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Friday, February 10, 2017

Here's a loud declaration: I LOVE THAI FOOD.

Really, you name it, I love it! I love the tangy Som Tum, the wickedly spicy Tom Yum soup, the Phad Thai that is sprinkled with generous peanuts, the grilled pork that goes so well with beer.. Tom Yum fried rice that is almost hard to find in Singapore...

So when the lovely people from Sa•Yum invited us for dinner, I had to say yes!

Located at one of the hippiest and trendiest places in Singapore, I was very excited to be out and about Club Street again because it brings back a lot of memories! My colleagues and I used to haunt around the area when we were working in the CBD, and I have always loved the alternative feel this place gives.

Sa•Yum is prominently located at the end of the one-way Club Street. With its brilliantly bright yellow tent that extends out of the quaint little shophouse, it is a restaurant you wouldn't miss.

On Ambiance

If there's one word to describe Sa•Yum, it will definitely be homely. We were ushered to a long table right at the end of the cosy restaurant, where it was simply decorated by a couple of fairy lights dangling from the ceiling, and two graffiti-style chairs that pop out in the otherwise minimalistic set-up.

If we had a dining area this spacious at home, this is exactly how I would envision it to be! The lovely natural light streaming from the ceiling windows above made it even more beautiful, and a lovely setting for taking pictures of our food.


Even though there isn't any play area for the children, I take heart that Sa•Yum provides children with boxes of crayons, where they can doodle on the back of their menu. Talking about catering to children, you would be happy to know that Sa•Yum has a range of dishes suitable for the children too.


Apart from the usual food spread, Sa•Yum also has a fully stocked bar that allows the most tired office workers to unwind themselves with a glass or two. A food and drinks restaurant always gets plus-points from me because ice-cold beer always has to go with delicious hot food.

Sa•Yum serves a decent range of alcoholic drinks ranging from Chang Beer to Heineken, to red and white wines, whiskies and vodkas, gin and tequila that I am sure will make even the grouchiest worker several notes happier by the end of their dinner.


Talking about the pricing, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. You see, whenever we go for a food tasting, I would take a close note on what are sponsored items, and what are not - so that I would mentally be prepared to pay if necessary. I mean, we have all heard of horror stories on food tastings right?!

So what happened was that when we were ushered to our seats and Amanda, one of Sa•Yum's staffs, asked me what drinks would I like to have. I took a glance at the menu to make sure that I wasn't ordering something too ridiculously priced. (Really, if a cup of Thai Iced Tea was like $7, I would go for iced water! 😝 How else do you think we can raise three kids with a single income huh?)

Much to my surprise, a tall glass of Thai Iced Tea costs a mere $4. The portion was generous and it was good enough to last us the entire meal without needing to order a second serving. Even the most expensive non-alcoholic beverage costs only $6. The restaurant also serves iced and warm water if you prefer something simpler... but I would recommend you to give the Thai Iced Tea a shot.

Sa•Yum Green Mango Salad - $15
After a short wait, we were treated to the Green Mango Salad. When we first tasted it, I thought it was too spicy! My mouth felt warm and I started to perspire a little, and my little sips of the Iced Tea became giant gulps as I tried to extinguish the heat.

However, as I slowed down my pace and ate it together with the other dishes, the spiciness was became bearable, and it became delicious even! I begun to taste the fragrant, sweet taste of the palm sugar sauce and chomping down the peanuts gave it an extra oomph that had me wiping the entire serving up by the end of our meal.

Tom Yum Kung - $15
 The Tom Yum Soup packs a whole lot of punch! I love how Sa•Yum is so generous with their portion - we get so many prawns and straw mushrooms in each scoop, it was a bit of a stretch for two of us adults to finish. The Tom Yum Soup is available in the prawn or chicken variation depending on your preference.

Thai Grilled Pork on skewers - $15
This is the most favourite dish of the family as the children wiped them out. The pork was tender and flavourful on its own, and tasted even better when you dip it in its accompanying sauce. The tangy side vegetables also worked up our appetite for sure!

Fish and Chips - $10
This was supposed to be a kids' meal, but I ended up eating most of it. 🙊 Fish and Chips is a dish that is not easy to prepare, though. It requires both the fish and the fries to be deep fried to perfection. Any lesser, we get soggy chips and fish. If it is overdone, the texture becomes increasingly hard and tasteless.

The Fish and Chips served at Sa•Yum was perfectly done. Chips were perfectly seasoned, and the fish all deep fried to perfect golden brown. I cannot believe a Thai restaurant can serve such legit Western dish!

Pineapple Fried Rice - $12 / $15
Our decadent feast is then completed with the star of the day - the Pineapple Fried Rice. The pineapple fried rice is generously fried with huge chunks of pineapple pieces and prawns. The mild tumeric taste to the popular Thai dish brings out the sweetness of the pineapples, giving it a wonderful taste that lingers at the tip of the tongue even after you have finished a big mouthful.

Personally, I look forward to try their Basil Minced Chicken Rice the next time I visit. I cannot resist Basil Chicken / Pork when it comes to Thai cuisine!

Thank you very much, Sa•Yum, for the lovely, authentically Thai dinner my family enjoyed! It has been years since we last visited Thailand, and you guys have certainly brought Bangkok to us.

You can expect to pay about $75 for a decadent spread like this that feeds about 4 person, which works out to only about $19 each. Enjoy 15% off when you quote MRSTAN2017 from now until 9 May, which means you save over $11 for all these delicious food!

42 Club Street, Singapore 069420.
Tel: 62211180
Available for delivery via Food Panda and Deliveroo

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