5 Good-To-Have Items To Welcome Motherhood

Friday, May 13, 2016

So! Your pregnancy test kit has just shown a double-line and your life has begun shopping for baby items!!

While there are many sites that would talk about the essential items you would need to buy (perhaps a cot? Diapers? Milk bottles?), today, I shall cover 5 absolutely non-essential, but definitely good to have items that would save your time and sanity. Ready? Let's go:

1. Swaddling Blankets

Tollyjoy Swaddling Blanket (Single Print with Velcro) - $17.90  

If you stay with an elderly family member, they may tell you that a swaddling blanket is something "for fashion" and is completely redundant because a muslin cloth can do the same job at a cheaper price. Besides, "muslin cloth is more cooling!" they would say.

But what they didn't say is that you really need a good technique to swaddle a baby firmly, and you really need some safety pins to keep the swaddle in place. Which is a lot of trouble, really. Well, at least for me.

Not as easy as it looks! The cloth would come loose if the baby kicks. You could use a bigger cloth for better swaddling, but it increases the chances of SIDS.

As a mother of three, I really appreciate having swaddle blankets in my kids' early months because they are easy to use, all you need is common sense!

Besides, you don't need to deal with safety pins in the middle of the night (because you would need to swaddle the baby back, after changing his diapers, right?)... and it has velcro, which works superbly well in keeping the swaddle in place without having it come loose when the baby kicks.

Also, if you choose baby swaddling cloths that are 100% cotton, they are also very breathable and cooling.

2. Portable Drying Rack

Tollyjoy Portable Drying Rack - $7.90
A portable drying rack is an accessory which you can do without, but I love it in my household because I could overturn all my bottles to ensure that they are completely dry (because damp bottles stink, btw) before I keep it.

Apart from using it on baby's milk bottles, they are also good for the children's water bottles as well.

Daiso sells bottle drying racks too and I used to use them before I come across Tollyjoy's Portable Drying Rack. While it only costs $2, I find that the detachable sticks used to hold the bottle upright detaches really easily. Also, it only comes with only three such sticks so if you would need to buy more if you have many bottles.

The Tollyjoy Portable Drying Rack holds 8 bottles and two to three teats - good for 3 kids!

A portable bottle drying rack also means that it can be packed and be carried to wherever you need them. This could potentially be a life-saving item if you have three kids and all are still drinking from bottles! I cannot imagine how many bottles you would topple if you don't have these drying racks.

3. Disposable Nursing Pads

Tollyjoy Day & Night Nursing Pads - $7.90

When I was expecting Dylan, I had every mind to "go green" - I bought reusable breast pads because I thought it would not only be cost efficient, I can reduce waste! Oh boy I was wrong. My reusable breast pads had to be changed after every feed (i.e. like every 2 hours) and sometimes, it didn't even make past the 2-hour mark and I would be leaking out into my T-shirt.

Instead of saving money, I spent so much time washing and drying my breast pads! And most of the time they couldn't even dry fast enough for me. I had 4 pairs on rotation and yet I wipe out all 4 pairs by half a day.

If you have a pair of leaky boobs like me, then go for the disposable breast pads. I find that the disposable ones absorb milk better and keeps the nipples area dry too. Moist nips tend to encourage the growth of thrush, which is so itchy, you would probably wish it on your worst enemies lol.

The two brands that I use regularly are Tollyjoy's and Pigeon's. I find that these two are the most absorbent and don't leak.

4. Heat Sensitive Spoon

Tollyjoy heat sensitive spoon - $4.50
The heat sensitive spoon is a really useful item to have when your infant hits 6 months old and starts on her first solids (which is most likely porridge in the Asian setting). The pink portion turns white when it is in contact with hot food, so you won't need to test the porridge with your lips anymore!

I also like the small size of it - it fits well in my diaper bag to bring it out for meals, and it fits into the mouths of little kids like Alexis well, thus minimizing food dropping everywhere. It saves your sanity, in a way.

5. Baby Binder

They say you learn through every single pregnancy and as each child comes along - that is so true. I've never heard of the baby binder prior to having K, I thought it was a binder for mommies to get back their pre-pregnancy bodies!

While a swaddle blanket holds the baby's arms close to their bodies to prevent the startle effect, the baby binder protects the umbilical cord stump from rubbing against the diapers and from dropping off prematurely. It may seem like a redundant item to have, but I think it is pretty useful because K's umbilical stump often rubs against her diapers and sometimes it becomes slightly bloody!

It can be quite terrifying to see blood on your baby, yet you can't do anything about it because you can't wear her diapers lower (causes leaking), and neither can you wear it higher (will cause abrasion anyway).

Another use for the baby binder is to relief colic using applied pressure. It is able to comfort gassy stomachs, making baby feel more comfortable. It's definitely something I would consider using for my next baby.


Do you have a favourite non-essential item that you think mummies should have? Share them with me!

Disclaimer: While some of the Tollyjoy items (the portable drying rack and nursing pads) are sponsored, everything else that is featured in this post are my own purchases.

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  1. I super love the heat sensitive spoons lol!

  2. My girls used to break out of their swaddle when they were just a few days old too! My favourite non essential has to be my breastfeeding support pillow. Nowadays, husband and I fight over it to prop up our laptops when we work on the sofa.

  3. Interesting! We have the heat sensitive spoons too and my swaddle which comes w velcro was a lifesaver back in sweden. I definitely need a nursing cover more than a drying rack because i am so lazy to pump! :)

  4. I did not know about the portable drying rack. It would be so helpful when we travels :)

    cheers, Andy

  5. Baby Binder? Wah... wouldn't that be uncomfortable and hot for their delicate skin. I foresee rashes man.

  6. I love the new style swaddling blankets too.
    Back in my time (my firstborn is 7), I used the traditional muslin cloths folded into triangle BAHAHAHA and we didn't have heat-sensitive spoons!
    I remember having to always test temperature against my hand or lips. Zzzzzz

    Things have improved so much! :)

    Veron Zhen

  7. My older girl had v bad colic the first year, didn't know about baby binder till I read your post. Thank you

  8. Yes! I love the swaddling blankets and disposable nursing pads. Especially the nursing pads! They are a life-saver especially on hot days... the cloth ones turn sour so quickly that I thought I was making cheese. Heh heh heh (:

    Mary @ Simply Lambchops


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