Derm-A-Renew Treatment at Annabelle Skin

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Chemical peel has always been on the menu for many facial parlours, and it is unsurprising that it is highly popular because chemical peel sessions are well-known to literally "peel off" the effects of ageing, such as fine lines and uneven skin tones.

Regular, systematic fruit acid treatment leads to an activation of cell division in the basal layer and consequently to an enhanced renewal of the skin layers. It also triggers an increase of fibroblasts and their connective tissue products, thus increasing the skin’s moisture and tone.

The problem with aged skin is its long regeneration cycle of approximately 40 days. Fruit acid treatment can stimulate the skin to accelerate its regeneration cycle to a pace of a typical young skin in approximately 28 days!

Despite the popularity of this treatment, I have never had the opportunity to try it until a couple of days ago. Unlike other chemical peels in the market which just solely focuses on the peeling, the Derm-A-Renew treatment is developed with SKIN RENEWAL & SKIN NOURISHMENT in mind, and consists of 8 sessions per treatment.

The process starts with the [Derm-A-ReNew] Preparation Cleansing Toner, an anti-irritation liquid toner that works to ease and cool the skin before the course treatment with fruit acids, followed by the treatment use of [Derm-A ReNew] Skin Renewal Concentrates.

The Skin Renewal Concentrate is based on five standardised plant extracts: sugar cane (glycolic acid), blueberry (lactic acid), orange and lemon (citric acid) and sugar maple (malic and tartaric acid). The extracts within the concentrates work to breakdown the intracellular substances, and peel off dead cells, stimulating skin regeneration and increasing cell renewal rate to lead to an improved skin structure and complexion.

The concentrates come in 10%, 20% and 40% fruit acids, and are used throughout the course of the eight-session treatments. The therapist will start from the lowest concentration of 10% for the first two sessions, and gradually increase the levels according to the skin condition as the treatment progresses every bi-weekly for an effective result.

During each session, the concentrate will be administered step-by-step with a mask brush onto the face and neck and left on the skin for three – six minutes from the time of application.

While some people may feel absolutely nothing (like me lol), others may experience a tingling/ticklish sensation on certain parts of the skin. That is perfectly normal.

Following the concentrate, the [Derm-A-ReNew] Neutralising Gel will then be applied with a mask brush to soothe and calm the skin.

That is not all, after the skin renewal process, comes the skin nourishment portion.

I was treated with the usual pampering after the chemical peel - a standard but highly efficient extraction by my therapist, followed by a massage with Dr. Belter's Ampoule #12 - Anti-Stress to calm my skin down and also to improve my skin's natural defence system.

I am sure you guys have seen for yourself how much my skin has improved since September last year until now.

I have a love-hate relationship towards the extractions because while it really hurts at certain portions of the face, the results are SUPERB towards the end because I won't feel a single bump at all on my face! Coupled with the Derm-A-ReNew treatment I did earlier on, I was blown away by how soft my face could be. I could probably compete against Alexis.

I ended my luxurious treat at Annabelle Skin with a Couperosis Physio-Marine Mask that my therapist specially tailored for me. This mask is able to calm down the skin’s broken capillaries and give hydration, thereby bringing a glow to my skin and also pumps it up to remove fine lines.


This Dr. Belter Intensa-Med Derm-A-ReNew treatment is suitable for people with large pores, flat scars, acnes, blackheads, prematurely-aging skin or sun-damanged, blemish skin. The treatment price is $238 per session that lasts for about 1.5 hours.

Annabelle skin is located at:
The Adelphi
1 Coleman Street #02-42
Singapore 179803
Tel :: 63368975

P.S. If chemical peel is not your thing, do be sure to check out my previous post on their Guasha Eye Treatment! With just a $28 top-up, you get to enjoy this energising therapy that is great for persistent eyebags and dark eye circles.

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  1. Argh all these beauty posts are in my face! I've been having bad skin for the past 6 months and totally no motivation to doing anything about it expect washing my face with facial wash 3 times a day! hahahahaha

    1. Would you want to try this Derm-A-ReNew? I can link you up for a pampering session hehehe

  2. Sounds like a shiok treatment! Dislike the extraction bit too - pain and I are not BFFs. But to see those pores get unclogged makes it all worth it! :P

  3. I'm always buying facial products that I don't use! :P Too lazy. Scared of extractions too but have recently resolved to go for facials more often. Wish me luck!

  4. I totally understand your love-hate relationship with extractions. But... No pain no gain?

  5. I hate clogged pores! And the love-hate relationship with extractions is what I have too.... And now you make me feel like going for a luxurious treatment. :)

  6. Fortunately, I do not need to worry about pimples or pores on my face.
    So many terms in this blog is not in my vocab.

    cheers, andy

  7. how much is the total treatment? I have sticked to using facial wash and never tried going for facial before.

    1. Hey Phoebe! It is $238 per session and they recommend 8 sessions for the peel in increasing concentration. I feel that it is a little on the pricey end though, or perhaps I don't visit enough facial parlours as well :p

  8. This seems really good! Would like to try it too!

  9. Seriously I love reading about everyone else experience but have not step into any spa and actually cant remember.


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