Budget Kitchen 3: Pulled Beef Burrito in 15 minutes!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

When it comes to dinner, I always like to have a wholesome variety of food served on the table - there would be a dish of vegetables and a dish of meat or fish, followed by a bowl of fluffy white/brown rice.

But on busy days, it can be quite challenging to whip up two dishes, especially so when I am running out of time and the kids are coming back home from their childcare center!

Last week, my good friend, Jean, whipped up this super delicious Pulled Beef Burrito with Mission Wraps for all of us in just 15 minutes flat I think? It was so easy and straight-forward, I think we should share with everyone!

Fast meals doesn't necessarily mean unhealthy fast food or boring pasta or fried rice. It can be something wholesome and healthy too!


The thing about making burritoes is that... you can use almost anything you love in it! You can use prawn, fish, chicken, pork, beef, ham, bacon, fruits even!

There is a whole range of recipes using Mission Wraps on their website that you can check it out too.

In this wrap, we used:

* 3 slices of Mission Wraps
* shredded beef leftover from our lunch date at Marche hehehe
* half tomato, chopped
* 4 leaves of lettuce, chopped
* 1 egg


1. Beat the egg and marinate with salt and pepper, pan fry until cooked

2. Shred the omelette

3. Lay out a piece of Mission Wrap on a big round plate and add everything you like!

Jean added cheese on this one. You can consider sauces like ketchup, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, thousand island, sesame sauce.... the possibilities are endless!

4. Give it a good toast to warm it up!

You can skip this step if you are not using cheese.

5. Roll it up and eat!

Price Breakdown

This is yet another super economic dish that doesn't require much effort! It is great for days where you need to clear the fridge for your upcoming holiday trip, or when you are famished and you don't have enough ingredients to make a proper meal.

The Mission Wraps come in a pack of 8 pieces, so you can use half and store the other half for your next use.

Makes 16 portions!

* Mission Wrap - $4.85 (there's a promo going on at NTUC Fairprice now!)
* Tomato - $0.50
* Lettuce - $0.50
* Shredded beef - $8.40 (for 500g, you generally use much lesser, probably only 100g?)

Total: $14.25

Here is another recipe that I used - Muar Fish Otah Wrap

I hope this would be useful for you on your busy days!

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