Tan's June Holiday Line-ups: Hi-5 at OneKM and more

Friday, June 03, 2016

It's June again and as my children grows older, the mid-year holidays get more and more significant! This year, I've packed many activities for them as we've got more free time on our hands from work. I've also included some programmes that you can bring your kids to, too!

First week of holidays - 31 May
Hi-5 appearance at OneKM

This holiday, Australian Hi-5 is at our sunny shores again! They've got three new members, and my favourite Stevie (yes, I kinda have my favourite Hi-5 member too, and I can sing most of their signature songs... that's what you get for being a mom lol) wasn't part of the group anymore, but their performance is still top-notch nevertheless.

Both Dylan and Alexis had such great time dancing to the upbeat music, although I must say, a 30-minute session is really too short for all of us!

Excited faces while waiting for the group to be out!

Yay! Here they are!
We went to the 5pm show on a Tuesday and it was relatively empty, so it was very enjoyable for all of us! You can spend $50 to get a Meet & Greet pass and also use the receipt to redeem 3 hours of complimentary parking. We ended up paying only $0.40!

Performance details:

Where: OneKM
Date: Until 12 June (no shows on 6 and 7 June)
Time: 2pm, 5pm and 7pm

Some other programme line-ups that I have planned for my kiddos that you can put into your calendars too!

Both Dylan and Alexis aren't fans of Barney, but I would be bringing them there anyway because it is going to be a musical performance and when there is music and dance, there would be Dylan and Alexis bouncing around.

The City Green outdoor park will be transformed into an urban beach, where there will be a variety of beach-themed activity stations, such as frisbee throwing, surf skills, sandcastle building and sitting in Bumper Boats. There is also a wondrous Spectacular Sandcastle that will be on display in front of the Mall, ready for photo-taking.

Performance Details:

Where: City Square Mall
Date: Until 19 June for Barney's performance; until 26 June for everything else
Time: 2pm and 7pm on Tues to Fri;
1pm, 4pm and 7pm on weekends

Both the husband and I really loved going to the Road Safety Park when we were in our Primary School because that is where we can drive in those miniature cars or ride those bicycles and learn about road safety.

I still remember I got some demerit points when I parked illegally along the road (instead of turning into the carpark!) while trying to get stamps from the marshals. Looks like my Fast and Furious days start young man.

This 17 June, to show appreciation to children who wrote in to Singa and the Kindness Cubbies, and to celebrate their efforts in spreading kindness, we have Kindsville Party specially for them. The public can also look forward to a meaningful family bonding time, with lessons on courtesy and road safety at $10 per pax. Children below 11 years old will get an event t-shirt too.

Registration ends today, so don't miss it!

Another exciting programme that is coming up in the Tan's household is the visit to Alive Museum again! Following our previous trip back in 2014, we are very excited to be back because they have just introduced new zones - Live.Laugh.Love and Young@Heart

I can't wait to write up a detailed post on this one because the generous folks from Alive Museum is sponsoring us a family package worth $90 to give away to one lucky winner! I think it will also be very funny to be posing with the art pieces. Dylan was especially good at posing with them, haha!

Where: Alive Museum, Suntec City Tower 4
Date: From 27 May
Adult - $25
Child - $12 (between 3 to 12 years old)

There are more programmes that I have lined up for the children and ourselves, but in the meantime, I am going to leave you guys with this first. I'll be back with more in the next few weeks!

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  1. So much to do this June holidays with kids. I have also lined up quite a few things for them.

  2. We are going for Barney on sun too! 1pm show :) what time are you for? Ashlyn

  3. There is just so many activities this June. I can't imagine December!!! Always good to take some time off and simply enjoy doing 'kiddy' stuff with the children.... I find them therapeutic at times (if they don't throw tantrums). Enjoy your holidays!

  4. Ah! I didn't know Hi5 is in town? Why is there no hype to it like last year's visit? Hmmmm Pity the Road Safety Park is open only for children above the age of 5. We gotta give it a miss.

  5. Are you going this sunday to CSM??? I am going to see Barney!! And I definitely have to bring Daniel to go see Hi5 too! :)

    - Ju Ann (ngjuann.com)

  6. Oh yes, I remember Hi-5 (my girl's favourite) and Barney (my boy's favourite) when they were young so long ago. Happy to see these favourite characters are still around. See you at the Kindsville party though. :-)

  7. Kids in Singapore are so lucky! There are countless meet and greet in the malls for them to go to! On a side not, you look totally voluptuous in the first photo.. so jealous.. hahaha!

    Michelle @ The Chill Mom

  8. Holidays are always so packed with fun activities and play dates! We are hardly at home throughout the month. -lingling

  9. The children are so lucky, there are many activities lined up for them during the holidays. Only 1 weekend have passed and I am already feeling exhausted from bringing them everywhere. LOL


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