Pokemon Go, Fresh Air and Exercise

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I think by the time you read this post, most of you would have hopped onto the Pokemon Go bandwagon.. Me too!

Day 1

Ever since it launched on the 6th, I've been making more excuse to walk around our estate (*eh-hem* exercise mah) and hoping to catch some of my favourite pokemons!

Day 3
I've since caught Eevee, which is one of my favourite pokemons. I hope to catch Clefairy and Jigglypuff! Of course, I also hope to catch those special ones like Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. It is my first time playing Pokemon and I thought it was quite fun, haha!

Nian insists that I am addicted to it.

So. Not. Lor.

Anyway, the timing of Pokemon release is actually not so good, I feel? It is the seventh lunar month now and that means that there are a lot of people praying / burning paper and all.. which makes it very hard to be loitering downstairs because:

1. Later too focused on the phone and accidentally step on the offerings how!

2. The air quality isn't very good for me to bring the kids in tow to catch Pokemons, to be honest.

Luckily we have the masks that Innosparks sent me a couple of months ago, which I never found the opportunity to wear and review because... the air was so good?

We usually wear masks when we ride the motorcycle, but ever since K came along, I haven't been riding... so no chance to try out too, until August came along.

Please let me spend some time to talk about these masks because I think it will be useful for you all when you go Pokemon hunting!

As compared to the usual N95 masks that we've always been using, here are some things that I thought was pleasantly different:

#1. Easy Storage

The first thing that caught my attention was how the mask can be "flattened" for easy storage for days when we don't need them! The usual N95 masks are rigidly in a cup-shape, which takes up more space during storage. You wouldn't want to risk flattening it lest it doesn't work when you need it to. Each box also comes with 3 masks, so it really makes it value for money!

#2. Soft material, comfortable to wear, lasting to keep

The next thing that is incredibly different from the usual N95 masks is that the Air+ mask is very soft and "malleable" to fit over our nose and mouth properly. Because of the rigid shape held by regular N95s, some people find is hard to mould over their noses or under their chins.

The elastic bands are very flexible; you can adjust how tight it is by balancing the two straps that are actually made from one long elastic band.

Additionally, there is also a buckle at the back for your to further tighten or loosen your elastic strap whenever required. You can also see that unlike regular N95 masks, whose straps are made from rubber? Stretchable plasticky kind of material, which melts after long term storage.

I mean, we're often told not to store masks for too long because it defeats its efficacy, but what else do we do with those unused ones right?

Also, another point to note is that these Air+ masks are individually packed, which eliminates interaction with the environment, so I believe it will stay clean and great for usage whenever we need it.

#2. 3 Available Sizes

Finally something for the kids! Last year, when the haze struck, it was very difficult for the children because while we adults can protect ourselves with N95 masks, there were very limited masks available for the kids. The regular N95s that we were using was very uncomfortable because it was so hard to breathe in... likewise those that we got for the kids. So Alexis refused hers, and Dy.. let's just say we had to persistently insist it.

#3. Optional AIR+ Ventilator

The optional Air+ Ventilator (scroll above to see picture!) is an add on to the mask. On its own, Air+ masks can filter PM2.5 particles, volcanic ash and even viruses as well. But with the Air+ ventilator, it further enhances the mask by expelling the heat and carbon dioxide accumulated within the mask, making it less stuffy and easier to breathe.

The Air+ Ventilator is reusable and you can recharge it when it runs out of juice.

The air has been pretty fresh these few days, but when the 15th day of the 7th lunar month comes along, burning and praying will resume! Same goes for the last day of the lunar month. When those days come, remember to keep your lungs healthy and grab a mask while hunting for Pokemons.

Talking about Pokemons.....

Can anyone tell me where to get Jigglypuffs!?!?

{Disclaimer: Innosparks has very generously supplied us with the AIR+ masks to try out. All opinions are entirely our own.}

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  1. I found a jigglypuff when I was at Singapore Discovery Centre's Army museum :) Good luck! And Actually the air is not that bad except for 1st day, 15th day and probably last day too. But masks are good to have as standby, prepare for the haze which can hit anytime!

    Vivien ( Beautiful Chaos )

    1. Yeah! As compared to last year, this year is definitely better. We've survived the 1st and 15th day so far... hopefully so for the last day too :x

  2. I haven't gone on the Pokemon Go bandwagon and I don't think I ever will. No judgement though :)

    I have tried the masks. Maybe I had gotten one that was too small for me, it wasn't comfortable and leave marks on my face after I take it off. I might give it another try if the haze comes back.

    1. Hehe most of my friends and family members cannot understand the craze either, and I'm just going around catching these monsters without actually understanding the deeper concept of it, haha!

      I use a size M and it fits great for me, it sounds like the mask is too tight for you. Maybe you can try loosening the straps further so it doesn't grab your face too hard :D

  3. My family joined the Pokemon Go fun but we didn't get addicted to it because is really just for fun and amazingly my kids are not very into it. Recently the air quality isn't really good. Just nice you share this out and I can keep a look out for these masks!

  4. We enjoyed these high-quality masks but as much as we enjoyed it...we don't look forward to it (you know what I mean)....but ya, thank goodness of these masks for the kids. BTW for us....I installed Pokemon Go for about an hour, let my gal had a go at it so she knows what's it about and then, I deleted it - we don't need another online distraction.

  5. I really like those masks - they are the only ones that fit the kid's faces really well.

  6. AIR+ Mask are quite good and have been using them from quite a while.

  7. Just 2-3 days back, Indonesia warned upto dry spots and probably haze!! I really dread hazy period. I too rely heavily on Air+ masks.

  8. Haha..i'm playing too for the fun of it but no time to be addicted 😉 Tried this mask for my boy last yr & it indeed has the best fit for him then.

  9. Actually luckily it has been raining as well so air quality not that bad. These are good to store for those really hazy days though!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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