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Monday, September 05, 2016

As I am not a very skinny person to begin with, fighting tummy fats, jiggly bottoms and thunder thighs are part and parcel of life. And because of that, body-shaping wear and I are best friends since forever.. well at least since my sister, XY, introduced me to Spanx in my early twenties!

In addition, I've got Shrinkxhips and a regular velcro-type binder to stuff all the flabbiness in!

Apart from wearing it on special occasions to hide my tummy and also to give myself a more slender figure that also increases my confidence, I also use body-shaping wear to help me flatten my post-pregnancy tummy and shrink my hips.

My Love-Hate Relationship with Body Shaping Wear

While I love the temporary tummy tuck and perky butt I get when I wear my body-shaping gears, one nagging problem that I always face is that it is very hard to find the right size that fits perfectly. Most of the shapewear I wear go only by 4 sizes - S, M, L or XL.

If by a stroke of good luck, I would get a size that fits me perfectly. Otherwise, I would be in between sizes. The difference about buying body-shaping wear and regular clothes is that, you MUST buy a size that fits you EXACTLY, otherwise the body-shaping ability just won't work.

For example, if you buy something that is too small for your body, fats get squeezed out elsewhere. If you buy something that is too big for your body, it doesn't tuck the flabby parts in to make it look svelte. It's very tricky!!!

Recently, I had a great opportunity to hang out with Elida from D'Elegance Body Shaping Wear. It was a great timing for me to be working with D'Elegance because I just gave birth to K, I would be grateful for more body shaping wear to get me back in shape!

Don't get me wrong though: Body-shaping wears are not something that you can wear and then miraculously lose weight. It just doesn't work like that. However, constant wearing of body-shaping wears will improve your body posture and with that, a person's body shape can change dramatically!

When it comes to post-pregnancy, I believe that wearing body-shaping wear for the first 2 months can help to flatten the tummy faster. I have so many friends who actually lost inches on their hips after pregnancy because they "bounded" it with body-shaping wears.

The experience at D'Elegance is rather different as compared to walking into Isetan and buying a pair of Spanx off the racks. In fact, the entire consultation was very intimate and it is by appointment only, so you really get 100% attention from Elida and her consultant, Rain.

They would first walk you through a short presentation sharing some basic knowledge about body-shaping wear, and then you get all your measurements taken.

Feeling a little skeptical about my post-pregnancy waist there lolol.

Multiple Sizes To Fit Every Body

The amazing thing about the body-shaping wears at D'Elegance is that they don't stop at just S, M, L, XL 4 sizes. In fact, they have as many as 24 sizes for their bras, 6 to 7 sizes for their long and short girdles, 12 sizes for their corsets (!!!) and 4 to 6 sizes for their vests, bodysuits and panties. With this number of available sizes, there must surely be one that would fit people like me who are in between M and L (or L and XL sometimes lol).

If you still can't find a size for yourself amongst the range of sizes, fret not too, because you can actually try your luck to see if Elida and her team can get yours custom made to suit your body perfectly.

And the fitting game begins~

After taking the measurements for my chest, waist, hips, thighs, length from my hips to my toes etc, Elida chose the sizes that would fit me best. The first Long Girdle I tried on was just a tad too tight, I could wear it up, but instead of compacting the flabby areas, it kinda pushed them all upwards... so fats were bulging out from my waist.

Just one size bigger and everything looked so much better and more comfortable too! I really shouldn't be saying this, but I noticed how the brassiere also gave me a better figure. 

I mean, that's good right!? Sorry I had to bring your attention there LOL.

Tried on the corset and the size was too small for me. As I was mentioning earlier, when the body-shaping wear is too tight, it pushes the fats elsewhere. Ill-fitting body-shaping wear not only makes you look lumpy, over time, the prolonged wearing will also cause fats to deposit at the wrong places.

