Tokyo For Children: Ueno Zoo

Monday, March 13, 2017

Phew, it has been almost a month since we came back from Japan, and while I had the intention to write on some of the must-go and just-forget-about-it places, I got caught up with the whirlwind of work + kids aaaaand... you guys know the usual story. Haha!

Following my previous post on visiting Tokyo with three kids in tow, here are some places that I thought are more kids-centric that you can bring your little ones there.

Generally, with the subway, I think we can reach most touristy spots rather conveniently. Here's the Ueno Zoo I am going to cover today!

The Ueno Zoo is Japan's oldest zoo built since 1882. Inside, it houses 400 over species of animals,
having more species on exhibition than any other zoo in Japan.

Dylan watching the panda having his late lunch

The Ueno Zoo is very stroller friendly. You can either bring your own stroller, or you can rent one (albeit not very comfortable...) from the zoo itself. We are more used to babywearing, so Alexis is usually propped up behind Papa Bear's back while I would be carrying Miss K.

Of course, our strong little man will be walking on his own, exploring the places with us.

I think babywearing with thick jackets between us really brings the difficulty one level up. As you can see, our usual size adjustments is simply too squeezy for the little girl, although she thinks it is very comfortable and snuggly. 😂😂

It is also hard to secure the shoulder straps on the shoulder - Nian's kept sliding off because his jacket was too smooth! No wonder we don't see many people babywearing that day...?

Looking for the polar bear through the little windows

Just like in Taipei, a lot of places in Japan has souvenir stamps for children to collect! I DIY a little notebook for them previously when we went Taipei, but this time, I conveniently forgot about it because we were rushing to ensure that our work-work was completed before we embarked on our two weeks holiday.

Nevertheless, there are activity books for the kids to retrieve for free, and in it, there are designated spaces for them to stamp the mega stamps!

All in all, we spent a great 7 hours at the zoo! I mean, you can't expect it to be a quick trip because the place is really huge, separated into an East and West portion. Just look at how tired the kids are towards the end of the trip 😂

That's us walking across the link bridge that connects the two portions together. There is also a tram that you could take, at an additional cost, but since the weather was cold and crispy, we decided to take a walk.

This is a stork! I have never seen storks in real life, so I was really pretty intrigued by it. Hehe.

There were also sheltered displays where you can see smaller animals, such as the little monkeys and armadillos.

Useful information: 

* The nearest subway stations are the Subway Ueno Station and the JR Ueno Station
* Opens from 9.30AM and closes at 5PM, closed on Mondays
* Free for children below 12 years old, 600 yen for adults
* The Ueno Zoo is really close to Asakusa Sensoji, so you might want to plan your trip together

Is this worth a trip?

I would say yes, since the entrance fees are really affordable and children enter for free. We usually try to add in a zoo in our itinerary whenever we travel, since our kids enjoy looking at animals and we are pretty much limited to the Singapore Zoo when we are at home.

If you have younger children, I would think Ueno Zoo is a great destination to explore.

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  1. 7 hours in a zoo! Not easy to bring two kids along . But I am also a Zoo addict, love to explore new animal species.

    cheers, Andy

  2. Its so fun to go to the zoo! Alas my kids are getting a little older and we kinda diverted going for hikes and walks instead :)

  3. Absolutely cool place! The color of the flamingos is so awesome.

  4. Travelling.with 3 LOs is no easy feat..kudos to both of u!! Will KIV if we bring our boy to Tokyo in time to come :)

  5. Oh wow. It must be so tiring to babywear for 7 hours! Ueno Zoo looks like a fun place to bring children but I think I'll hold out until all my kids are walking on their own.

  6. Tokyo is on our list and we have been planning to explore this place. hopefully will grab a good deal to fly off.

  7. It looks smaller than our Singapore Zoo - but it must be a treat to be able to walk through it without having to break into a sweat (or fight off mosquitoes).

  8. I love Japan! Kids enter for free almost everywhere (Disneyland included)! So kids friendly and wallet friendly!

  9. Looks like a real good zoo! Shall KIV for future ref! Thanks for sharing!


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