We Went To Robot Kitty Exhibition 2016!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

16th of June was a super fantastic day for me because the husband surprised me with two tickets to the Robot Kitty Exhibition at Suntec City! Despite being a fan of this mouthless kitty, I had no intention of visiting the exhibition because I thought the entire experience was very expensive.

It costs $28 each for the both of us and that was only inclusive of a standard ticket that allowed you to go in and play everything ONCE. The standard ticket also didn't allow you to accumulate any points, which was actually the whole point of the entire exhibition because the points would allow you to get accessories for your Robots.

If you want to get your robots, you need to pay $38 for each of them.

The Black Kitty is the limited edition one that is only available on-site

So all in all, it will cost $66 to go in with a Robot Kitty!

Talking about the accessories, the game mechanism is that we would have to use our kitties at the various game stations to accumulate points. Different point system will allow you to redeem different levels of accessories.

The accessories were split into Levels 1, 2 and 3. The 3 being the hardest to get, but the nicest to have, like the gold and rose gold wings and helmets!!

Generally, you can get items from Levels 1 rather easily - it gives you a leeway of failing at any one of the stations, but if you fail more than one, then you would most likely walk away without being able to have enough points to earn yourself an accessory.

Level 2 requires you to have a perfect score to hit enough points.

As for Level 3, you would definitely need to reload your Robot Kitty to go for an additional round.. and that is another $16!! 

When we were in there, we overheard a lady telling the people working there that it was her 8th reload - that is already $128? And the catch is that you will have to reload it on the same day. You can't leave, and then come back the next day to continue the game.

And what made it even more unpalatable was that you cannot choose the accessories you would like to have. Yes, despite spending so much money, multiple reloads etc., whatever you end up with is entirely random and if your luck fails, you would probably end up with multiples of the same thing!

So we decided to make our money worth and we walked everywhere to take pictures of the kitties in display.

Briefing prior to entry
Getting our Robots activated for game play

Each visitor would have to carry this landyard whenever we are inside. And if you decide to lose it/bring it home, you will get fined when you don't return it to them lol.

Alexis, being my daughter, has a penchant for Hello Kitty too, so it was really one stone killing two of us birds bringing us there!

Nian working really hard at one of the games

Alexis feeling really sad for kitty. She thinks that kitty fell and hurt herself, so she is there making sure Kitty's fine lol
Kitty hospital!

This is the machine that would tell you how many points you've gotten in your Robot Kitty so that you can use it to redeem your accessories

This was the last of the 5 stations we were at, it is a sure win stage and you have to complete all other 4 stations before you can attempt this one. After you attempt this, you would have to leave the play area and head on towards the redemption booth, where you can go on the tikam machine to hopefully redeem something you like!

We eventually redeemed one Level 1 and one Level 2 item, but they were both roughly the same thing - drills! I was hoping to score the silver helmet or wings from Level 2, but since this is entirely computerised, the chances of getting it is probably very low. Ah well, it was a great experience nevertheless!

P.S. If you are looking for these accessories, there are loads of people selling them on Carousell. The prices are kinda expensive though, but it may go down over time. You will just need to keep a look-out!

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  1. Oh I missed the media launch for this event because was a working day! You guys seem to have had loads of fun...Meow.

  2. Kitty Robot, that's completely new to me! Looks interesting :)

  3. Seems fun but sucks that you can't choose the accessories!!! I'm pretty sure the prices will drop in the black market after a while. Just wait a bit but glad you had a fun family day out nonetheless

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
    (fellow Hello Kitty Lover hehe)

  4. We couldn't make it for the media launch as we are away. My younger girl is a huge Hello Kitty fan too! -Ling Ling

  5. Hello Kitty event I heard was pretty nice but had to give a miss since I was not here in Singapore. I am sure you would have enjoyed.

  6. It looked fun and glad you guys had fun there. At first was tempting to go but after knowing we can't choose the accessories, it made me think twice.

  7. Looks fun! But so expensive!!! Lucky the kids aren't crazy HK fans! Hahaha.

  8. I like hello kitty but didn't know there's such an exhibition! Looks fun!


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