Tokyo For Kids: Legoland Discovery Center!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

It has been two months since we were back from Tokyo and boy, I certainly miss being there now, especially when I see my sisters and friends posting all the beautiful pictures of sakura blossoming everywhere!

I meant to finish up on out Japan itinerary for friends who are looking to bring their children, but as you know, life has its own plans. 😂 If you would like to read some of the places we have visited in Tokyo that are kids-friendly, you can click on this link: [Tokyo Compilation]

Moving on, here is another cool place you can visit while at Tokyo!

Located at the new subway line, the Legoland Discovery Center in Tokyo is easily accessible via the Odaiba-Kaihinkoen station. It was a mere 32 minutes from Disneyland, and about 45 minutes trip from our Roppongi accommodation, so travelling was really pretty hassle-free.

Located within DECKS Mall, there are many other things you can do after visiting Legoland Discovery Center! DECKS Odaiba also houses Madame Tussauds, Tokyo Trick Art Museum, Tokyo Joypolis and even a Takoyaki Museum! #sayrealone

Okay, before I digress further, let's get back to the Discovery Center. This was the first Lego theme park we've ever been, so you should expect loads of gushing, oooh-ing and ahhh-ing throughout the post.

The Legoland Tokyo is now opened in Nagoya, Japan, since April 2017. If you would like to experience more outdoor rides, the Legoland Tokyo would be a great option. Personally, I think the Discovery Center is great for cold seasons because who likes to be outdoors at such a chilly weather!

Also, despite the Discovery Center being very much smaller, there were enough activities to make us stay for the entire day as well.

When you first step into the Discovery Center, there is a small Factory Tour of sorts that takes you through some interesting facts like how a LEGO brick is made, and you could have your weight measured in the number of bricks. Mine was a couple of hundred thousands!

Moving in further brings us to the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride (which I missed, because I was babywearing Miss K and she was not allowed in because she was too small). It was fun though, our kids loved it and they each took the ride twice, since the queue was short when we went on a weekday.

Like I mentioned earlier, even though the area wasn't as big as a typical Legoland theme park, it was still filled with many interesting activities enough to keep us occupied for the entire day. One of the fringe activities our kids found it really exciting was to look for the Stamp Stations situated all over the center!

Creative Workshop

Our family really enjoyed the Creative Workshop as the Master Builders guide us through simple steps to build interesting characters! The Hinamatsuri (Japanese Doll Festival) was around the corner when we visited, so we made dairi-bina (Imperial Dolls).

All the LEGO bits came pre-packed and we would only need to follow the instructions set by the Master Builders to build them successfully. They hold both English and Japanese classes, so you don't have to worry if you cannot understand Japanese.

Our completed LEGO Imperial Dolls, after roughly 20 minutes of guiding! You cannot bring these back home, unfortunately, but it is still very interesting nevertheless.

LEGO Fire Academy and Construction Site

The kids also enjoyed the LEGO Fire Academy and Construction Site. There are two areas for the children to play in - the construction site is for children 90cm and below and the Fire Academy for children up to 140cm. Unfortunately, parents are not allowed in the area so parents with younger children might want to explore the DUPLO Village instead.

Lots of photo ops available for the children!

DUPLO Village

This is the said-DUPLO village that was great for my younger girls! Even the 10-month-old Miss K found this place extremely fun as we went on a off-peak day, giving them lots of space to run and roam.

Alexis diving into a Lego pool!
LEGO® Racers: Build & Test

By the time we were done with the first few activities, I was already officially shagged out! Of course, the kids were barely exhausted, so we decided to stay at the Build & Test area where they can spend some quiet time building cars, and then race it down the tracks!

Papa the Master Builder had to give it a go too, you know, to relieve childhood a little bit.

Wheeeee! Whose car can withstand the steep slope without toppling over? It may seem like an easy task, but a lot of guesswork and common sense are required. For example, to keep the car from flying out of the tracks, it has to be sufficiently heavy.

However, if it is too heavy, it becomes slow.

The kids also learned that when we build a car, the base has to be heavier and wider at the bottom, so that it maintains stability. Wow. That is a whole lot of Physics in that short hour! 😂😂

Lunch at the Cafe

There is no re-entry available for the Legoland Discovery Center, so lunch has to be settled within the play area. Lunch was average, they serve mainly microwavable food.. but thankfully, the food quality in Japan is always commendable, so it wasn't too much of a torture.

We caught some movies at the 4D Cinema right after lunch. It requires wearing a pair of 3D glasses and some special effects throughout the show, but all of them were screened in Japanese. You could catch an identical movie in English if you visit Legoland Malaysia, if you like.


The next highlight for Legoland Discovery Center would be their Miniland. From my past visits, it seems that different Legolands have different Miniland themes. For the Tokyo Discovery Center, it is a landscape of Tokyo and some of its notable landmarks.

Just in front of the LEGO Build and Test, there is also a small area featuring Lego Friends. It was a really fun place because there was a live karaoke area where kids could dance and sing!!

It was also one of the most popular areas, with so many kids fighting over the console. It took the kids 30-minutes of patience in order to get to their turn.. and I was at the side fending off children who refused to queue, so that they get their 3 minutes of fame. 😆😆

They couldn't sing the Japanese songs in the console, but they absolutely rocked it with their personal favourite - The Wheels On The Bus!

LEGO City Train World

The Train World is located one floor down the Legoland Discovery Center.. and it is quite typical that families will leave this to the last stop, before going through the Lego Shop for some merchandise purchases and then exit through there.

We spent quite a while at the Train World because the kids can build their very own trains and run them in various tracks. There are also some screen games that the kids can indulge in.

Finishing up the trip with a customised Lego figurine! I think this is the only station that really got me excited - I loveee these little figurines so being entirely customisable means we can make our family all out of Lego blocks. Too adorable!

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  1. I would be as excited as my kids if I visit Legoland Japan!
    Love the Miniworld and Train World :)

    cheers, Andy

  2. Fire Academy looks very interesting. Legoland Japan seems to offer something different than the rest.

  3. My kids will be super excited to visit Legoland may be sometime soon we can plan.

  4. Such a great rainy day activity for preschoolers!

  5. Odaiba is so lovely but I always found the train ride there pretty expensive even though it's a nice ride across the waters.. more reason to go over now with the Lego Discovery Centre!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  6. Ah...another possible venue for our next trip to Tokyo. Informative! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I read about this place before. You guys must be die-hard fan of Lego to spend an entire day indoor while you're in Japan!

    Michelle @ The Chill Mom

  8. My kids enjoyed Legoland Tokyo too, especially the Master Builder section. Definitely a great place to bring kids younger than 8 years old.


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