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Sunday, July 10, 2016

When it comes to eating out, my husband forever likes to ask me one question:

"Go where, eat what?"

Some days, I would have splendid answers for him.. but most days, I would tell him, "Wa lao why I think again!"

Personally, I feel that the hardest thing in eating out is to actually decide where to go and what to eat. Once you get that settled, the travelling is pretty straight forward!

I have a few sites that I always repeatedly go back to when my husband asks me the golden question and these few weeks, I've also added EatBook.sg into my reference list.


Personally, my favourite tab from the website is the Area Guide because I can choose a place near to where we are going and then explore the area!

For example, sometimes we run our errands in Hougang, and since we are hardly there, we really don't know what is nice? So that's when I go into EatBook.sg, click on Area Guide and ta-daaaaaa:

There we go. 12 eateries in Kovan and Hougang to let me choose from and propose to my hubby!

We actually went to Soon Soon Teochew Porridge after reading the post for a quick lunch, since I am really a sucker for Teochew Muay. Ooooh otak-otak and chilli minced pork were my absolute favourites there, but it is a little bit on the pricey side though, to be honest.

You can also use their Food Guide, where they have a compilation of a particular dish, or places with a particular theme.

Their 11 Kid-Friendly Restaurants are in my bookmarks list so that I can quickly scroll through to see if we are close enough to whichever, so that we can grab some good food with the kids.

If you are Bak Kut Teh, Bak Chor Mee, Wonton Mee or even Churros lovers, you will find a neat compilation of the best of each in their respective posts, all ready for you to check them out one-by-one.

New Updates + Easy Navigation

One thing I look out for in my foodie websites is that they must be constantly updated. If there are any cool cafes, yes! I wanna know! If there are any nice restaurants that they have just found, yup I wanna go try too.

At EatBook.sg, I can find the updates easily at their main page. But if I'm specifically looking for cafes or restaurants, I can also use the tabs to find what I want easily too.

So... don't say I didn't share ok? Next time when you are stuck and have no idea where to go, perhaps you might want to take a look at EatBook.sg for more inspirations!

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  1. haha...thanks for sharing! I didn't say you didn't share ya.... xp
    We always have the same headache of where to eat what too! Nowadays we throw the ball to the kids and they shall decide where to eat what...hehe

  2. I am bookmarking the kid-friendly restaurants too, although we have been to some on the list. Now tempted to try the Slappy Cakes soon!

  3. Added Eatbook.sg to my reference list too, always so 'mafun' to think of where to eat.. Thanks for your recommendation.

  4. Interesting! I remember when we were young with no internet, everyone never knew what to eat. Fast forward to now, even more difficult to think about what and where to eat when you have more kids!! Haha.

  5. the kid friendly restaurants are gonna be top on my list for places to hang out with fellow moms! great directory to get ideas for places to eat at. I always kena the 'I don't know what I want to eat but I know what I DON'T want to eat' from my husband. Argh. Men

  6. Thanks for sharing! Apparently in our household we have those "Eat what?" conversations too. Haha so i am definitely going to check this out.

  7. Thanks for sharing! In my household we often have those "Eat What?" conversations so this is going to come handy and I am so going to check it out.

  8. Very tempted to try the kid friendly places! Only one stomach so have to ration it to weekends try new things with the bubba!

  9. Ah, this is a new website to me! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh thanks for shaidng this!! I totally need it


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