DIY Home Tips: Zhng Your Flyers Box!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Do you get a lot of flyers and mailers at your door?

We do! From pizza deliveries to plumbers, aircon servicing to tuition classes etc, our house gets a whole lot of flyers from time to time, and because these days, we can lock the flap of our mailbox to keep out these advertisements, many of them have taken to door-to-door distributions.. and they always like to stuff it anywhere on your gate.

Thankfully, our town council has been very nice to provide us with a really nifty flyers holder, so that we can attach it at our gates. On one hand, it makes the job easier for the distributor guys - the flyers can be dropped into the holder easily, the flyers don't drop and fly all over the corridor, which in turn makes it easier for our estate cleaners as well.

It is also easier for residents to dispose of the flyers if need be, and it looks neater overall too. I am all for this flyers holder!

Except that it doesn't look very "pretty" per se.

So in today's post, I'm going to be doing up a short tutorial on how to zhng your flyers box in 10 minutes!

Some items you would need are:
* wrapping paper, leftover cloth or felt
* UHU glue (the liquid type that kinda resemble super glue)
* scissors
* a bunch of creative ideas

Step 1:

Wrap the box up with your wrapping paper, cloth or felt. Personally, I would recommend cloth or felt so that it will not tear if it gets wet. Some gates face the open area so they may get splashes of rain when it gets too heavy, or sometimes the cleaners go into overly enthusiastic mode when they wash the floors... and everything gets wet.

Spread a thin layer of glue over the box and lay the felt down. Cut and fold in the excess as you would when you wrap up a gift.

Make sure they are wrapped nice and taut, with the ends neatly trimmed.

Step 2: Decorate!

Of course, the next step would be where the fun comes in. We decorate the box! This is also the time when I got my kids to help. They chose the colours while I did the cutting, and they would volunteer to stick the clouds and such down.

While I kept it simple by using my felt cloth, you could jazz it up in an entirely different way too - think ribbons, beads, twine.. or even painting it! I know of people who have really wonderful calligraphy handwriting, so you could have meaningful quotes on it too. Really, whatever rocks your boat.

Once it is done, poke holes at the back with a pair of scissors.

Step 3: Attach cable ties

With the holes punched through, you can now easily slide in the cable ties to the box.

Step 4: Attach your newly zhng-ed flyers box to your gate!

Voila! Simple DIY to jazz up the otherwise plain-looking flyers box. Even the flyers distributors will feel happy dropping in flyers for you. 

Do give it a go and share with me how does your zhng-ed flyers box look like at the end!

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