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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Hey everyone! How's your week leading up to Christmas? Ours have been busy.. I spent most of my time (and money) getting Christmas presents for everyone, bought our first Christmas tree for our house, settled Chinese New Year decorations, blablabla.

It is always this time of the month that we get extremely, extremely busy! 😨 Not to mention, my part-time helper of two years have also stopped working for us, so I am really barely alive juggling work, housework, babies, blog and trying to live a life lol. We are in the midst of looking for a new reliable helper so if you have any to recommend, please contact me!

In other news, the Lims and us headed down to Busy Tables at Rochester Mall two weeks ago to explore some alternative fun. Instead of a usual indoor playground, Busy Tables is a playground where children focus on table-top play

If you don't already know, table-top play is actually very beneficial to children! Some of the benefits include developing thinking, observation and fine motor skills, enjoying sensory play with messy play and light table and stimulating creativity and imagination.

When we went in, the kids were attracted to the huge, unobstructed play area. There are no walls, no dividers or anything. Children get to roam anywhere they want, play whatever they like.

Alexis and Riley enjoying a moment in their little teepee while the other brothers explored other toys.

Dylan, experimenting an interesting toy where the ball will travel lower and lower each time it hits one end. He was very intrigued by it and he spent a lot of time trying to figure out how it worked.

When the kids are fully settled down some 20 minutes later, we were given the Busy Cards for the kids to start on their "missions"!

Busy Cards

Busy Cards are essentially mission cards for the children, with 3 different tiers for 6 different sections. It is recommended that children will try to accomplish the first tier of every section the first time they visit, then the second tier the next time they go...

By their third sesh, they would have completed the card and they would be able to exchange it for a mystery prize!

There are different Busy Cards for different age groups, such that the tasks they are assigned to are age-specific and is challenging enough for the children, yet not too difficult to daunt them.

Personally, I love how well-structured the Busy Cards are. In each section, as a parent, you will be able to understand what are the skills set required by your child, what are the necessary items you need to complete the task and where to find them.

All the items are very clearly labelled in their respective folders. You would be able tell what is the activity in the file, which level it is suitable for (baby, toddler or preschooler). Here are our two preschoolers working their heads on some tricky puzzles!

The boys had to rotate and adjust the pieces to fit all of them perfectly into the given spaces. 

Yay! Ryan did it! (Alexis is at the back meddling with some puzzles too. If her brother can do it, so can she 😂😂)

She decided that puzzles are not something for her, so off she ran to the infant/toddler area to spend her time with her sister. The two girls had fun with the engaging toys too!

In Summary...

Busy Tables is really a great place to hang out if you have children 3 years old and above. I love their huge range of brain teasers that allow them to not only have fun, but also exercise their logic and thinking.

In most playgrounds we have been to, they usually advocate a lot of physical movements - run, jump, hide, throw etc. so Busy Tables is a refreshingly different place where I see my kids sit down quietly with loads of concentration. It also gives me golden opportunities to sit down with them to solve puzzles and teach them things - this is something I LOVE to do at home, but most of the time limited either by time or resources.


A big THANK YOU to the management at Busy Tables, they have very generously sponsored us 5 passes to give away to Hello, Mrs Tan readers. Simply follow the steps below to stand a chance to win.

1. Like Hello, Mrs Tan and Busy Tables Facebook Pages
2. Like and Share this Facebook post (please set it to Public)
3. Tell me where Busy Tables is located at and tag as many friends as possible in the facebook post! The more friends you tag, the more chance you win.

All steps are compulsory! If you do not complete any steps, your submission will not be considered. Contest ends 24 December 2016 and results will be announced then. This contest is open to Singapore residents only.

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  1. So sad missed the giveaway :'( but it's indeed an interesting playgrd so will check them out one of these days..if only there's another outlet in the east *wink* Thks for sharing!!

  2. Aiyah! Missed it!
    The place looks fun and is good to know there's a mission to accomplish while playing. Makes it even more fun!

  3. Nice playground! I always feel my kids grow up so fast that they have to be engaged in other ways.

  4. I have heard lot of good things about Busy Tables. Would surely try next year..

  5. This place looks like fun, and great for parents to park the kids there and have them explore various activities!

  6. My youngers kids went Busy Tables before. Not your usual indoor playground, but we love the amount of interaction and exploration. They were really busy from tables to tables haha !

    cheers, Andy

  7. Great that they have toys clearly labeled for which age group! Definitely a great outing for the whole family...

    Jamie Chaw,

  8. Love the idea that there are different Busy Cards for different age groups, and they are age-specific and is challenging enough for the children, yet not too difficult to daunt them. Not just plain playing around without any tasks. Will recommend to my mummy friends

  9. Glad to see age appropriate areas. I think it's really important and fun for the kids too.


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