Blog Train: Here's What I Do Every Week, Really

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ever since I became a mother 4 years ago, my life changed in ways I couldn't imagine. Long story short, everything changed. From a twenty-something PMEB who was working up the corporate ladder, I left my job, became a mumpreneur and a full-time caretaker for my three kiddos.

Being a mumpreneur has its perks - I get flexi work hours, I don't have to explain to anyone why I need the morning off , I can bring my kids to work and I continue to earn a living so that I won't have to live off my husband and add on to his financial burden.

Of course, having flexi work hours also meant that sometimes I would need to work at 10PM all the way to the wee hours, because that is when the household is finally quiet and I can get some work (or blogging this post) done.

4 days work week

I work 4 out of 7 days, and each of these days I spend about 4 to 5 hours at my work place. I schedule my work in the late afternoons on weekdays, so mornings are generally quite idle and relaxing.

We would have breakfast together as a family, pack the kids' school bags and then send them to school. Before #3 came along, the husband and I will then take the morning to run errands, followed by a quiet lunch together, then head off to work.

On weekends, life is a little bit more hectic because on Saturdays, the kids will have to go on half-day childcare while we work in the mornings. #3 will go to work with me. By 12.30PM, I will run back from work, bring the older kids home and prepare them for their naps. They would usually sleep for about 1.5 hours to 2 hours, where I would catch a breather myself and have lunch.

Thankfully, my MIL helps me with Sunday mornings now. In the past, I would bring both kids to work on Sunday mornings, and it can get quite frustrating because sometimes, I really need to get some work done but somehow, kids seem to know when to want your attention when you're the busiest?

So for Sundays, I would wake up early, prepare breakfast for the kids, pack my work bag and diaper bag for #3. As soon as my MIL arrives, I will rush out of the house and I will work for another half day before coming back at about 12PM to take over from my mother-in-law, who would by then be exhausted from the active kiddos.

My MIL would have given them their lunch, so when I get back, I will prepare them for their nap times. When they nap, my tuition kid will come over for her Math tuition. I've been teaching her since Primary 3 and she is already Sec 4 now!

So even though I no longer actively give tuition, I still can't bear to stop hers until she finishes her O Levels. I can't believe she has been with me for 8 years!

The kids would have waken up by the time tuition class ends, so I will give them their snacks for tea time and by 4PM, Nian would be back from work. That is when we will go out for family outings, or just somewhere nearby for walks and dinner. It is my favourite time of the weekend because we can finally heave a sigh of relief that our "peak period" is over!

Family outing to Gardens By The Bay!

Back to the weekdays, I would work until about 6.15pm, then rush off from work so that I can be in time to pick the kids up before their childcare center closes at 7pm. Usually, I will reach them at about 6.45pm (thank God for working near home!), then I will prepare dinner for them. Between this half-an-hour, I will let the kids play in their toy room.

Picking them up from their school

Dinner will be served at about 7.15PM, where I would spend time talking to the kiddos, catch up on their day in the childcare center etc. Dylan is turning 4 this year so he is starting to be able to relate the happenings in school to me. It's really interesting listening to him because he would tell me which boys were naughty, and if his teacher scolded him because he misbehaved, whether he slept well in school...

Playing with play doughs on a regular week night!

We usually finish our dinner by 8PM. I will let them rest for a while, play a little bit of toys, read some books, do some colourings and at 8.30PM, I would shower the two older kids together.. and sneak in a quick shower myself.

Alexis goes to bed at 8.45PM, while Dylan's bed time is an hour later. So for this hour, I would usually let him watch an episode of his favourite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I put Alexis to bed. At the same time, if I would need to nurse #3, I would do it simultaneously.

9.15PM: Alexis would be fast asleep if we are lucky. Sometimes, she doesn't sleep even by 9.30PM, which is Dylan's bedtime. This is when I start to evolve into a monster-mummy.

10PM: All three kiddos would be fast asleep and I can catch up on some work, or stream a movie or watch Running Man with loads of tidbits with the husband. This is our quality time together and is a time that I look forward to every day. :)

We will usually head to bed by 11PM or midnight. I don't usually sleep much at night because I would wake up every two to three hours to nurse #3. Sometimes, the older kids will get nightmares, and will wake up crying. Nian will then be "activated" to soothe the crying child.

