Round-up of 2016

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Another 365 days has passed again! This year has passed by really quickly... one moment it was January, when we kicked start our new business.. then March came and we welcomed our #3 into the family... so on and so forth.

Here is a round-up of my fruitful 2016!


We started our new business!

It is kinda surreal to be talking about this because when Nian and I first started, we never thought that we would pull it through. I mean... when you talk about business, we are always "in it" and we don't exactly "pull it through" because it is an ongoing process and we meet different challenges at different point of time.

However, I must say that we have been very blessed because we've met so many wonderful people in the course of our work!

We have friends who didn't mind helping us with administrative work week after week for the past year; friends who are willing to help us to help us to deal with various stakeholders, going out of their way to lay paths for us (thank you Jean! 😍) We also have people on the grounds who gave us so many opportunities to share our beliefs and further expand our business.

Most importantly, I am also thankful to our staffs who really put in their best for us. We are a small team of only 7 people working with hundreds of clients a day, yet all of them did all they can for us whenever they can.

In this year, we have gained new clients and lost some of them, but I take heart that many of them have became more than just our customers. They have became our friends. People who would stand up for us, who would vouch for us, who would always recommend us. I am thankful for this.

Also, I am thankful to our family, especially my mother-in-law. She is the one who will always sacrifice her weekends to help us with our children when both Nian and I have to be at work. She would cook for the children, play with them, spend time with them... even though it exhausts her because she is busy on weekdays too, she hardly complains. Without her, we wouldn't have been able to pass through this year with a new business, three kids, no domestic helpers and no personal mode of transport.

Thank you all. Next year, we will work even harder!


We were given $1,500 worth of travel vouchers when I won the Nestle blogging contest, so we used it all on a resort holiday at Montigo! Brought my mother-in-law along for a breather, it was a lovely, lovely place - if not for the bugs and a tad too laid back service lolol.

Just look at how lovely the scenery is! 💖


I became a mother of 3 pootsies! Miss K is 9 months old as we move into 2017 and we are prepping for her birthday party really soon, hahaha. How's life like with three kids? Well.. I could say it is insane, given that I am mostly doing everything I can at home, helping Nian out with work or doing my usual hosting gigs on an almost weekly basis.

That being said though, the busier you get, the more enriching life is. There are days when I get really frustrated, yet there are many more days that I am happy and contented.


Alexis and her button battery scare

Alexis had given me so many heart-attacks this entire year. First, she had me thinking that she had accidentally swallowed a button battery.. you can read about my account here again. 😑😑


Then after the scary button battery incident, Alexis was the first to come down with chicken pox she caught from school. She subsequently passed it to the whole family, except me. That month was a nightmare because all of them were quarantined at home while I ran the household, took care of them, went down for work (usually Nian does that but since he was out too, it was my responsibility to stand in).

Miss K was only 5 months old when she was down with the pox. Poor honey pie!


A photo posted by 🌹 hello, I'm Mrs Tan 😊 (@hellomrstan) on

We managed to celebrate both Dy and Nian's birthdays because they were not down with chicken pox yet.. poor Alexis had to miss hers because she was the only one having to stay at home on a special day. Mommy will make it up to you with a nice cake in 2017, I promise!


We visited Taiwan again!

Life became even more hectic after we came back from our 2nd trip of the year. I meant to write a third post on our Taipei trip, but it is only halfway done since 2 months ago 😅😂

This was yet another lovely trip, this time, Miss K was with us as we travelled as a family of 5! This was us in Shifen. I hope I can sit down to churn out more posts.. hopefully I get more days when Nian is out for his soccer and the kids sleep early hehehe.


The toy room was first refurnished and converted from a study room back in 2014. Two years on, the wall were covered with crayon and pencil marks.. it was the only room that have not been painted for the entire 4 years we have moved in, so it was a good time to give it a good coat of paint!

Many toys came and went. This month, I cleared out a lot of toys and donated it to the needy families. We've also bought a new cupboard for the kids' bigger toys. My goal is to make the room as decluttered as possible so that they have a lot of room to roam and chillax!


In 2016, the world lost many celebrities. Alexis lost her tooth. It was a very frustrating / heartbreaking moment for me, having to go through this trauma. The little girl isn't quite bothered about her missing tooth, but for me, I am worried about how her other teeth are gonna be ok, about how she is gonna spend the next 5 years being a toothless little sunshine...

This girl really went through a lot this year. 😭

Miss K's Milestones!

On a brighter note, Ms K has transited from trying-to-crawl in October to an efficient crawling commando in a short 1 month. She is 9 months old now and have started standing up and cruising very slightly!

She can also say simple words like "bao bao" when she wants me to carry her, "ba ba ba" for her father and "ma ma ma" for me. She calls her brother "ba ba ba" too 😂

Thank you 2016, you have passed us so quickly and quietly, we are yet another 366 days older by the end of today. I would be hosting as usual, Nian would be at work and the kids will be with my mother-in-law. It sounds like an all important day, being the last day of the year, but the truth is... everything remains the same!

Come 2017, I wish for health and happiness. I wish that we will keep loyal friends, do better at work and be better parents for our children. I also wish to be better daughter to my parents and mother-in-law, a better sister for my sisters and a better friend to all our friends. I also wish to shed 5kg LOLOL.

With that, I wish all of you a Happy New Year. Thank you for spending another year reading! 💖

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