We went to the zoo again!

Friday, August 05, 2016

Family outings are something that we look forward to every week, and once a month or so, we try to plan something different from the usual indoor playground and shopping center runs. In the case of June, we brought the kids back to the zoo again!

Going out as a family is very important to us because I feel that experiences like these foster a lot on interaction, which is a really great way to stimulate our children. By having good quality interaction and bringing them to environment where they feel safe in playing means that we also positively stimulate our children in terms of improving our relationship bonding and also creativity.

I tell you, zoo visits are always MASSIVE for me because it would be an all-in-one activity! Apart from visiting the animals, we will also have a small picnic and have some fun at the water playground located at the Kids Zone.

Outdoor trips are also perfect for learning opportunities, for example, when we walk past a banana tree, we will stand around for a couple of minutes for them to observe the leaves, check out the banana flowers and looking at the tiny bananas, just before they grow into full size and turn yellow. Very fruitful indeed (lol pun completely intended).

Of course when it comes to the animals, we will also take the chance to explain to them simple things that they can understand. Like why penguins can swim so well in the water, where are penguins generally found... and then we go home and complete the experience with an art session where I would get the kids to sit down and draw animals that we saw.

I think this is Alexis' first trip to the zoo? She has been to the Bird Park previously, when she was younger, but I personally think that children between 18 months onwards are brilliant learners and they can absorb so much things at one go!

That's us catching the Splash Safari show, featuring Pedro the sea lion!

Apart from having an "educational" field trip, a visit to the zoo is also very fun because of the animal shows. I try to let the kids watch all four shows that the zoo offers because they are really entertaining, plus you get to take photos with the animals after that if you like.

And then we moved on to Animal Friends Show after a 10 minute walk, missing just the front part of it

The only cons about catching all the shows is that you really need to be really fast, at least for the first three shows as they start almost consecutively after one another.. and a little walking is needed to get to these three different venues.

If you miss it, you would have to wait for another 6 to 8 hours for the second show, which for our case, we don't usually stay until so late. Even if we do, we would most likely be finishing up with the animals because the weather will be more cooling and make walking more bearable as compared to the afternoon.

Dylan in 2014 and 2016
I think the basis of being able to let our child enjoy interesting experiences really boils down a lot to boosting their immunity. Afterall, all these outdoor activities involve a lot on touching and getting themselves dirty - all these increase the exposure to germs and may pose health threats to the children.

Also, kids learn from experiences, whether big or small, good or bad. One sure way to get them to learn and experience the world is to bring them out for outdoor play. That's why Friso supports us as parents by providing the right nutrition for our kids to be strong inside to take on the challenges outside.

Dylan's touching a ferret!

One way to improve immunity is of course, having the right diet consisting of the correct nutrition.. so that they can chase after monitor lizards, of course.

I mean.. will you look at that? 

I don't think we've ever seen monitor lizards this size strolling leisurely around the zoo compound ever. And for this trip, we actually saw three! It was actually pretty exciting to see them so up close, even though for a moment I was honestly afraid that it might attack the kids, lol.

And that is us, trying to calm our nerves and take a proper shot after Mr. Monitor Lizard disappeared behind us.

Have you been the zoo anytime lately?

Disclaimer: This blog post is a collaboration with Friso Singapore. For the next 5 months, we will be sharing our personal parenting experiences with you, covering topics such as Building Immunity, Learning and Experiences with your child and Nutrition and Digestion and of course, there will be giveaways!

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  1. Zoo is such a Favourite with kids...In my case, we frequent night safari more.

  2. We miss going to the Zoo! It has been more than 1 year since our last visit. Time to check out when to buy the family ticket and go zoo visiting again.

  3. How do you beat the heat? I love our zoo, but just thinking about it makes me feel sweaty.

  4. I love the outdoor activities with kids and it gives them the exposure to learn and explore things on their own.

  5. Such happy pictures! You have tons of energy, picnic and water playground including visiting the animals will wear me out totally.

  6. Love bringing my kids to the zoo too and see them get excited over every single thing! They learn more through personal experiences rather than just books... great bonding activity (if weather is not too hot).
    You definitely have tons of energy juggling 3 kids n doing so much in one go!

    Jamie Chaw

  7. 3 kids in tow with the hot sun, you guys still looking great! Awesome! We used to go zoo often when kids are younger now they don't fancy the animals anymore..

  8. We havent been to Zoo for the longest time ever. And Singapore has one of the best Zoos in the world. Should really pay a visit soon.

  9. We love going to the zoo too! So many activities in one place..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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