partner, Jean and her family, managed to visit Legoland Malaysia's 4D Ninjago ride. The kids have been bugging me since then to bring them there and thank God, some 4 months later, our little kids got their chance to shoot shurikens too!

I won't touch too much on the 4D Ninjago ride, but if you are interested, do read Jean's detailed post on it! :)

Further along, my mother-in-law took a mini tower drop ride with Dylan. I was a little bit worried for them because one is probably too old and another is too young for such rides!?

Turns out, the both of them did so well together. Because we went on a off-peak weekday with no queues, the very nice operator gave everybody and extra go on the ride. Score!

Babywearing Miss K meant that I would have to sit out on a lot of rides, much to my dismay. And when that happens, I am usually reduced to being the photographer. Not sure if I am that looking forward to my youngest baby growing up quickly, but yes I would love to sit on some rides soon!

This is a rare situation where Miss K was awake and she was allowed to be on a ride... albeit she had to wear oversized life-jackets that wouldn't be very useful if the boat overturns... *morbid thoughts* but hey! As long as I "drive" safe, nothing much should happen right?

So here is the only ride that the whole family could participate. I was so happy!

The boys also had the opportunity to ride on roller coasters. The amazing thing about Dylan is that he is not afraid of such thrill rides? I often pride myself to have taken my first roller coaster at 9 years old, but this boy, I tell you... took his first thrill ride at 4!

Looks like he is an adrenaline junkie like his father... 😂😂

At Kids World, where the area is relatively safe and I feel comfortable in putting our little girl down to play, I took the chance to ride trains with my older two!

I also love it that it is sheltered, so we could still play as we sought shelter from the afternoon rain that day.

You can see that everybody is having a lot of fun!


After being really bored at Kids' World, we queued up at a non-existent queue to take a ride at the Observatory... I don't know what do we call that. It's a movable, rotating deck that we could all sit in to see the view of Legoland.

Except that there is absolutely no view at all? 😂 Beyond the walls of Legoland basically laid endless stretches of barren, brown soil... or a whole bunch of forest.

But of course, we found enjoyment as a family. Even my little baby is giving us a cheeky grin!

There is a LEGO Build and Test area in Legoland Malaysia as well, much to the delight of Dylan and his father. With prior experience from Tokyo's LEGO Discovery Center, the boys got to work very quickly and they had a couple of cars to test run in no time!

This is also a place where I grew admiration for my husband lol. While we were there, I realised that not everyone is a Master Builder. Some people are better, and some daddies are just really horrible with building cars and all they basically sat at the stools, making buildings with wheels instead.

One of the mummies eventually gave up trying to make a car, and instead, resorted to borrow one from us. 😂😂 Of course Master Builders Dy and Papa made our new friends new cars so that they can race too!

Mini replicas of the world's iconic places, such as the Taj Mahal, The Forbidden City, and an imaginary city from a game that I cannot remember anymore.. You can also catch Cambodia's Angkor Wat, Singapore's Singapore River... so on and so forth.

You shouldn't miss out the Star Wars themed Miniland as well! It was pretty dark in there and we really just wanted to soak in in the Star Wars experience, so we didn't capture much pictures in there.

All in all, we had a really wonderful time at Legoland Malaysia. We even stayed in the Pirate themed suite that could sleep 6 people! I loveeeee how spacious the room was and how comfortable it is.

Breakfast spread was really good as well so I really have no complains about our one night trip. I can't wait to bring the kids back again, since it is so near to us! This time, I hope we would be able to try out the water theme park. Hehe.

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