Guest Post: All Star Nick Jr Wonderland at City Square Mall

Thursday, December 08, 2016

It is I, yet again, filling in the wonderful space here. Before I introduce my next where-I-went series, I want to say a big Hi to the lovely people who left me replies on my previous posts and especially those who brought their kids to Legoland Malaysia and Junction 8 after my posts. THANK YOU! You made my day and I now look forward to assignments that Mrs Tan sends me to because of you. Virtual hugs and love!

So, back to what I 'came' here for! To share about what City Square Mall has installed for your kids.

My first introduction to Nick Jr was 10 years ago when I was bestowed the title of godmother to an adorable little girl, Alexis. She would be playing quietly in the corner one minute and the next moment when she hears the theme song from Dora the Explorer, she would be affixed in front of the box singing, responding and dancing away. It was truly an adorable sight!

Since then, I catch myself humming to the tune (do do do dora..... swiper, no swiping) because it is that catchy. With two kids of my own now, I would switch on Nick Jr for them during TV time. There are so many things that they could learn from the shows. Maths from Team Umi Zoomi, Blaze and the Monster Machine, Objects identification from Dora, Courage from the pups of PAW Patrol etc. And have you heard their theme songs? It's hard not to sway and move to them!

So with City Square Mall's latest Christmas offering of a Star Studded line up of characters from Nick Jr. , I was very excited to be covering this event and bring the kids to revel in the festivities of this popular preschool entertainment.

The Show - A Present for Santa
Date: 3 to 18 December 2016 (except on Mondays)
Time: 2pm & 7pm on weekdays (except on Mondays), 1pm, 4pm & 7pm on weekends
Venue: L1 Atrium

Presenting it 'live' on stage, kids get to watch and go on an adventure with Dora and Boots to get their presents to Santa Claus. Together with Jackie who led the show with her contagious excitement and laughter, kids get to 'travel' with their favorite duos as they go through an snowy mountain, icy river and finally to North Pole.

Go catch the show to find out what they have prepared for Jolly Old St Nick. Also, catch PAW Patrol's Chase and Marshall and also for the first time in Asia, Bubble Guppies' Gil and Molly. I love how Bubble Puppy was there too. A little disappointed that Swiper wasn't around to do some mischievous swiping and failing (oh maaan...)

Overall, it was an enjoyable show (25 minutes long) with so many songs and dance that Riley needed recharging after the show. Seats filled up pretty quickly. We were there on Sunday and reached 20mins before showtime and it was packed! Riley wanted so much to come down and dance to the songs but it meant she wouldn't be able to see the stage from where we were so we waited for the next show that started at 4pm.

For the 4pm show, we were there 45 minutes before showtime and got a 'second' row centrestage seats. I suggest buying some snacks to occupy the kids while waiting. We sang Christmas songs, took silly selfies and talked about what the characters could be doing backstage during the time. It also helps that there was a time countdown to when the show would start that built up the excitement for the kids.

Here's a short video clip of the show:

The Activities

If you've been to City Square's City Green that is located on Level 1 (where BreadTalk and Streats are), you would know that it is a big space where kids get to run around on normal days. Now imagine it being transformed into a playland featuring an array of fun games and activities for families and kids to take part in.

Be delighted by activities such as a Blaze and the Monster Machines obstacle course, a Shimmer and Shine dress-up palace, life-sized PAW Patrol vehicle displays, a giant Team Umizoomi 1-2-3 Plink Game and Bubble Guppies Bubble Play Zone.

With a minimum spend of $40*, (Maximum of 3 same-day combined receipts from any store except from the purchase of City Square Mall/outlet’s gift vouchers, Golden Village Quick Tix, SISTIC tickets, Singapore Post, banks, pushcarts, non-City Square Mall outlets’ atrium events and purchase/topping up of stored value cards) shoppers can redeem a Wonderland Pass at the L2 Customer Service Counter. I have to add that only one Wonderland Pass will be issued to one shopper regardless of the amount you spent. So if you have two children who would want to do those activities, I would suggest that two shoppers redeem your $40 purchase separately to get two passes.

While they state that activities are suitable for ages 3 and above, Riley (2 years old) was able to participate in most of them. The activities are so fun that it seems such a waste to deprive her from it. I shall take great pleasure in introducing each activity below:

PAW Patrol Life Sized 3D Vehicles Display

On display were Marshall and Chase's truck and Skye's helicopter.

If you're able to look past the reflection, Riley was really squealing when we carried her into Skye's helicopter. She was so excited to be sitting in it. This picture is too cute not to post it.

There was also an activity where kids get to match the right tile to form a picture.

It was an easy-peasy lemon-squeezy task for Ryan.

Not much for Riley though she had fun just turning them.

Bubble Guppies Bubble Play Zone

3 tables of bubbles with different wands for families to create bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles!

It was hard to keep Riley out of this. We had to assure the helper there that we would keep watch on her and be responsible for anything that might arise. If you notice the sticks in front of the door, I have no idea what it was there for. Probably to keep Molly from coming out? Ha!

They were so generous with the bubbles solution that the kids were soapy after this but this was one station that they wanted to go back after we left. (Do take note that you're only allowed one time access into each 'stations')

Team Umizoomi's 1-2-3 Plink Game

It's Planko magnified by Bot! Instead of the flat disks, balls come down and kids are required to collect them in the box below.

