Visiting Woodlands Fire Station!

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Many of us always lament that there is nothing much we can do in Singapore (for free, especially!) but there are actually quite a bit of things you can do and explore! You will have to pay for some activities, others, like visiting a fire station, is absolutely free and educational as well.

It was a rare Saturday that Nian had his morning off, so after a sumptuous Burger King breakfast, we brought the critters down to Woodlands Fire Station for a station visit!

All fire stations (excluding Jurong Island Fire Station) are opened for public's visit every Saturday, 9am to 11am. You won't need to register before hand if your group is less than 10 person; all you need is to walk in!

Woodlands Fire Station is the nearest station from our place and they take care of the entire Woodlands area, all the way from Admiralty to Sungei Kadut, where the major industrial area is. I am super proud of them! 

In the walk-through, a fireman on duty will be attached to us to bring us to various places in the station to understand their daily work flow. The first room we went to was the Watch Room, where they will dispatch fire engines / Rhinos / Fire Bikes or ambulances dependent on the severity of the incident.

We also went to the ambulance bay to take a look at the ambulances, where Dylan had a glimpse of how the interior of the ambulance looks like. Oh my god he LOVED it. The paramedics were also super kind to turn on the beacon and siren for him so he kept telling us, "It's an emergency! The ambulance needs to go to the hospital!"

Then of course we couldn't miss out a ride in the magnificent fire engine, can we?

The firemen had very gamely demonstrated to us how they would slide down from the poles when there is a distress call - no pictures for that but they are surely very stylo! Of course, apart from looking cool, it is also very time-saving as compared to running down the stairs.

There is a protocol that the dispatched team must leave the station within 1 minute upon hearing the siren, so the firemen had to really drop everything that they are doing (including showering!) and run for the engine. They also have to practice gearing up as quickly as possible in the truck while they rush to the scene.

Honestly, while I have heard of these protocols, I never thought the firemen had to follow them so strictly. I mean... how do you get out of the showers in 1 minute?????

Really salute these guys!

Mama here also had the opportunity to lay my hands on the hose and actually feel the power of a water hose! The pressure of the hose is so high, it can actually go all the way up 10 storeys high when you open it at full force.

I almost fell down when I turned on the hose to its maximum LOL. Luckily there were firemen helping me with handling it! No wonder every time I watch movie, I see three firemen holding onto the water hose wtf. 

In the past, where most HDB flats are at twelve floors maximum, these water jets would be useful even when ejected from ground. However, as our buildings get taller, we learned from the firemen that there will be wet risers for them and the water tanks at the roof top will be utilised in the event of a high-rise fire.

It really makes me appreciate the design of our HDB flats (though I won't say much about the layout... LOL) after this trip because I learned that...

1. Our electricity will automatically cut off in the event of fire. This means that the firemen can make use of water hose to put out the fire without worrying about getting electrocuted accidentally.

2. Our gas valve is also situated outside the house so that in the event of fire, anyone can quickly turn off the valve so that there will not be any leakage to cause any explosions.

I honestly never thought about all these details that were put into our flats to ensure our safety in the case of fire.

Dylan sitting on the Fire Bike! Each of these Fire Bikes are equipped with the basic equipments, including a 20KG fire extinguisher (which they had to carry on their backs!) that can last for about 15 minutes. In the event of fire, firemen will be dispatched on the bikes and Rhinos to keep the fire in control first, before the fire engine arrives.

I also had the chance to understand the types of extinguishers used in their work. Afterall, different extinguishers are used to tackle different types of fire. Like for traffic accidents where petrol is involved, the firemen will use powder extinguisher to put out the fire. Water may not be as effective in this case because the oil will float on water.

Another type of extinguisher they use is the foam extinguisher, which according to our guide, is great for most fires so it is the most versatile.

All in all, our family had such a great time following the firemen around, watching and learning how things are done in the station. I really have nothing but respect for these fire fighters and paramedics who are stationed tirelessly, ready to spring at the event of emergencies.

Thank you for having us, Woodlands Fire Station! We are so blessed with your hospitality and we have learned so much from a trip like this!

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  1. Oh yes, your post reminded me that I've been wanting to bring Yasmin to a real fire station and not be contented with just the mock ones in Kidzania, hahaha! Thanks for this :)

    1. Totally agree! We should organise a trip there!

  2. Wah not bad ay? You managed to get sooooo many firemen to take a photo with your family and there were no photo bombers!

    1. They were super hospitable I tell you! They were the ones who offered to take a photo with us! I was quite hesitant because I was worried we may be hindering their work, but they are so friendly!

  3. Seems like a fun and educational place to visit with the kids! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have been wanting to bring my kids to the fire station years ago but somehow we just missed it everytime. Looks really interesting and I hope I can bring them this year!

  5. I love this write up of a fire station visit! We've only brought Dana to the Central Fire Station twice but not as fun as yours! :D

  6. I have got to bring the kids to the local fire station before my eldest thinks he's too cool to show an interest in fire engines.

  7. We have been to another fire station, the children enjoyed it!

  8. Been on my to-do list since like forever to visit a fire station but haven't got down to it since hubby is usually working Sats.. one day we will! ;p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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