This is also why we really appreciate having mornings off because most of the time, at 7AM when the kids start running into our bedroom, we have barely rested. On difficult days, we would send the kids to childcare and then come back home to catch up on our sleep too!

On non-working days

Each week, there will be three special days where I don't go down to my work place, so I spend my time on various things, but mostly on housework and my hobbies.

I am blessed with a very capable part-time helper, so on one of these non-working days, she will come by and while she changes the bedsheets, cleans down the house, vacuums and mops the floor and washes the toilets, I will tag team with her to complete the laundry.

House cleaning days have the heaviest laundry loads because we would be washing two loads of bedsheets, the usual daily load of clothes and sometimes an additional load of curtains or sofa covers.

The two other days I would have the luxury of time to prepare dinner for the kids, and if I am fast enough, I get to do fun things like scrapbooking and busy bags making. I am hoping to pick up crochet next because those crochet dolls are so damn cute?!

Our Taipei-Hong Kong Trip Scrapbook that I have recently completed
I also like to busy myself making bento-boxes for my husband to bring to work on my non-working days.

Being a blogging mom

I was a blogger even before I became a mom. Blogging has been a part of me for almost 10 years and it has played a significant role in helping me keep track of memories. My blog has seen me through ex-boyfriends, my heartaches, life in Polytechnic and University, work, marriage and now being a parent.

I like blogging because I not only get the opportunity to share my experience (be it parenting experience, a new indoor playground or just life hacks) with like-minded parents, I get the chance to pen down these happenings. It works like a diary for me too. I don't like to put too much stress on blogging, hence, I will only update as and when I am free or inspired. Blogging shouldn't be an obligation, it should be a hobby!

This post is part of a blog train hosted by Singapore Parent Bloggers and everyday throughout the month of April, you will get to peek into the life of a mummy or daddy blogger.

April 21st takes us to a Week in a Life over at Owls Well, where the resident mummy blogger, Debs G, will share with us how she finds the time to write! Debs G is a Sunda Scops Owl who married a nice British Barn Owl and is raising a trio of hungry young owlets in a highrise tree in Singapore. Debs is a trained medical professional who is currently training to be A Parent. Debs also blogs about her adventures abroad at Owl Fly Away. She also hopes to one day own a small wrinkly dog called 'Bastille'.

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  1. I love it that in spite of your super busy schedule, you can still find the time to prepare a beautiful bento for your hubby in the mornings! I'm lucky if I can find the time to brush my own hair.

    1. Hahaha! Thankfully the kids go to school, so I still get some free pockets of time to wash my hair too! Times when they are home... I can't even go to the toilet. LOL

  2. Enjoyed reading, and I must say you are good at Bento too!

  3. Hi Jac, it's nice to e-meet you! You are a supermom! I would think we all are, just that we have different circumstances.

    Love all the photos here! I have to work on scrap-booking for our travels, yours looks awesome!

    1. Hi Cherry! Nice to e-meet you too! Can't wait to see your scrapbook after you are done! Share on your blog ok!

  4. Superwoman you! You work on Saturday and Sunday and on non-working days, you're still making cute little bento for your hubby?

    Michelle @ The Chill Mom

    1. Haaaa! Bento-making is quite fun and therapeutic actually! And amongst all my hobbies, bento-making is my husband's favourite, cuz he gets something good out of it too? LOL

  5. you should have really added those eyes and mouths to the bento! ahahaha So cute! Anyways, what do you do for work! Working on weekends???

    1. I work with my hubby on our business! The job nature requires us to work on weekends... so no choice lah! But at least we get weekdays off! :D

  6. So busy busy we all moms are! Kudos to you to juggle all the work with three kids. Am sure all the hardwork pays off when you see their smiles.

  7. Wow.. Reading about others week always made me wonder how u guys do it man!! Really superwoman!

  8. Where do you find the time to run a business, take care of your 3 munchkins, run the household and still scrapbook + bento! I am full of admiration for your dedication and energy! You're really A+ amazing!

  9. It is so marvellous to look back and see that you have been writing for 10 years and now with these kids years you make it more beautiful.

  10. wow you've a tuition kid for 8 years!! that's really amazing... you must have started so young~~

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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