Imagine | Native at the S.E.A. Aquarium

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Following a trip to OneKM last Tuesday for Hi-5, the clan trooped to Resorts World Sentosa on Sunday to bring the kids to see some fishes since we have a couple of complimentary tickets.

It was Dylan's second time to the Sea Aquarium, the first being part of his 1-year-old birthday celebration in 2013. Previously I mentioned that the aquarium was very crowded and pretty unconducive for younger children, I am happy to announce that three years on, the crowd has significantly eased up, so it wasn't such a nightmare to walk through the exhibits anymore.

There still isn't a nursing room though, so I was back at the secluded corner I found back in 2013, when I had to nurse Dylan, to nurse K. Well, at least there was somewhere for us to change Alexis' diapers!

Tiny people with giant mama (check K out hahaha)

It was the first time for Alexis and K to visit the Sea Aquarium, and I think Alexis is beginning to understand and appreciate where we are bringing her. In this case, she saw the waterfall at the back and she went, "WOW!" and proceeded to request a photo taken for her and her favourite boys.

Here's another one that fascinated them while we were on our way to the Sea Aquarium! We haven't been to the Trick Eye Museum though, perhaps next time we can arrange! *makes a mental note*

Taking a photo with the Maritime Museum exhibits

We entered the Aquarium at about 4.30pm, giving us sufficient time to stroll leisurely and to admire the corals, fishes, the giant sharks and stingrays. Alexis was awed by the sheer number of fishes that she saw and just like her brother, she sang the "fishes song" all through the aquarium!

The kiddos being very fascinated with the shipwreck exhibit

However, our key highlight for the visit was actually to go take a look at the Imagine | Native Fest For Kids. The Imagine | Native Fest is a book fair that features a lot of our local authors and their books. Apart from that, there are also performances, story-telling sessions, meet-the-authors, SEAA Babies, where children can colour mini handprint cards and stick them on the wall.

There are also touchpools, where children can touch starfishes and sea cucumbers as well!

Adult tickets are going at $6 if you buy it onsite, but at only $5 if you buy online. For the $5 entrance fees, you will get a $5 voucher which you can offset during your book purchases. Take note though, you would need to hit a minimum purchase of $30 before you can utilise the vouchers.

We didn't think we would purchase $30 worth of stuff, so we got the tickets at $3, without the free vouchers. Children from 4 to 12 will need to pay $3 each, but they would walk away with a goodies bag that had really pretty items above!

All in all, I think we had a great time at our second visit to the Sea Aquarium. It was a great eye-opener for Alexis, and the Imagine | Native Fest completed their trip with loads of crafts and story-telling, which really makes it memorable for them.

More on our holiday line-ups in the next few days! Told ya guys we really planned A LOT of things for the kids! 

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  1. Oh I love the goody bag! Those stickers are so cute!

  2. Ohhh the goodie bag for kids look very value for money hor. We've been to S.E.A. Aquarium a few times and my girls enjoyed fish watching, hope to find time to check this out on a weekday with my family, to avoid the crowd on weekends!

  3. S.E.A. is a great attraction for kids. It is good that they are coming up with such initiatives now. Would try to visit this holidays.

  4. Storytelling amongst the fishes, that is cool!
    My kids always love the big 'fish tank" :)

    cheers, Andy

  5. We love S.E.A! Love the goodie bags, kids sure love it!

  6. The aquarium is always a good place to take the kids. Such a magical place and away from outdoor heat :)

  7. What a fun-filled outing for the family! I love the goodie bags too, esp the stickers :)


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