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Monday, March 06, 2017

So... this happened to me over the weekend. 😰😰 I wasn't quite sure how I got myself a stiff shoulder, but I think it is largely because of a bad sleeping posture (I think I was too sound asleep I didn't realise I was in an awkward position?) and probably because of my constant carrying of Miss K, on my left arm especially.

The silver lining though, was that I received some Non-medicated Heat Relief patches from PSLove a couple of weeks ago and well.... what a great time to test it out right? 😂

The PSLove Company retails three different heat patches: The BackHeat, NeckHeat and MenstruHeat

The MenstruHeat is the hottest, followed by BackHeat. NeckHeat being the mildest as the skin around the neck and shoulders tend to be more sensitive as compared to the back and tummy.

What I like - #1 Non-medicated, which means it is suitable for everyone

Heat therapy is clinically proven to be able to relief pains and aches. I like it that it is non-medicated, making it a fuss-free experience for people who might be allergic to any types of medications.

#2. Consistent heat flow

You will only need 5 minutes for NeckHeat to heat up, after it is being exposed to the air. It stays heated for the next three hours or so (based on my usage experience) and the heat produced is very consistent.

I usually use an electric water bag on my back and tummy during days when I over-exert myself, or when the dreaded menses is looming. The electric water bag tends to get hotter and hotter, so it can get quite dangerous as sometimes you might get scalded if you are not careful.

#3. No electrical wires to keep you confined to a particular area

You also don't need electricity for these non-medicated heating pads, which means that you can walk around the house and not get confined to the bed!

#4. No odour

I think this is quite important for me now as even with a sore shoulder, my life as a mom goes on. Because I would need to carry the baby regardless of a hurting shoulder, it is important that the heat pads that I use contains no odour as I wouldn't want to irritate her sensitive sense of smell.

This might be useful to you too when you might need a relief in confined areas, like offices, classrooms or buses, cabs and aircrafts. I have used medicated pads that have very strong smell that it really overpowers everything else, and my friends and colleagues will ask me, "Eh, you tak goyok again?" (stick medicated pads in hokkien lol)

So generally, it keeps your hurting shoulders / tummy / back discreet, while relieving the pain! 


You might also like to know that unlike the typical medicated pads that we usually use, which involves very, very, VERY sticky adhesive and bloody painful when peeling out, PSLove's heat pads are all made from medical grade adhesive so that there is minimal pain when you need to remove it.

We are advised to remove the heated pad after every hour of use, to allow the skin to breathe. However, I realised that the stickiness of the pads fades off by the third pull, making it hard to stick on the skin subsequently. 

Personally, I didn't feel like the heat pads are that hot that you need to remove it? But I know that different people have different heat and pain tolerance so please feel free to remove it if you feel any discomfort!

Also, I would also advise against wearing it to sleep as you might be too deeply asleep and might get lightly burnt (I would think the heat is equivalent to sunbathing lol) if you forget to remove it.

All in all......

I think that PSLove's non-medicated pain relief pads are a great find for me! While my shoulders are still stiff after a single usage, I would say that it indeed felt less stiff and painful when I had heat applied to it. I just wish I had a masseur to nudge those knots away 😂

It is also very affordable at only $2.45 eachMenstruHeat is available at selected Guardian and 7-11 stores as well.


I have THREE sets of heated pads to give away! Each set consists of 1 BackHeat and 1 NeckHeat worth $5. To take part, simply follow these 2 steps:

1. Share this post on Facebook and make it a public post!

2. Leave me a comment with the following details:
i) Your email address
ii) Your Facebook link
iii) Tell me what type of pain is the most buay tahan for you. Is it menstrual cramps? Is it shoulder aches? Neck aches? Back aches?

Giveaway ends 12 March at 12PM. This contest is opened to Singapore residents only. Winners will be randomly selected and will be contacted via e-mail.

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