Chingay at Heartlands 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The four of us, skipping dinner and waiting for the floats coming to an end at Yishun
Chingay Parade is one of the highlights in Singapore in the February period. Last year, I had the opportunity to be hosting the Chingay at Heartlands, where they toured the Changi-Simei area. It was my first time participating in Chingay then and I thought the floats were so pretty!

Unfortunately, the Chingay nearer to our area was cancelled because our Minister Mentor passed away around the same time last year, so Dylan missed the chance of seeing the floats.

This year, it is back again and I really wanted to let the kids experience the street parade!!

Initially, we were super stoked because the Chingay floats were passing by our estate, and that is great because we won't need to travel to see them. But as you know, when you have a procession, the timing becomes extremely unpredictable.

The floats were supposed to pass by at about 7 to 7.30PM but at 6.45pm, to our horror, our neighbour updated that the floats has already passed us! 

I can't believe it, I took so much time to pre-empt Dylan and keep him excited for the Chingay, only to have him miss it in slow horror as we were at home and him half-naked from the shower he just had. I had to bring him to catch the Chingay no matter what.

Thankfully, the husband came back home at 7.15PM and he decided, against his growling stomach, that the kids ought to have their promise fulfilled, so we took a cab and went straight to the ending point in Yishun, where all the floats will gather.

After 1.5 hours of wandering around and having Twiggies and some cold and hard curry puffs for dinner, the floats finally arrived!!!

This is probably my favourite float. The POSB squirrel is so cute omg?
Dylan posing with the float!
The good thing about camping at the ending point is that the floats go so slowly, it pretty much comes to a standstill. And that is when we can all run down to take a close-up picture with it! Dylan also waved at the dancers standing on the float. It was really fun watching the Chingay with the kids instead of hosting a show all alone. ^_^

More floats!

Actually, I am not sure whether to be thankful whether the ending location is desserted because while the crowd is actually pretty small, there isn't a single coffeeshop around for at least 1km radius. It is ridiculous!

And the only shop they have is a mama-shop that barely sells anything. How do the residents survive!?!

Anyway, back to the floats lol. There were about 12 floats in total I think? And we were so lucky to catch them all!

Some of my friends who were camping along the way said that they only managed to see a few, and because they were running out of time (they were supposed to reach the ending point at 9pm), the floats were going quite fast and it zoomed past them even before they could take any pictures.

Told you the floats were at a standstill we could even pose and take pictures right in front of it without having it banging us down hahahah!

And that is Daddy with his babies. It is all of their first Chingay, but definitely not our last! Looking forward to next year's procession already. :D

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  1. I've been in Singapore for 8 years and have yet to watch a Chingay. Shame on me! Next year....

    1. Be sure to catch them next year! It's a nice sight to bring Georgia and Lauren to see!

  2. I was never a fan of Chingay but kids probably loved it! Bright and colourful lights!

  3. oops I wonder if my previous comment got posted! I was saying I was never a fan of Chingay but I suppose the kids loved it for its bright and colourful lights!

    1. Yes it is! There is loud music as well and I was expecting D & A to be terrified, but surprisingly, they were more enchanted by the lights than to be scared of the music!

  4. We caught the Chingay at our Neighbourhood 2 years back. The atmosphere was great even though it was drizzling.

  5. Aiyo! So lucky! I had always wanted to bring my boy to watch Chingay but it is always way past his sleeping time!

  6. I watched these floats while driving...I so wish to see it closely. Next time will surely watch these colorful, full of life event with complete focus.

  7. It looked soooo pretty! My girl bugged me on bringing her to the one at Bishan, but we did not. Argh! Should have. I was afraid of crowd.

  8. We managed to catch the floats at our area! But it rained the whole time. The poor participants still stood and waved with a smile. Love that responsible attitude they showed that day!

    Simply Lambchops blog

  9. Oh wow, you guys are so adventurous to travel across the island to catch the Chingay! I bet the little ones showed daddy some love after his "sacrifice", eh?

  10. After I saw your post on the Chinggay I was like OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I DID NOT BRING DANIEL THERE!! What a pity!!! I didn't even know the parade was on! You guys sure looked like you had loads of fun! :)


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