Juice-Cleanse For The Skin? Hell Yes!

Friday, October 07, 2016

About a fortnight ago, I finally made some time to go down to Annabelle Skin for my much-needed facial session! Having an exclusively latching 6-month-old with me meant that I cannot afford to spend too much time away from her, so my girlfriend here came along with me.

I have written about Annabelle in many posts, on how they helped me with my pimple-savaged forehead to achieving almost-perfect skin now. It is amazing how I am sold by them, I no longer patronize any other facial parlours.

This time round, I was at Annabelle Skin to try out their latest Intensa Line Shake-It! Mask treatment.

This 75-minute treatment detoxifies and moisturises the skin with an effective double mask treatment. Presented in the form of a powder, the Shake-It! Mask transforms into a ready-to-use product when mixed with water. Kinda like our protein shake actually lolol.

Well-rounded facial treatment

The thing I love about Annabelle Skin is that even though I am always down for a specific treatment, they don't simply just bring me into the treatment room and just wham-bam-goodbye-ma'am. In fact, regardless of whatever treatment you are signing up for, Annabelle Skin always gives you an entire pampering package - from skin analysis to general cleaning, masks, extractions, massages...

Before you begin, Annabelle Skin will run through a skin analyser:

An old picture of me with the skin analyser last May! My skin has since recovered from angry bumps, slightly dry skin but overall pores are fine. Yay!

1. Cleansing

In this treatment, my face is first cleansed with Dr. Belter's Cleansing Gel and their complementing Lotion Orange.

2. Peeling

After a total cleansing, I am then given an Enzyme Cream Peeling mask to be left on for about 10 minutes. This allows the dead cells on the surface of the skin to be gently removed, reducing clogged pores and inflammation.

3. Shake-It! Mask Application - Part 1 (Peel Off)

This is a prelude to the Shake-It! Mask application, to prime the skin and ready it for the bout of goodness it is going to get. After this was removed after about 15 minutes, I was treated to an ampoule application.

4. Ampoule 14 - Physio-Energy 

This is mainly an anti-aging ampoule that contains mucopolysaccharides, Vitamins C and E and other goodness. At Annabelle Skin, there is a range of ampoules for different usage. For example, previously, when I had their chemical peel treatment (Derm-A-Renew), I was given Ampoule #12, Anti-Stress, to calm my skin after the peeling.

When I first visited Annabelle Skin, my skin was severely dehydrated, so I was given their Ampoule #2, that contains Hyaluronic Acid to provide the additional boost of moisture I need. So as you can see, every time I enter Annabelle Skin for treatment, it is always different and always personalised to what my skin needs at that point of time.

5. Shake-It! Mask Application - Part 2

This time, the mask doubles up as a special massage medium with surprisingly soothing textures and light, fruity fragrances for a perfect summer treat. The mask is left on for 10 minutes before it is washed off with water, and then finally towards the end, we get treated with a luxurious head and shoulder massage that I personally LOVE.

6. Eye and Lips Care & Finishing Care

My 75-minute session came to a close when I was treated with Cream Vitagel C/E and Multibenefit CB Colorbalm 15 to prep my face to the outside world again. Instead of leaving your face bare and vulnerable as you step out of the parlour, these finishing care helps to protect your freshly maintained face.


Each session costs $238, but you get to enjoy a whopping 50% off your first trial when you quote hellomrstan! You also get to enjoy a free session of skin analysis worth $38.

Annabelle Studio
1 Coleman Street
2nd floor
Singapore 179803

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