Revamping The Kids' Playroom, Again!

Friday, October 28, 2016

We have been living in our apartment for 4 years now and throughout our stay, we have been constantly revamping and sprucing it, making it more comfortable to live in. We have since given our house a new coat of paint, serviced our air-conditioners, got ourselves a new TV...

The next thing in my to-do list is to get rid of our butt-ugly TV consoles and shoe cabinets, and replace them with something better looking and functionality! Unfortunately, that would be a whole lot of trouble because we would have to shift all our gadgets, tear the existing console down, fix a new one up and then clean up the place. Repeat that for the room and the shoe cabinet...

Gosh, whenever I talk about our apartment, I cannot emphasize enough on looking for a good contractor in the first place! It really saves you A LOT of trouble and money in the next few years!

The Playroom

The playroom was initially a study-cum-store of the house back in 2012, when we only had one kid. We had two spare rooms, so one of which was a guest room (which also became my laundry room lol) and the other was this.

When we got pregnant with Alexis in 2014, we decided that the kids shouldn't be playing in a corner of the living room anymore because it makes the entire house messy and cluttered. As such, we decided to convert the store into a simple, but cosy playroom.

Back in 2014, where there were only toys for 1 kid lol

Fast forward to 2016 where we have THREE kids now, we thought it is time for another revamp. Afterall, the wallpaper that we fixed up 2 years ago were now marred with pencil, crayons and marker stains.

I would also like to take the opportunity to change the room into something more vibrant and fun!

Before the revamp in 2016 - so much more toys now, posters have also caused a lighter patch on the walls over the years
Back in 2014, where things are less cluttered lol

Now, where the area is filled with more storybooks, more toys, more photographs!
Nippon Paint

This year, we were very blessed to have Nippon Paint lending us a hand at this makeover. We first sat down to have a discussion on how we wanted the new room to look like - I wanted it to be happy, clean, energetic and fun. In general, our house is in shades of mostly green, with red feature walls in the living room and bedroom.

To make the room fit into our mishmash style, we went with yellow. I mean, what can go wrong with traffic light colours, right? :p

And since the kids love animals, we decided that we should have some animals incorporated too!

With these mood boards as reference, we got down to the painting proper.

Alan and team reached bright and early to start on the job! I love it that it only takes ONE day (we started at about 8.30AM and we ended by 4PM) to paint the room, and that the guys really 'bao ga liao' - they would shift your furniture, protect them with plastic sheets, paint the room, clean up and shift all the furnitures back to where they belonged.

I never needed to lift a finger, and all I did, really, was to stand in their way to take pictures and videos LOL.

Here's the evidence!

Do you like our new toy room?

The kids love it! And because this was all completed in a day, the children had a pleasant surprise when they got home!

Nippon Paint Professional Painting Services

From now until 27 January, you get to enjoy many free upgrades when you use Nippon Paint's Professional Painting services! More details are available at the official website, including prices and different packages. Time for a new coat of paint for 2017 perhaps? ;)

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  1. Nice work there! As we live in a place long, cluttering is inevitable. Once a while, a spring cleaning, a change of furniture, a new coat of paint, help giving out house a new life!

  2. Such an uplifting colour, great choice! I'm sure the kids were thrilled :D

  3. Wow, are you adding the animal imprints too!
    Would be cool to have cheetahs and giraffes in my kids' room :)

    cheers, Andy

  4. Lovely shade and definitely kids would be thrilled. Nippon team was very professional.I will soon be.sharing mine too.

  5. Nice, bright color!! Kids playroom is a place that deserves revamping now and then.

  6. Love the cloud ceiling effect. Did they paint the animals on the walls as well? Alan and his team did a great job for us too. I can't recommend them enough :)

    Michelle @ The Chill Mom

  7. Oh wow! Am sure the kids are totally thrilled!

  8. Wow did they paint on the animals too? Such a clean job.

  9. I'm sure the kids were super excited...I would be too ;)

    Jamie Chaw


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