The Day Alexis Lost Her Tooth

Monday, November 07, 2016

I am writing this with a very, very heavy heart as I stare at my cheeky girl's big wide grin, albeit with a missing front tooth. *sigh*

It was an ordinary 2 November, Alexis woke up at the ungodly hour of 6.30AM as usual, and she was just trotting about, doing the usual things she does in a regular morning. Out of absolutely nowhere, she decided that our coffee table is a good place to climb, so off she propped herself up, balancing precariously on the thin corners while Nian told her to come down.

"Come down, Alexis. Don't stand over there, you will-"

He has barely finished his sentence when Alexis slipped and promptly slammed her front jaw on the table top. 

Of course, the little girl burst into tears, screaming in pain while blood gushed out from the wound.

Nian couldn't see where the injury was because of the sheer amount of blood all over her mouth. Did she cut her lips? Where in the world did she hurt herself?????

And then... he saw a tooth lying innocently on the table.

"MUMMY!!!! MUMMYYYYYYYY!!!!!!" He shouted for me.

I just had a crazy long night with Miss K because she has been waking up almost every hourly, and I thought I could finally sleep in after I am done with the 7.30AM feed for her.

I walked out, annoyed with the commotion, only to get stunned in my tracks to see the poor little girl squatting in front of me, with a blood-soaked tissue paper between her mouth.

"She lost her tooth."

Nian told me flatly. Wait a minute. She WHAT???? 😱😱😱😱😱

"Oh my... WTF you cannot be serious. WHAT HAPPENED??????????" 

I was like horrified / angry / shocked / lost all at one go.

What are we gonna do????

How can you let her fall???? 

Why was she climbing this damn thing!?!?!?!?!?

Can we fix her tooth back???

Should we go to the hospital now???????????????

During my geek-out days, I read morbid stuff like "What to do if certain part of your body gets detached from your body" and maybe... it does come to use now? :\

I told Nian we had to preserve the tooth so that while we rush her to the hospital, there might be a possibility of replanting it back. Or so I hoped.

We grabbed a ziplock bag, filled it with ice packs and then stored the tooth in water. "Have to keep it cold." I told myself mentally.

We wanted to use saline.. in the form of my contact lens solution, but Nian decided against it because he wasn't sure if my contact lens was 100% saline - what if it caused more damage to the tooth than it already is?

Journey to the hospital

The journey to the hospital was... well. Let's just say it is fucked. Like really. I cannot think of another single word to describe the journey. It's like Murphy's Law in full works and there was absolutely nothing we could do about it.

Because we stayed in the north, Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital was the nearest to us. Nian googled and it says that there is an emergency dental department there which we could rush to, so we Grabbed a ride down.

HALFWAY THROUGH, my husband realised that the dental department does not treat patients who are younger than 6 years old. WHAT THE F- I DONT EVEN.

"Why didn't you see that earlier on!?!?!?!?!?!?!????????" I was really trying very hard not to freak out. There are times where we misread things, or we miss out things entirely but HELLO MY LOVE, this is like the worst time it can happen!

Halfway through, we had to abandon the journey to KTPH and detoured to KKH instead. 

As it is, my confidence towards KKH is very, very low. I have heard so many terrible stories coming out from KKH, it was the LAST hospital I would ever want to bring my child to. And yet, we had to, because Dr. Google says that if we were going to have a hope to put the tooth back before it dies, we have to do it within 2 hours.

KKH was obviously the next nearest hospital to us.

So as we sped up CTE, there was a major accident happened that day that caused a major, freaking jam. Oh good lord, why does it never rain but pours? We were stuck in the car for a grand total of 1.5 hours and we spent $33 on the ride there.

Nevermind on the cab fare. Here comes the highlight of the entire shitty day.

KK Hospital

We were ushered very quickly into the priority queue when we got there - the nurses were great and they recognised and agreed with us that it was an emergency because the possibility of whether the tooth can be saved or not really depends on these few minutes?

I mean, we spent precious 1.5 hours out of the supposedly golden 2 hours on the road so we are barely left with like 10 minutes before the 2 hour deadline is up. I reallllllyyyyy wanted the dentist to hopefully save Alexis' tooth because otherwise she would be toothless for the next FIVE FREAKING YEARS.



Oh my god, I am hyperventilating as I am typing this even.

So.... our luck still hasn't turned better. We got into this room and voila! A young doctor. A sense of dread flooded over me. Sorry, I really don't need a young doctor right now. Please give me an experienced doctor. An older doctor maybe? 

I may be totally stereotyping her but that lady really didn't give off a trustworthy vibe.

Anyway, so we placed the tooth, already nicely transferred into a fresh container of saline by the nurses outside, on the table. She barely took a look at it and said, "It looks like a complete tooth."

It looks like. Right. So can we have a confirmation on that, please? Babe had no idea and she wasn't keen to find out. She looked at Alexis' gums and then said, "There isn't any whitish part in the gums so it is unlikely that she broke the tooth. It looks like the whole tooth slid out from her gums."

Looks like again. Well, you look like you are not sure of anything, princess.

The final 5-minute assessment ended with her concluding that there was no need for Alexis to put the tooth back because it is a baby tooth. 

"Will it affect her jaw development?" I asked. 