I was concerned with the fats that were popping out from my back, so I opted for the vest and suddenly, the fit was so much better for me!

It smoothens out the lumpy fats from my back and the in-built skeleton ensured that my back is always kept straight so that when I sit or walk, I look taller. Proper posture also naturally promotes 'stomach in, chest out', which was exactly what we want, isn't it?

Erm, I am sorry but I have to bring your attention to the white dotted lines I drew on my butt. You see, the long girdle is rather special. While most body-shaping wear shapes like a pair of pants, here's how the long girdle looks like when unworn:

The flappy bits of extra cloth is not bad workmanship, but it forms a circular 'bowl' that holds the butt and keeps it in shape, instead of flattening it when you wear it. The firm-fitting material also allows you to "pull" the fats from your thigh up to your butt, where this 3D structure will hold them in place.

Thoughtful Designs

Another problem I have when I wear my body-shaping wear out is when I need to go to the toilet. You see, the body-shaping wear works kinda like a one-piece swim suit. So when I need to relive myself, it would be a wrestling against myself because the body-shaping wear would be reasonably tight, so a bit of an effort will be required to pull up and down.

I bet Elida had the same problems too when she wore her body-shaping wear, which was probably why when it was her turn to design these intimates, she adds in all these small but important details. Like the bodysuit I came home with below:

Look! Snap buttons at the bottom of the body suit! Why hasn't anyone thought about it before???

With the snap buttons at the crotch area, it makes trips to the toilet so much more convenient. Just unsnap, roll it up and do your business. No more tugging, pulling, jumping while pulling needed. (Note: if you are wearing your girdle over the body suit, you will still need to roll your girdle down. But at least you only need to fight one layer instead of two)

The vest also comes with a firm skeleton frame that supports good posture. While wearing the vest, The skeleton props my tummy in and up, and ensured that I don't slouch because for once, it can be quite uncomfortable slouching.

High Quality Material

There are altogether 3 different colours available for D'Elegance's products: Nude, Beige and Black. For the Nude collection, they are made from Wincool fabric that has the ability to lower the body temperature by one to two degrees celcius!

I could go on to explain how this technology work, but it would take me at least the next 5 minutes - so I am going to keep it short and sweet. The low density fabric + light and thin build up of it allows heat to be conducted away from the body much faster, without compromising the stretchability and durability of the fabric.

You can check out how the black and beige looks like in this collection that I've brought home. While these two colours are not made from the Wincool fabric, they are made from 420 denier and 280 denier fabric that is lightweight, airy, stretchable and durable. They also promote fast drying and moisture wicking so as to ensure comfort.

Get a free trial!

Honestly, I could go on and on about these body shaping wear but nothing would beat you actually going down to give it a go. Usually, you would have to pay $100 (you can use it to offset your purchase), but if you quote HELLOMRSTAN, you get to have the trial and body evaluation absolutely free! Do note that all trials are strictly on appointment basis only.

You can find out more details via these links:
D'Elegance website (You can also find out more on the prices at their website!)
Telephone number: 6226 3013

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  1. *Whistles* lolz..the snap buttons is such a great design..thks for sharing!

  2. U look good babe!

    And the corset piece ... So nice... Of course it helps that u got big boobs to fill it too!

  3. Delegance body shaper are quite good to hide those extra flab and post pregnancy it is really required.

  4. Wah! They really perk up your assets :)) Looking good in them!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. I think it suits you well and accentuates your figure. For me, I feel suffocated when I wear shape wear :(

  6. I love my set of D'Elegance shapewear! Im sure you'll enjoy wearing it because it really is made in a much better quality and design compared to many others on the market 😊

  7. You looked good with the vest! Like it as it's made of wincool material and support good posture.

  8. Good to have something to gain back our confidence, mummy! Most mummies need that :`(

  9. Oh! Apparently they are very good for the shaping! My friend is using and it helps! Thanks for sharing, I think I will go and try it for myself!


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