Goodbye, Confinement

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Hello! It has been a while since my confinement ended and to be honest, I missed it so much! If I have to summarise my confinement into things that I enjoyed most, it would be these:

#1. Food!

If you have been following my Instagram account (if you don't, please do!), you would have seen all these drool-worthy confinement dishes that my mother-in-law had whipped up. From the usual Stir-fried Pork with ginger to Salted Egg Yolk with Pork and butter to western Chicken Chop, I am surprised I haven't gained any weight from her wonderful cooking!

Maggie Mee with Threadfin Fish Slices

Pan-grilled Chicken Chop
#2. Descendants Of The Sun

I am one of those people that you know out there who watches Korean variety shows, listen to Korean music and I honestly learned all my random Korean words from these 'exposures' hahahahaha.

So apart from spending my time to watch Running Man, a memorable part of my confinement was spent on watching the highly-raved DOTS. And boy, I really enjoyed the drama, except for the last two episodes!

I thought Song Joong-Ki acted really well in this drama and the older he gets, the better he looks. When I first watched his shows about 5 years back, I merely thought he was a "flower boy" and didn't think too much about him.

I cannot wait for the second installment of DOTS, I hope they continue from the last episode and focus more on the Army and the medical aspects. I am not exactly keen on watching Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong-Ki's constant kissing scenes and cheesy love lines!

#3. Preparing Full Month Cakes

Not sure if I mentioned here or on my Dayre, but let me repeat again because as a mother of three, I have every right to be loh soh, LOL. For this pregnancy, I decided to DIY the full month cakes instead of catering because I get to choose what to put inside, choose the most delicious and best quality items and yet not pay an arm for it.

Nian was a bit reluctant to let me DIY actually, he thinks it is very time consuming and I should be resting at home during my confinement and not be busy over little things like that, which I can easily settle by catering from many different bakeries. That being said, I am glad that he gave in to me this time because I had so much fun!

I got my usual baker to make us these delicious rosette cakes in strawberry and vanilla flavours. I used to be a huge fan of chocolate cakes, but these days, I seem to have lost the liking for it. I find chocolate cakes too rich for my palate now so I prefer something lighter like strawberry and vanilla.

Then I made my own rather patchy red eggs. I have dyed so many red eggs since I do it for all three kids, I don't know why I can never get them to be even! I think I probably made the dye too watery? Need to have a #4 to find out. HAHA.

My MIL helped me order fresh ang ku kuehs from the market and they were really pretty good! I saved quite a bit of money, to be honest. Besides, my quantity wasn't huge so I wouldn't want to travel all the way to anywhere just to collect 15 boxes of cakes.

We could have just bought vouchers and then send them by post, but I thought if our families and friends can make the effort to come all the way down to see our baby, we should technically make the effort to thank them with cakes by going down personally too. What do you think?

Here's a close up of the gable boxes I got specially for the cakes, red egg and ang ku kueh.

#4. Preparing A Small Party

When the idea of having a party struck me in the middle of my confinement, I really wanted it to be a very small party, like having only 5 of my friends and probably 3 kids max but knowing me, one thing leads to another and we ended up having 7 adults (which isn't too bad), but our house was completely over-flooded with kids! 

I have a love-hate relationship with parties when it comes to kids because I really like them to have fun, run around and play with all the toys we have... but I really hate it when it comes to cleaning up because there would be candy in my carpet, cake on the floor, toys strewn everywhere...

Anyway! Nothing a good cleaning wouldn't fix. I spent the remaining evening vacuuming up the entire house and thank goodness for a great vacuum cleaner, I didn't need to beat the carpets! Phew.

The star of the party has to be this gorgeous rosette cake that my baker made specially for K, free of charge! IT IS SO GORGEOUS IMMA DIE.

Inside was a 6-layer strawberry cake made in alternate pink tones... I swear this 8" cake weighs at least 3kg! I love it so much.

I also got some churros from Churros Factory. Their churros are still very good, but boy was I annoyed with their new web order system. I placed an order 2 days before the party and indicated a self-collection at one of their outlets between 2 to 3pm. When Nian got there, they had nothing prepared and said that they didn't receive any orders at all! 

After giving them our order number and waiting for a couple of minutes, they finally retrieved our order and started on preparing them. Nian had to wait for a good 30 minutes for it. I mean.. what's the point of placing the orders in advance right? I could have just walked in and asked for 50 pieces of churros or something, since the gist of ordering in advance is so as to "take-and-go" to save some time.

I was so glad that I didn't arrange for a delivery because I would imagine nothing would come, since nobody saw our orders and nobody prepared them. It kinda marred the experience for me actually because by the time Nian rushed home, he was just in time for the party and we had to quickly display the food. Luckily we only had a small group of friends.

Anyway, it's over and everything was good! I am back to sending the kids to school, which they were pretty happy about it since they could show K off to their classmates, haha! I'm also back at work because there is no such thing as maternity leave when you run your own business lol.

Nevertheless, I am very happy and I take every day as a challenge now to deal with the gang of three. Most of the time it drives me crazy and I don't get to sit down for a minute unless they are in school, but I take it as a good chance to work out and lose my pregnancy weight HAHA. #optimism

When people look at me juggling with three kids (especially in the coffeeshop), they give me a look of pity. I don't know why????

It's not like I accidentally have three kids and I am suffering the wrath of it lol. We WANT to have our third child (in fact, we want to have 4 kids altogether so we have one more to go lol) and I am really enjoying myself even though it means that I would have to strap K onto me, carry A into her baby seat, prepare food for them, cut them into smaller pieces and made sure they eat well before I could tuck in myself.

Bedtime is also very hectic these days because K would be crying to be nursed, A would resist bedtime and D would be asking for his milk. But you know what? Everything just needs a system to fall into place. We are just one month into having a new addition to the family, so naturally things take time to work out. I would try different routine until I find one that works well for all of us and so far, I am still good!

So... I really wish people don't give me a pitiful look. They would tell me things like, "The ages of your kids are so close!" like it is a wrong decision made lol. I would smile and tell them that this was what we had intended it to be and we are so thankful that God gave them to us, all healthy, happy and rowdy. I wouldn't ask for anything to be different. Besides, newborn babies smell so good these people should give me an envious look instead because I can smell it whenever I want!

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  1. OMG!! Glorious confinement food!! I get the 3 kids in a tow pity look! Dunno what's with this people! Some KPO even think I'm an unwed mom and constantly ask my kids where is DADDY!

  2. You ENJOY confinement??? But then again, with Song Joong Ki to keep you company, I can totally understand why. Just like how I had Ellen Degeneres keep me company when I was having chicken pox. Yup, I get it. And I agree, the last 2 episodes of DOTS suck. They should have just ended it while it was good. And I'm with you on having more army stuff and less kissing stuff.

  3. I love Song Joong Ki! In fact, after seeing him in DOTS, I went to watch his previous shows.

    Well, the good thing with having children around the same age is you can have economies of scale!

  4. I love confinement food too! Your DIY boxes look pro! Welcome to mothering 3. : )

  5. I am loving your confinement food and the set up too. Well, I have heard during confinement you get to eat good food.

  6. Indian Confinement food is something which is loaded with calories and it tastes super-yummy!! The only issue is after confinement, I gained atleast 5 KGs. Yes, it is also the period to relax, enjoy momhood completely.

  7. Wow your MIL makes confinement food look good! I LOL-ed at "need a #4 to find out" :) Just followed your instagram, see you there!

  8. Wah you are the first mother I know that loves confinement. I love your baby shower theme, it's so pretty!


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