The Day Alexis Scared The Crap Out Of Me

Sunday, July 24, 2016

This happened about a month or two ago, but I had been super busy catching up with work, posts and stuff and somehow, I never really got down to writing this to share with all of you.

Not sure if I shared it online, but my kids LOVE meddling with our cellphones despite the fact that we never let them watch anything, nor letting them play games on our phones. Yet, they get attracted to them like flying ants to lights lol.

I guess it is those vibrant LCD screens that always catch their attention?

So in order to get them away from our phones (& also lock us out of it for a good whole 15 minutes because of the multiple wrong passwords entered wtf), my mother-in-law bought them a "handphone" each.

It was okay, just another toy to add to the humongous collection they already have in the toy room.

So one day, while I was busy doing laundry in my service yard, Alexis came running to me. "Mama! Mama!"

It was about 6 in the evening, so it was getting dark in the kitchen, where she was. She pointed at her mouth repeatedly.

"What is it, honey? Anything stuck on your teeth? Did you eat something?" I asked.

"Yes!" and she continued pointing to her mouth.

"I can't see what's that in your mouth...." I said, as I squatted down beside her. When I was right beside her, she said, "Mama..." and opened up her little hand.


I freaked out.

If you don't know why I freaked out, well, button batteries can cause a child to die because of the acid leaking out from the battery, burning all their soft tissue. It is an irreversible damage that can happen very quickly and even if removed, it may cause permanent harm.

I asked her urgently, "Where did you get these, Alexis?"

"There!" she said, pointing innocently into the toy room, where her elder brother was busy colouring and writing.

I ran into the room and saw the very two handphones lying on the floor. One of which had the battery panel pried out. I quickly opened the other handphone to check if all the batteries were intact. Each phone is supposed to have 3 little batteries and the other phone didn't have any missing.

But my blood turned cold because there were only TWO batteries in Alexis' hand. ONE WAS MISSING.

"Honey, where's one more battery?" I asked Alexis. She randomly pointed everywhere one moment, and then pointed into her mouth the next moment.

"Did you eat it, honey? Did you put this in your mouth?"


OHMYGOD does this girl know what she's talking about???????

"Are you sure, Alexis? Did you eat this?"


I didn't know what to believe. Did she fully understand what I was asking her? It didn't help that when I asked Dylan, he gave a very thoughtful reply, "Mama, I think Alexis ate it lah."

What the.... It really didn't help that I really couldn't find the damn battery, however hard I search the room. I flipped the carpets, I took out all the soft toys in the storage bin, poured all the kitchen sets out from their baskets and almost emptied ALL of the storage compartments to see if I can find that little battery, even smaller than a raisin, wtf.

Nian was at work, so it was me against the three kids. I hurriedly called my god-sis and she agreed that I wasn't over-reacting and I should send Alexis down to the hospital pronto.

While packing, I called my Sis #2 and without further ado, she drove straight to our place. At the same time, my god-sis, XY, sent me a list of reminder messages:

"Do not let her drink water."

"Do not let her eat anything until she is done with the check."

Thankfully my Sis #2 also made a detour to my mum's to pick up my Sis #3. And together, both of them rushed to my house. I was all ready to leave, but I thought since I have more manpower now, why not give the room another sweep?

I was still praying very hard that the battery would be found, so that we won't have to go through a horrifying episode of stomach purging and the likes of it.

So Sis #2 walked gingerly into the room, she started at the book shelf right beside the entrance. In exactly THREE minutes, she asked me, "Eh da jie, is this the battery?"

I swear I searched every nook and cranny! I just didn't see it, somehow????

In any case, I was more than relieved that the entire episode ended in 5 minutes as soon as my sisters got to our place. I threw away all the button batteries, prepared dinner for all of them and we had a feast to calm my nerves.

Subsequently, I had a spring cleaning session for the toy room, clearing out all damaged toys, toys with small detachable parts etc. And now... our toy room is probably safer than before.

Talking about toy room, I think I want to re-decorate it again! What theme do you think will be nice for children? I am thinking about safari this time... Sorry, I know the ending is a little anti-climax but OMG it was such a scare!!!

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  1. Omg i can totally feel your panic as i read this!!! Thank you for sharing because now i am going to clean my kids toys stash and throw away all small parts!! 😱😱

  2. Terrible! Remembered the incident how my son put playdough in his nostrils and ears and filled them up with playdough...

  3. I would be paranoid about kids trying to pry out the battery compartment or missing batteries too1!

    cheers, Andy

  4. Oh my, you'd be surprised at how many people mistake button batteries for sweets or pills - it's not just kids, but the elderly or anyone with poor eyesight!

  5. What a relief! My heart almost popped out while reading.. Indeed it's time for some toys 'detox' and get away those 'dangerous' ones.

  6. What a scary encounter... glad ur daughter was all okay!!! Thanks for sharing for us parents as a wake-up call. Toys with batteries that hasn't been played should be taken out or else batteries will leak!

    Jamie Chaw

  7. Good to know things turned out fine. Also a good reminder that we can never take our kids' safety for granted...also a good point that we should buy electronic toys for kids where the battery compartment is screwed tight.

  8. wow what a scare!!! but better be safe than sorry.. really glad she didn't eat it too!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  9. Oh my goodness! What a frightening encounter. Glad that everything turned out alright. I need to go and check my kids' toys for any dangerous E parts too. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Oh my gosh I would have totally freaked out too!! Thank goodness everything was just a scare, phew! And yup I hate being locked out of my own phone too pffft


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