Miss K's 7th Month Milestone: Starting on solids!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Can you imagine 7 months has passed since this little girl came into our family back in March? I have been so overwhelmed with taking care of the three of them, long gone were the days where I would sit down every single month, taking down notes and catching up on milestones like I did for Dylan.

Nevertheless, here is one to mark her 7th month with us.

Little K is a baby who is always only hitting 10% of her growing charts in terms of height and weight. Despite her slightly smaller size, this little girl is bursting with energy and attitude! She would smile at whoever talks to her, scream when she gets hungry and chuckle when her siblings play with her.

She started flipping onto her tummy independently at about 4.5 months and right now, she is slowly learning how to crawl and sit.

Her diet

With her starting on solids just this month, we've started experimenting different food for her to try! If you have a little baby like us who is starting out on eating, it can sometimes be quite a headache to think about what to give her. Well, here is a short list I have came up with that you can consider adding it to your list if you don't already have them. ;)

From my experience with three kids, I have come up with 3 small tips - I hope this will be useful when it is your turn to start your child on solids!

#1. Introduce small variety of food each time

I usually only introduce a small number of food each time, lasting for about 3 days each, so that if she has any allergies, I can narrow it down quickly. This month, she tried out fruits like bananas, apples and pear purees, tofu, congee, sea bass fillets and hard boiled egg.

#2. Understand that certain food is not good for babies

Generally, the key to feeding little babies is to stick with soft, mushy food, but at the same time, avoid those that are sticky (like jam, peanut butter etc) or lumpy.

Honey contains the spores of a bacteria that can produce deadly toxins. The digestive tracks will become strong enough to prevent the development of the spores when the child turns 1 year old, but before that, you should avoid feeding them with it.

You should also avoid food that is a choking hazard, such as sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds etc.

Fish with high levels of mercury should also be avoided as the mercury will translate into neurotoxins that may harm the child.

#3. Do remember to still give your child milk

Despite starting on solids, these 'meals' are more of taste-testers for them and it may not necessarily fill them up, or have enough nutrients for their growing body. As such, it is important that we continue to satisfy their nutrients requirement by continuing to give them milk until they are much older.


Do you have any tips that you would like to share with us? Please leave me a comment if you do!

You can also read up more on introducing solids to children on Friso's article on health and digestion for babies, I personally think this article is pretty useful for mommies. ;)

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  1. Congrats on baby hitting a new milestone! When my son was young, I was super looking forward to starting solids with him because being in a household of foodies, I just wanted and hoped he will love food too! So great tips there and exciting times ahead!

  2. Such a cute baby! Happy 7th month to her. Indeed, starting on solids is a big milestone. Thanks for sharing the tips.


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