"No, it is unlikely." she replied.

"Will it affect her chewing?"


"Will it affect the adult tooth when it grows out next time?"


"Are the rest of the teeth affected by the fall?"

Then she grew impatient on me. She took an audible deep breath and said, "No, I don't think so."

Sorry, Mama Bear here ain't convinced. My anxiety level may be really off the charts this time, but doctor here isn't making me feel better about anything. In fact, she made me question her diagnosis because she doesn't even sound sure. "Looks like", "I think so" yeah. 

We got out of her room in 5 minutes, and had to pay $109 for consultation. Because I had no faith in her diagnosis, we had to call another doctor for a secondary opinion. While both doctors agree that there was no need for Alexis to have her tooth planted back, the latter suggested an X-Ray to see if there were any damages to the surrounding teeth.

I also learned that it is not advisable for children to implant the tooth back as it requires the child to go under GA? Some people akin to it like a root canal procedure, baby version. GA aside, the implant will impede the development of the jaw, making the adult teeth have difficulties growing out next time.

"Looks like" the doctor didn't know this, or couldn't be bothered to explain to me.

Better alternatives

I hope this NEVER happens to any of your kids, but when I posted Alexis' photo up on my Facebook, many of my friends sent me photos of their own kids having missing teeth. 

It seems that it is a really common thing to happen... and so, if it does, I'd advise you to skip KKH altogether. My friends shared with me these two contacts that you might perhaps want to keep in view? They are sworn upon by my mummy friends and these referrals came in fast and furious the moment they knew Alexis lost her tooth.. albeit it was 12 hours too late by then. 

#1. Kids Dental World - Dr. Ong
Tel: 8218 3777
Mount Elizabeth Novena, #08-33

Call the handphone number and tell them that it is an emergency and they will slot you in. My friend's daughter ran head first (or rather, mouth first wtf) into the glass table at full speed, causing one of her tooth to break and the rest of the teeth pushed inwards. What the..... These kids are really great at giving us parents heart attacks wtf.

#2. GPA Dental Group - Dr. Darryl Wee
Tel: 62519633
Novena Square, #01-96

My god-sis' daughter goes to Dr. Wee when she had 4 loose teeth wtf. Mandy thought that she bit on her fork too hard, but it turns out that her adult teeth were growing out.

All these doctors use x-ray to tell the possible problems of the teeth, whether they are impacted, whether the nerves are damaged... so on and so forth. Nobody uses eye power like the doctor I met at KKH, to be honest.

Anyway, I am slowly coming to terms that my poor little girl is gonna have a little hole in her otherwise perfect smile for the next five years. To be reallyyyyy honest, I cried for a good whole 30 minutes, mourning over the lost tooth. I am not ready for a tooth drop and neither was she. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO HAPPEN!!!!!

I am still on the journey of recovering - like really. Am I being dramatic? I really feel very sad for her losing her tooth, even though she is fine - thank God. No other physical injuries or anything else more serious. This was the last photo I had with her, grinning cheekily after she is done "tying" my hair.

We play a lot of dressing up games these days... and her favourite thing to do is to tie my hair.  This poor, poor girl. I can never give her enough hugs to make myself feel better.  :(

In memory of the lost front tooth - 2 November 2016

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  1. My girl front tooth is affected since she was 7months and cant do anything but to wait until that tooth drop on its own.

  2. Kids will be kids!! My daughter lost her half teeth in a similar way when she was toddler. But somehow they look very cute with crooked or missing teeth.

  3. Oh no. Poor Alexis. I understand your agony. I would have felt just as sad too. Thanks for the useful dentist contacts. *hugs*

    Michelle at The Chill Mom

  4. Must have been a harrowing experience. Thankful that it was resolved and fortunately kids are all made to be so rugged and robust! Mine didn't lose her teeth this way but she certainly had her first sticking experience on her chin when she fell. Access to good Dr and insurance helps heaps!

  5. Awww hugs hugs... kids will be kids! Tks for the article, definitely helps bring my attention on what to do...

    Jamie Chaw,

  6. Sorrie to hear abt Alexis' least there's no permanent damage done & she's still super adorable w/o it!

  7. Poor Alexis. Hope she's gotten better. My boy has a toilet incident in April this year, when he fell and hit his chin on the toilet bowl, resulting in a gash in his chin. Blood was everywhere and after the hubby did some simple first aid, we rushed him to KKH, because it was late and no other doctor nearby wanted to see a kid with an open wound. They all asked me to go KKH. The injury was an emergency and we were in and out of KKH in less than 2 hours. Still the agony while waiting outside the surgery room while they stitched up my boy was so heartbreaking. I can totally feel your anxiety. *big hugs* But I've discovered that kids recover faster than us adults. My boy was up and jumping all over the place the next year. It was as if the fall didn't happen.

  8. It was terrifying enough for the adults, let alone a tod. I have relatives who had his front baby tooth dropped off due to an accident too. A lot of care has to be taken to make sure the fall would not affect the growth of the adult tooth. Thankfully you sought experts for help.

  9. Aww poor thing but really glad it wasn't a more serious injury!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  10. As a person who hates dentists-- this whole office makes you feel like part of the family! Making you comfortable and explaining everything.emergency dentist Airdrie


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