Blog Train: How I Met Your Father

Monday, April 25, 2016

A pre-wedding photo that we took back in 2009!
Dear children,

You would probably ask me this question in time to come, because I used to ask my mom the very same question... "How did you meet papa?"

Well, I've prepared the story for you right here: How I Met Your Father

I hope you will get to read this soon and marvel at how amazing fate sometimes can be. :)

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The Chill Mom

Next up, we have Summer sharing with us her #HIMMH series.

A media executive turned stay-home mum blogger, Summer ditched the allures of the corporate world, travelled half the globe and stepped into the gratifying journey of motherhood in a home away from home. Now a mother of three lovely kids, she believes that contentment is bliss and that happiness is about making the best of what you have. A Happy Mum is a place where she blogs about motherhood, babies, kids, love, DIY crafts, travelling and all things happy. Tomorrow, Summer will share about her love story, how she met her submariner hubby and things you never knew about this fun-loving couple. It was a love for sport that led them to each other and a twist of fate that brought them together…..

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