Once again, it's hard to keep Riley out of such activities. She was intrigued by the balls tumbling down that she couldn't be kept back. The kids had to stand on a box to be able to do this activity so I had to go in and make sure Riley doesn't fall while moving the box sideways to catch the balls.

They get to win an exclusive Nick Jr prize for completing this challenge. I'm going to put a little suspense in what the prize is so you'll head down to find out for yourself.

Compliments to this young lady here. Even as she was tending to this station under the hot afternoon sun, she carried a smile to all who played (I observed it while queuing up) and thanked us all for our patience when it was our turn to play. She was also encouraging to the kids who didn't manage to get many balls in their box and was so patient while they picked up their prize! Thank you!

Blaze and the Monster Machines Obstacle Course

An obstacle course might sounds daunting but not this one! You crawl, climb and slide into a pit of balls!

This is another station that we couldn't prevent Riley from entering when she saw it. The crew did make it clear that Riley was a little young for this station and she had to sit this out. Ryan told him that he would look after his sister and we asked again if it would be possible. As the number of kids who were participating in this station wasn't alot, he allowed Riley entry.

I would like to state that we were not given the exception because of the write up I was going to do but it was made possible because of the number of kids who were present for the session, politeness and understanding that we'll be responsible for anything that would happen to Riley. So please do not insist on getting exceptions from the crew just because we managed to get Riley into this station. I believe that kindness and graciousness goes a long way.

The kids were briefed about the dos and dont's during their play in this area. No pushing, no rough play, to wait for their turn etc. It was till they all said yes that they were all released into the obstacle course.

Kudos to this crew too. He was very prompt to pick up any balls that might have fallen out of the pit when the kids climbed out to prevent any accidents. Also, he made sure he was near the pit where the slide was to make sure there wasn't any kid near the landing of it before he got the next kid to slide down. I have never seen more order at a play area as this.

I think it's a good initiative to limit the number of kids who enter. They get their turn on the different obstacles and also have enough time to play before it ran out.

Shimmer and Shine Dress Up Palace

This was the one that has the longest queue and one that Ryan chose to sit this out when he saw the playground behind it. Girls get to dress up to be either Shimmer or Shine and the boys get to be prince.

The costume was a one size fits all so it was really long for Riley even after putting binder clips behind it. At least we tried to make it work!

This station is air-conditioned and under a tent so it cooled us down alot when we entered.

Riley was happy to pose for pictures here though the head gear was a little big for her.

That is all the stations that the kids could play while they are there but there are still many other activities happening around City Square Mall.

Nick Jr All-Star Meet and Greet

Get a chance to be up close and personal to some of the kids' favorite characters! With a minimum spend of $50* (subjected to terms and conditions that can be found here), shoppers can redeem a Meet & Greet pass 1 hour before each live show, limited to 50 passes per session.

Do take note that there are various timings to meet different characters. You can check them out below:

Date: 3 to 18 December 2016 (except on Mondays)

Weekdays (except Mondays) 
2.45pm: Dora and Boots
7.45pm: Chase and Marshall, Gil and Molly

1.45pm: Chase, Marshall, Gil and Molly
4.45pm: Dora and Boots
7.45pm: Chase, Marshall, Gil and Molly

Venue: Basement 2 (Near the travelators. In front of Wan Yang Reflexology)

During our 1.45pm meet and greet session, it was a very rush process. There were so many helpers on hand to keep the line moving that it was hard to take pictures. It's good for Riley when the family in front of us were trying to get more pics taken because she got to hug Molly and Gil but I think their pics might be ruined because of this. Case in point:

Sorry other family! We got pushed to go in as well and Riley rushed to hug Gil that he had to turn his attention to the little girl who was tugging on its 'waves'.

There were lots of talking (music playing on the system, there was an announcer using the mic, security telling people to move on etc.) going on so Riley couldn't hear me calling her to look at me while I took the picture. She was also fascinated by Molly and Gil being out of the water that she just kept looking their way. This was the best out of the two pictures I managed to take. Oh well.. At least she got to meet them!

By the time we finished with the 4pm show and headed outside to do the activities, it was time for dinner so we didn't manage to catch all the events that are planned around the mall or because it wasn't happening on the day we were there but do check them out and let me know how it went for you!

Snowfall Playtime
Now on till 1 January 2017
Time: 8pm & 9pm daily (Subject to weather conditions)
Venue: L1 City Green (Outdoor Park)

Have loads of fun with enchanting snowfall to complete your magical Christmas! Snowfall Playtime sessions will be happening twice daily at City Green.

Christmas Carolling by the Emmanuel Choir from the Church of St Bernadette
Date: 17 & 18 December 2016
Time: 8pm to 8.45pm
Venue: L1 Atrium

Roving Santa and Santarina
Date: 10, 11, 17, 18, 24 and 25 December 2016
Time: 6pm to 7pm and 8pm to 9pm

With City Square Mall being a family-friendly mall, there are many facilities available for everyone in the family, including spacious corridors, nursing rooms, free rental of kiddy carts and wheelchairs. Also, as Singapore’s first Eco-mall, it offers the perfect setting for the community to shop and play amidst an eco-learning environment! I'm sure you would be able to find dining and entertainment options to do with your kids during your time there.

Do enjoy the festive season readers!

Season greetings from our family to yours!


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