Of #3 and Confinement

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

So recently, we welcomed the arrival of our #3 via natural birth after a relatively short 4-hour labour.

I wouldn't say it was any easier, even though my grandma says the babies are supposed to come flying out like laying eggs as we go along lol. The pain is still as real as it gets and at one point in time, I was seriously considering epidural because the contractions were coming too quickly and my dilation was coming too slowly!

Since I got poisoned into Jujube late last year, I have the cutest maternity bag with me!

The day started with an appointment with my gynae, I was already 39 weeks by then but there wasn't any signs of labour yet. Baby's head was not low enough, cervix not dilated. It was likely that I would not go into labour for the entire week.

My gynae then suggested me getting induced because he was worried that Baby may gain more weight towards Week 40 and labour may be harder for me. On the other hand, I was worried about getting induced because:

1) On circumstances where the induction causes fetal distress, it will lead to emergency c-section. I am afraid of c-sec, to be honest. (This is largely from the use of Prostaglandins)

2) There is a chance of amniotic fluid embolism, which is basically amniotic fluid flowing into the mother's blood stream - it is a risky complication that can be fatal.

3) Labour takes longer hours and contraction pains will be more severe.

After much deliberation, Nian and I decided that I should be induced. I was given the option to wait until Week 40, but by then, if I don't go into labour naturally, induction is unavoidable.

I was kinda hoping to carry #3 until a maximum of 41 weeks, but my gynae advised otherwise. He was also very helpful in ensuring my questions and concerns are addressed. Thankfully, I was successfully induced drug-free, without the use of Prostaglandins nor oxytocin. Instead, he used the stretch and sweep method, which worked really well for me because within half an hour, I was slowly experiencing contractions.

Guess who's who?
Got admitted into the hospital and before I know it, the little one is out!

Dylan and Alexis came to visit the next day, but because I just gave birth and was not allowed to carry anything heavy, I wasn't able to carry Alexis. The two kids spent two days with my mother-in-law while I was recuperating in the hospital and by the time I got back, Alexis doesn't seem to "want me" anymore. :(

She used to be very clingy towards me, even on the day I went on labour. I don't know what caused this sudden change - is it because she knows that she has a younger sibling that I have to care for more? Or is it because I don't get to spend enough time with her alone anymore?

When she comes back from school now, she no longer calls out to me. She calls out to her Nai Nai. When Nian was going to bring them out, she wanted to help her grandmother take her shoes, so that Grandma can go with them. Mama is non-existent to her at the moment now, which makes me so sad! 

Everyone told me that it is just a phase and she will eventually come around and come back to me (God, I sound like an ex-girlfriend lol) and that I shouldn't worry too much. Sigh, thankfully, Dylan is older and more understanding. He still loves me and would shower me with hugs and kisses, but he is closer to his father now. Not sure if it is the hormones at work, I can't help but to feel a little sad. Like they are somewhat detached from me.

Anyway, back to happier things! I had a slightly different kind of bouquet this year from the family! My personal favourite is still the rainbow roses, that's for sure, but I like this Hello Kitty one as well because Dylan specifically mentioned that he had bought them for me. :)

On Confinement

Confinement has been a blast so far also, because my mother-in-law is finally able to help me with it and she is seriously one of the best cooks IN THE WORLD.

My first confinement was a nightmare - there was a water leak episode that had us cleaning up over 10 pails of water seeping out from our master bedroom wall. Building Service Center had no idea where the leak was, and proceeded to hack off the walls of half of our apartment. We already moved in by then so the clean-up was disastrous! Dylan and I had to move to my mother-in-law's house for two weeks while BSC sorted out this nonsense.

And if that wasn't enough, my confinement nanny went away just two weeks into my confinement. 

My second confinement was definitely less dramatic as compared to the first, but it wasn't spectacular either. I engaged Natal Essentials for my confinement tingkat meals and it was lacklustre for the $1500 I paid. But hey! At least I have a proper roof over my head, and nobody is tearing my house down anymore.

So this third confinement is easily the winner. I had lots of chances to rest because both kids are in the childcare. On weekends, I have an additional pair of hands to help, so I wasn't starved on my rest. I got my necessary naps and lie-downs. Most importantly, I had fresh, good quality food that is piping hot on the table every. single. meal!

My talented mother-in-law also took pride that she ensured that the food had so much variety, they barely repeated unless requested!

Here are some of my favourites that she has done up so far:

Simmered with loads of DOM!
I actually tried to rank them according to what I like most, but I kinda gave up because I really cannot decide which ones I like MORE. I LOVE all of them!

Can you believe she did all these confinement-style? If we start a tingkat business with her cooking we would be millionaires.

She also made me Chicken Chop for one of the dinners because she said that "every day eat rice also sian". CHICKEN CHOP CONFINEMENT STYLE, ladies and gentlemen, can we give my mother-in-law a round of applause please.

And true to her Cantonese roots, I also had 3 days of amazing Vinegar Pig Trotters for my confinement. It was SO GOOD, I wanted more even though I had it for 3 days straight.

I didn't manage to take pictures of these delicacies the last time, but don't worry. I have already requested her to make it again sometime next week! Nian, Dylan and Alexis are also growing nice and well because of my mother-in-law's delicious and nutritional meals every day. We're definitely gonna miss her cooking when she goes back home after my confinement. :(

So.. yup! We are a family of five now, and we are so happy and thankful. The days do get busier and more hectic, but like what they always say, "The days are long, but the years are short".

I am sure I will miss all these when I look back in time. :)

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  1. *round of applause for your MIL* The bouquets were so sweet! Love the Hello Kitty one too!

  2. Why got salted egg pork ribs de!!??!! LOL.. Congrats and rest well! :)

  3. That salted egg york pork pork ribs looks so good. Can you please share the recipe on the blog?? Haha...

    Lauren was also cold towards me in the first few days after Georgia was born. I'm sure Alexis would come around soon enough.

    Michelle @ The Chill Mom

  4. Congrats on your 3rd baby! Rest well and enjoy your confinement. You deserve it super Mummy!

  5. Your mil is so creative in her culinary skills, never heard of Chicken Chop in confinement style! 👍 My two confinement meal was from Natal Essential too. :)

  6. Not every daughter-in-law welcomes help from their mother-in-laws! I'm so happy to hear that you've both forged a strong relationship. Happiest person on earth would be Nian!

    The kiddos will come back. That I can guarantee =)

  7. Congrats my dear! Goodness you are so awake and glowing after giving birth!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  8. So blessed to have your MIL whip up such non-convential yummy food for your confinment. Alexis is probably feeling jealous of her new sibling and that she's not the baby in the family anymore but I'm sure she'll come round as they will always want mummy.


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