Christmas Special: It's time for Fish & Co Christmas Feast again!

Monday, December 05, 2016

Fish and Co has always been our choice of restaurants when we are craving for some seafood fix, especially during celebrations.

Last year, we brought my mother-in-law along to celebrate Christmas at Fish and Co with their whale-some seafood fare and we are so happy to be back again this year!

With three children in tow, I usually lean towards children-friendly restaurants. At Fish and Co., you can be sure that they've got everything ready for the little ones, including keeping them occupied while the magic happens in the kitchen.

Check out how concentrated they are when it comes to working on their colouring sheets. 😄 We were also pleasantly surprised that they now give the little children a little box of colour pencils, instead of them having to use the worn-out reused ones.

Personally, I don't mind reused stationary, but I think maintaining them is really a hassle. Day in and out, we have children who would lose marker caps, break the pencils by dropping them repeatedly on the floor... stuff like that. It makes it difficult for subsequent children who come in to use, don't you think so?

The children kit also came along with a captain's hat that the kids had a lot of fun with. 😂😂

After a short 15 to 20 minutes wait, the star of the meal was served!

Top left and right: Coriander Catch ($18.95) and Truffle Chips ($6.95)

The Coriander Catch is a lovely, lovely dish even though some diners may get caught off-guard with the amount of green mash on the fish. I love pairing the dish with their delightful, tangy coleslaw that was a great appetizer!

I cannot get to the Truffle Chips fast enough. If you are a fan of anything-truffle, you would be pleased to know that the Truffle Chips, like its name, oozes with the truffle fragrance. I love how it is served freshly deep-fried. So crispy, so delicious, it gets so addictive!

Bottom: Christmas Menu ($57.95 for two)

This is possibly THE platter I look forward to the entire year. The ceramic pot is freshly served from the oven, filled to the brim with the freshest seafood you can imagine - prawn, scallops and mussels, lined with baked sweet potatoes at the base.

It was very decadent! The mussels were my favourite amongst the three, so you can imagine me stuffing myself full with them.

Thank you, Fish & Co., for another round of Christmas feasting with my friends and family members! The outlet at Bugis+ is absolutely lovely to hang out too, as usual. And this time, we got a seat inside a cabin, lined with comfortable sofa seats and warm orange lights.

It felt like home! 😱😱

The Christmas Menu is available at all outlets, except Waterway Point, Vivocity and East Coast, from 15 November onwards. The Coriander Catch and Truffle Chips seasonal meal is available at all outlets, except for East Coast from 15 November onwards.

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