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Friday, July 08, 2016

Roughly a fortnight ago, Nian and I brought the kids to Alive Museum for a fun and short trip because I was told that they've got new zones - the Young@Heart and Live.Laugh.Love zone up recently so we were pretty excited to see what's it all about.

When we first stepped in, it was a sense of familiarity because we visited Alive Museum when it first opened back in 2014, yet when we entered, we were pleasantly surprised because the very first display was something different already!

Check out my three lions roaring in the first exhibit. 

With Dylan much older now than he was when we visited previously, he could help himself to posing in a lot of different exhibits and with our experience, I knew where to stand (look out for the prompts on the floor!) to capture the best view.

If I can offer only one tip to visitors, it will be to visit Alive Museum on weekdays. The place is generally less crowded and that means you can take more time to pose and adjust until you get the best angle!

When we went on a Tuesday afternoon, there were only us and another family! So you can imagine how much fun we all had, taking time to pose at each shot without getting hurried along.

Here is the live.laugh.love section!! It would actually be more appropriate had it been Nian and I posing on these... but too bad the little ones are not trained as a photographer yet lol. We also tried putting Dylan and Alexis together to pose, but they refused to cooperate!?

That's K and I on the wedding car woohoo!

Here are another couple of new exhibits that we saw while spending our afternoon at Alive Museum. Loads of bicycles everywhere so if your kids love them, they would have a splendid time fighting over it, haha!

Please please please make sure that you have an adult beside to ensure safety! We were right beside her when the photos were taken, I just cropped us out so you don't see us!

Then we explored the old-timers:

Dylan in 2014

Dy and Alexis now!
When we first visited Alive Museum (also around the same June/July period), I was still heavily pregnant with Alexis! Look at her now :)

I can never resist getting them to pose with the alligator. This is one of my favourites!

Dylan then and now. I realised he is still wearing the same pair of shoes after 2 years!

Another picture that Dylan posed with back then and now.

And that's papa and him saving the little penguins!!


All in all, Alive Museum is a great place to check out as it is suitable for both the young and the old. You would typically spend about 1.5 hours to 2 hours inside, depending on the crowd density for the day. Do try to go on an off-peak timing so that you get more time and space to explore and to take funny pictures!

Essential Information

Location: Alive Museum is located at Suntec City Tower 4, #03-372
Opening hours: 10AM to 10PM
Ticket prices: $25 (Adults), $20 (Child 3 -12 years old), FOC for children below 3

Giveaway Time!

Alive Museum Family Package Giveaway

{Disclaimer: The family has received complimentary tickets from Alive Museum for the sole purpose of this review.}

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  1. 2 new exhibits are the 3 lions and the one Alexis is posting with the bicycle with lots of men behind her. not sure what is that called. :)

  2. New exhibits are the 3 lions cum bicycles...


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  8. New exhibits are..
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    We have never been to Alive Museum & txs a lot for this awesome opportunity.

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