Miss K Turns One!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Our youngest baby turned one a couple of weeks back!

I don't know what to say, except that I am extremely grateful that we have came so far as a family of five.. that the family is healthy, happy and growing strong every single day.

As like most birthdays, we tend to have a low-key celebration involving mostly family members and some close friends. When Dylan turned one, we spent a quiet weekend having a staycation at Sentosa. Alexis' first birthday was slightly grander because we skipped her first-month celebration, and we decided to combine Dy's 3rd birthday as well, so we had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party!

This time, although it was held at the comfort of our house, I didn't want to miss out on a dessert table too because what kind of celebration has no dessert, right?! I casually decided on a unicorn theme because I *really* wanted a unicorn cake so badly.. 😅😅 And since the little girl has no opinions right now, it is the right time for me to do whatever I like.

When she grows older, like her brother and sister, you can see all the requests coming in fast and furious.

"Mummy, can I have a Ninjago cake this year?"
"Mummy! I want to have Let It Go cake!"

You get the gist.

The whole party was done up in less than $450!

Here are the breakdown of the costs:
* Cakes from Crissa's at $204
* Balloon bouquet from Taobao at $25
* Macarons at $75
* Acrylic bag tags as door gifts - $9 each for 13 pieces
* Backdrop was DIY
* Table cloth from Spotlight (reused from my sister's graduation party)


I love, love, loveeee Miss K's birthday cake so much! I was really in luck when my partner-in-crime, Jean, introduced me to Crissa. This whole cake is a delicious tower of strawberry cake, filled with fancy boiled vanilla bean frosting. The outer beautiful pink unicorn shade is made with decadent vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream. *slurps*

My absolute favourite part of the cake is its BEAUTIFUL unicorn mane! Did you spot the beautiful gold dragees and icing drop flowers that complemented the overall look? I cannot have imagined a better decorated cake. 💙💚💜💖💛

I couldn't resist ordering some matching "baby cakes", which conveniently came as a dozen of vanilla cupcakes, adorned with beautiful pink vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and a generous sprinkle of rainbow confetti, nonpareils and sugar pearls. The gold cupcake wrappers really tops the cake!

Did I also mention that the ears were made from marshmallows and carefully decorated with edible gold foil? 😍😍 Take all my money, Crissa. Take them!

These gorgeous unicorn macarons were from my good friend, Lava. She is getting so good at making all these pretty and delicious macarons!

I specifically requested for these "sleeping unicorns" because I cannot resist how adorable their closed eyes are.. Lava has also given all of them a slight blush on their cheeks, which really completed the entire unicorn look.

Gosh, all my friends are super talented, aren't they?

I think our biggest ticket items were definitely the cakes and the door gifts, but I think they were absolutely worth it? I mean, since we won't need to spend the money on buffet line and venue space, I thought I would channel a little bit more funds to the children gifts to make them happy, hehe.

Besides, I thought bag tags are really useful for their school bags too!

💖Cake Cutting!!!💖


Alexis was suuuuper excited during the birthday singing part because she loves singing birthday songs for herself and her friends, haha. Dylan loved the candle-blowing portion the most and we had to stop him from extinguishing the candles before we finish taking photos!

Thankful for the big, happy family we have, where the house is always noisy and messy.. and I am forever screaming and nagging. Wouldn't have it another way though. 💕 

The usual gang... we don't have many friends, but hey, who needs quantity when you have quality right?

The 13-to-30 friends who probably had the best picture that day because Miss K was actually looking at the camera! *strikes Toto*

A big thank you to everyone who have taken time out to celebrate K's birthday with us! You know they know us very well when none of them appeared with any toys nor junk food. 😂😂 We are more than grateful with your well-wishes, vouchers and angbaos!

This entire celebration is completely off-set by the generosity of our friends and family members.. and for me, I am just glad that I had so many servings of cakes and macarons. Heeheehee.

Happy birthday, our littlest little kitten! We love you so much. 😘

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  1. Love the pink Unicorn cake and eye-lashes!
    I am sure the cozy and warm Birthday setting must be a huge success for family and friends :)

    Sweet memories.

    cheers, Andy

  2. She is one already?! Time flies. The unicorn cake and cupcakes are so pretty!

  3. The cake looks nice, but it is kinda of expensive ya? Happy Birthday to yr baby!

  4. Aww Happy 1st birthday to the sweetie!! And oh my!! Love the unicorn treats and cakes too!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. Happy 1St birthday little darling and love the setup, cake all so beautiful.

  6. The price of the cake caught my attention! OMG! But it looks very very pretty lah! How's the taste? The things we mums do to give our LOs the best... haha...

  7. B/days are lovely. Happy B/day little one. Go and get the world! Thanks for sharing about your lovely party....and the cake...


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