Dylan and Ryan On The Ninjago Bootcamp!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Recently, Dylan and Ryan was invited to join the Ninjago Bootcamp to toughen them up in preparation for the brand new Ninjago Ride in Legoland Malaysia!

Talking about the new Ninjago Ride, Ryan and his family have bravely volunteered themselves to try it out, and boy did the family had lots of fun!

The Ninjago Bootcamp was a 45-minute long bootcamp that stretched across 6 days at Vivocity. The kids were required to go through training zones structured around Strength, Focus and Speed. At the end of the bootcamp, they will be certified as a NINJAGO!

Strength Training

In this section, both Dylan and Ryan learned how to coordinate their body movements while the Ninja Master shouts out commands like "left punch", "right punch", "turn - back - kick"

I still catch Dylan secretly practicing in his toy room even until today!

That's him in action:

Not bad huh!

Focus Training

After about 10 minutes at the Strength training, the children adjourned to the Focus training. What else can require more focus than colouring within the lines?

While the children spent some time colouring away, we adults could also take a breather as we found ourselves seats to watch them while they work.

The area was rather spacious and cooling, making it really comfortable for the children to hang out too.

Another 10 minutes has passed and it was time to move on to the SPEED segment of the bootcamp!!

This is personally my most favourite segment because *eh-hem* the mummies get to be involved too! We had to build the Ninjago faces from Lego bricks in 5 minutes. The gist is to collect the Lego blocks, follow the instructions given and fix them as quickly as we can.

Lots of Ninja skills on the precision and both Dylan and Ryan spent a lot of energy collecting the blocks!

Taking a picture as we were starting...

Very exciting to be building blocks with my first born, as you can see lolol. Dylan is busy collecting blocks for our mission!

We're almost completing!!


After going through 45 minutes of Ninja Bootcamp, both Dylan and Ryan are certified Ninjagos!

Here is a photo with Jay, the Fire Ninja.

Thank you Legoland for arranging this Ninjago Boot Camp for our boys! The ninja headband has been Dylan's favourite accessory for the next few days and he has also been conducting his very own Ninja Bootcamp in school with a couple of his fellow ninjas as well.

The allegiance is strong in this one!

The all-new 4D Ninjago Ride is now opened in Legoland Malaysia! Check out our post specially dedicated for that!

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  1. Ninjago boot camp was total fun for me to squeeze all the activities together. Building Lego was the best part.

  2. Warmup too? just like Ninja crossfit training :)
    NinjaGo is always happening.

    Cheers, Andy

  3. Ohh....looked so fun! Would love to give it a try this school holiday ;)

  4. Legoland always comes up with awesome creatives. We missed the bootcamp but looking forward to visit Ninjago ride soon.

  5. Congrats Dylan and Ryan! I like that Dylan is now recruiting more ninjas by conducting bootcamps in school! :)

  6. Looks like real good fun for the kids! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow, my boy definitely wld hv enjoyed himself..too bad we missed it 😢

  8. Hahaha.. so cute for them to be ninjas! Such a great idea! Glad Dylan & Ryan had fun!


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