How To Impress Everyone! (with TheSmartLocal)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Everyone knows that it is hard to impress everyone, but if there is one way I could share with you, is to look through TheSmartLocal and save some interesting reads that you like:

TheSmartLocal is founded in August 2012, which means that they are the same age as Dylan! In these four years, TheSmartLocal has written plenty of very useful articles that I personally really like, and I often refer to them to impress my friends and my husband! Here are three of my favourites to share with you.

#1. Places with free flow food

When it comes to free flow food, we will always think about buffets. But what about places where all you need is to order ONE MAIN dish, and then you get endless truffle fries or rice?

I also get a mild heart attack when I found some places where they serve free flow onsen eggs with ramen orders!

Imagine how smug I was when my friends go, "Wa how you know they serve free-flow stuff one???"

#2. 45 Places That You Can Charge Your Phone At

This is one of their latest posts and it is another useful one that I saved! I never knew I could borrow portable chargers at ION Orchard, which I found it most useful. Other shopping centers have charging stations, which is not as convenient because you have to hang around the station while your phone charges, but I still think it is great to know during times where you REALLY need juice in your cell.

There is also another interesting one - you can actually charge your phone at an exercise corner!!! Guess where?

Ok, the third one is not so much for impressing people, but I saved it because it is a good read during boring MRT rides and erm... when I am in the toilet:

#3. 9 Biggest Unsolved Crimes in Singapore History

Singapore is well-known for our low crime rate, yet we have a lot of gruesome crimes that had happened throughout the years. This post is a compilation of 9 biggest unsolved crimes that involves murder, attempted murder and kidnapping.

Some of them even involved guns, and yet they were never solved! Like this case in the picture, the lady, Cheng Li Zhen, was shot in broad daylight with a gun. Yet nobody knew who was the murderer. In fact, nobody knew it was a gunshot until she was sent to the hospital! What the hell?

She has never regained consciousness, and passed away shortly after in the hospital. Until now, no one knew exactly what had happened and why she was shot. Ew.


There are several interesting sites that I follow and read regularly, and TheSmartLocal is definitely one of them. I like how they have contributors to the site, kinda like a review database for people to share their opinions and things they found about Singapore - which makes it very local and very real!

If you haven't explored TheSmartLocal, go take a look at it. I am sure there will be some posts which will be useful for you.

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