Clearing Up My Scraping Stash (by scrapbooking more, hehe)

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

I think many of you would have known by now that I really enjoy doing things that aren't really... useful. LOL. I don't feel bad about it though, some people's hobbies are reading, some playing computer games, some shopping and some playing sports. I won't say that they are exactly useful, but it keeps us sane in this crazy world.

After I cleared up my stash of felt cloth last December by making the kiddos a new quiet book and a felt Christmas tree for them to 'hang' their ornaments, I took some time recently to clear my scrapbooking stash by attempting to complete a scrapbook for our Taiwan/Hong Kong trip that happened last February. (You can also read my previous post on using scraps for a Busy Bag exchange for the children. You now know why Daiso is my best friend!)

I have been telling my husband that I feel so embarrassed that the pictures have been printed and just left in the drawer for the past year, without me ever planning to complete it at all. So I must really do it!

Before that, I did a 8 x 8 for this year's Chinese New Year because I realised the heat-sensitive film inside my instant photo printer was turning yellow! Had to quickly utilise it and most of the picture had a sepia tone to it. 

This CNY series is a combination of the usual visiting moments and the children's first Chingay at Heartlands. I've got some photos stashed away for a Chingay post, I do hope I can find some time to write about it! This year's floats are very beautiful!

Then after I was done with the Chinese New Year series, I finally got down and completed my scrapbook project. It had a total of 55 pages and here are some snippets of my absolute favourite ones!

Dylan and Nian at Ocean Park's carousel. Dylan was only 2.5 years old then, and his favourite ride was always carousel!

And that's us, with my rickshaw boy. 

Another picture of Dylan and Nian at the carousel. He really likes dolphins so he picked to sit on one of them!

This was us at Hong Kong Disneyland, sitting down, waiting for the parade to begin. Alexis was only 6 months old but so gummy and cheery! 

Our last day in Hong Kong, I still remember we remembered the wrong time for our flight and we missed it entirely. Had to pay additional a couple of hundred bucks to book us new seats!

I love the blue theme of this series. Plus Chip & Dale is too cute to miss!

Surprisingly, even though we enjoyed Taiwan more, I realised we took more photos in Hong Kong than in Taiwan! Here are the few snippets that I have... I am missing Taiwan as I am typing this. :(

Went up to Beitou on our last days at Taipei. Ah... the hot springs that we soak!

Dan Shui Old Street is also one of my favourite night markets to go to. The soft-serve had no taste seriously, but it still makes me happy. Haha!

And a photo collection of the Hello Kitty flight we took from Taipei to Hong Kong! It was a very short 45-minute flight, but I think I had a really wonderful experience. I would totally fly Eva Hello Kitty Air again hehe
Our Taipei / Hong Kong Travelogue can be found in the following links:
* Taipei trip
* Tan's Go Hong Kong

So.. yeah! I am very happy that I finally got down to clear all these photos and put them where they should be. The thing about destashing is that... whenever I see these scrapbooking materials on discount, I would be ITCHING to buy more.

I'll use them afterall, right? :p

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  1. I just realised that I was scrapbooking my photo albums in secondary school! That wasn't in trend at all and there weren't shops selling arty alphabets and all. I used magazine cut outs and what have you to decorate the pages of my adolescence. haha Now that that are so many materials available, I've also grown tired of all these decorating stuff. I think I can't do it anymore after becoming mom. Kudos to you all who still do because it's a lot of work!

  2. Hats off to you for being so creative. I never knew what to do with scrap paper and left over felt!

  3. So nice!! You're a skill for this and shouldn't stop doing it! :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Hello Jac! I love doing all these crafting too! Everytime I go to the store (papermarket) I am tempted to buy so many things! Unfortunately, with a little one at home now I have less time to make albums/scrapbooks. Now I hv the urge to make an album. 😂

    -Priscilla @punggolbabies-

  5. Your scrapbook looks fabulous, babes! I still have a huge stash of materials too and I need to start clearing them before our big move at the end of the year *panics*!!

  6. You just made me feel like scrapbooking now!!! well done on the 55-page project. :)

  7. Nice and creative, a good way to keep our memories (other than blog).

    cheers, Andy

  8. So pretty! I bought a lot of pens and beads too for card making.. Wanted to buy more but i think i need to de-clutter first.. I can't seem to find time to make more crafts or doodle... :( So nice that you have utilized your scrapbook items and make it into a memorable album. :)


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