3 fun ideas for kids' gathering!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Have you ever had the headache of thinking what you can do with a huge group of children whenever there is a party? Today, I've compiled some of the very interesting activities that our children have done together with us. I hope they will be useful when you are planning your own party / gathering!

#1 DIY Sushi and Onigiri

During Christmas last year, my sis-in-law hosted a party at her place and she prepared a DIY lunch for the guests. It was very fun because the children get to play with their food (😂) and adults get to eat in peace (probably? lolol).

Nevertheless, it was a very engaging session for my kids and I, and it was enjoyable for my mother-in-law, who was watching the mess unfold from afar.. haha!

If you would like to host a DIY Sushi and Onigiri session with your children, here are some items you would need:

* clean picnic mat / mahjong paper (I won't recommend newspaper because kids tend to pick up the food dropped and newspaper isn't exactly clean)
* disposable paper plates, spoons and forks
* wet wipes and tissue paper
* rice moulds from Daiso


* cooked crab meat, in whole pieces and shredded variety
* cooked corn bits
* cooked shrimp
* tamagoyaki (ready-made ones available in some Cold Storage stores)
* cooked rice
* seaweed sheets
* Aburaage tofu pouches (if you like Inari sushi. Available at certain Cold Storage stores)
* wasabi paste
* salmon sashimi


Making sushi:
Using the rice mould from Daiso, make the elongated rice balls using warm rice. Then top with whatever ingredients you like, finish up with a strip of seaweed!

Making inari sushi:
Open the tofu pouches with clean hands, fill it with warm rice, top with desired ingredients and chomp it up!

Using a bigger piece of seaweed, fill the middle part with some rice, Japanese cucumbers and carrots. Finish up with the ingredient of your choice and roll it up from the corner.

Here's a really creative tamago-caterpillar "sushi" made by my nieces, along with an tamago inari sushi at the background. I forgot to mention that you can buy character punches from Daiso to make cute faces on the seaweed too!

#2 Bake and Decorate!

I love baking and decorating with my children because it offers them another outlet to express their creativity, apart from using paints and colour pencils.

In one of our gatherings, my sis-in-law prepared snow man cookies for the children to decorate with icing. I have a recipe below for you to make Gingerbread man cookies using your Friso milk powder at home!

Dylan and I had the opportunity to try out the recipe at Friso's pop-up store last December. Because of Friso’s LockNutri technology, it is able to endure high temperatures, without breaking down the milk’s natural nutrients.

Check out the video of us at Friso's baking class!

And this is our little boy's finished product. Have you seen a child's sense of satisfaction when he eats whatever that he has made? You should try it to experience it yourself! 😋

#3. DIY an aquarium!

We have had lots of DIY activities together, but this one is really one of my favourites because the after-product is so pretty! All credits to my sis-in-law for this activity, as she was the one who stayed up overnight to prepare the items before our get-together.

Here are some items you will need:

*a recycled plastic takeaway box
*printed background scenery
*printed fishes (print them in mirror image too)
*light stick
*blu-tac / glue gun


1. Before setting up the children to DIY, you would need to do some background work. Measure the sides of the takeaway box and print the scenery based on the measurements taken.

2. Print the fishes, putting their respective mirror images on each other so that both sides are printed. Laminate the fishes and cut them out carefully. Also take the time to cut out little bits of string so that the kids won't need to use any scissors at all.

3. Kids take over from here! Choose their favourite fishes / shells / treasure box etc and secure them with blu-tac for those that reside at the bottom of the sea. The blu-tacs act like a little stand to keep the laminated pieces upright.

4. For the fishes, the children will affix one end of the string to the fish, and the other end to the ceiling of the box. You can use blu-tac or glue gun for this step.

5. Break the light stick and slot it into the takeout box! Secure it with more blu-tac (you will realise how useful blu-tacs are in this activity hahaha), or glue gun. Try not to buy something that is too long, as it will be difficult to make it fit.

Give these activities a try when you have a kids' gathering the next time round! It is very engaging and it gives a child a different experience, which will help them grow. If you have any other fun ideas to share, do leave a comment too!!

This post is in collaboration with Friso Singapore.

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  1. Love these ideas! Another one is sandwich or pizza making, perfect for getting them to munch up what they prepared :)

  2. Thanks for these ideas! Will come in handy the next time we have a party!

  3. Awesome ideas! Different than the usual ones...Would love to try!

  4. Great ideas! I also did a treasure hunt/scavanger hunt for my older lots. :) thanks for sharing.

  5. I like the idea of DIY sushi but definitely too messy for me to organise ahahaha.. I think a DIY bake party would be somewhat easier :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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