4 Things That I Will Never Stop Buying

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Following a post that I've written a month ago on 4 things that I've stopped buying, I thought I would share 4 things that I will NEVER stop buying, at least for the this year or two, I suppose?!

There are several reasons why I can never seem to resist these things, mostly because they are too pretty and irresistible.

Do you share the same "passion" as I do? :p

1. Craft items - stickers especially!

As I grow older, I actually grow to enjoy crafting. In the past, Art & Crafts is never my forte, but these days, I really don't mind doing a little bit of sewing, scrapbooking etc. AND I BUY SO MUCH STUFF to fuel my interests! These are just the tip of my ginormous mountain in the drawers!

2. Wet Bags

Some of my little stash. I've at least 10 wet bags and I am always smitten with more because they are really so useful, especially when we travel!

I have an insane love for wet bags because they come in so many pretty designs, are waterproof and doesn't spoil quickly. It's like an upgraded version of Ziplocs and I use them to store all sorts of things, from my Tula carriers to dry and wet clothes, swimming toys... so on and so forth.

3. Jujube Bags

I must admit that I am not as hardcore as compared to other jjb mothers, who have every different styles in different prints, but that is because I have very good self-control! *coughs*

I don't have that much love for their bigger bags, since I tend to use one for a while before I rotate and use others, a BFF and a Better Be is enough for me now. I am thinking of getting a HBB, but I'm not so sure? Still can't find enough reasons for me to buy one since my Better Be is pretty useful for short trips out too.

On the other hand, I love love LOVEEEE Be Quicks. I love how spacious it is such that I can stuff two phones, my huge wallet and my key pouch, a pack of tissue paper and wet wipes, and still zip it up to look nice and compact! I love it so much I had to have them in my favourite prints. Maybe the next one I would get is the PerkyToki print, but it is so expensive right now I think my heart would bleed if I accidentally stain it.

4. Hello Kitty Stuff

Gotta be honest here, I have TOO MUCH Hello Kitty stuff at home, but I really cannot stop buying them! I've got Hello Kitty bags, Hello Kitty decorations, Hello Kitty plushies, Hello Kitty mugs... and I've even got a Hello Kitty electric kettle. #truestory

I don't know about others, but having this little cat in my daily life makes everything sweeter, cuter and nicer!


So there you go, these are the four things that I'm always throwing my money to. What are some of the things you simply cannot resist? Share them with me!

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  1. I haven't gotten hooked on JJB yet, but I'm soooooo tempted to get one as well! I'm a sucker for bags in general, and yes, I have plenty of wet bags as well. Haha. I shall check out the JJB bags soon! ;P

    1. Welcome to the world of jjb, I hope you have a lot of self-control, HAHA!!

  2. hahah Wow! You have a lot of everything! I never understood the purpose of wet bags though How do you clean them? Just put it in the wash? I find Ziplock a lot more practical. At least I can see what's inside *haha* And Wah! What an ardent Hello Hello Kitty Fan! That's a lot of Kitties! =D

    Now you got me thinking. What are the 4 things I'll never stop buying:
    1. Children's Clothes
    2. Diapers
    3. Milk Powder
    4. Children's Clothes

    So sad. Nothing for myself.

    1. I don't have a lot of everything lah... (like money, I don't have a lot of it lol). I just have a lot of these 4 things cuz I cannot stop buying them! :p

      Ziplocs tear very easily I feel? And wetbags are easy to clean, just dump them into the wash and dry them and they are good as new. They are also very spacious and doesn't tear... the only cons I can think of is that they are not transparent!

      Eh the 4 things you list are quite the necessities! I buy a lot of diapers and milk powder also.. but 2 times of children's clothes? Toooooo muchhhhh lah hahahaha

  3. I am really not a shopper and love to stick with my essentials. At the moment few stuff which we keep on buying from books, stickers, diary, crayons.

    1. Oh yes, books. I buy so much of them too and they were close to competing with the Kitties I have at home! For crayons, we keep buying them too because the kids are so rough with them!

  4. That's lots of wet bags! I'm as curious as may. Prefer using ziplocks.

    1. Hehe I feel that wet bags are pretty, durable, easy to wash and spacious! The only downside is that it is not transparent, but other than that it is really a wonderful item to have at home.

  5. I love stickers too! Been buying a lot for crafts as well but now switching to drawing them instead of sticking all over as my girl tends to stick the stickers all over the house... xp

    1. you must be really good at drawing then!! I keep my stickers and glittery pens securely under lock and key... must keep them away from my kids, otherwise there would be nothing left!

  6. I'm not a shopper, the one thing I can't stop buying is children's clothes and snacks..

  7. Wow!! I love hello kitty too! What a nice collection


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