Guasha Eye Treatment - The Traditional Way to Get Rid of Eye Bags and Dark Eye Rings

Saturday, February 27, 2016

When it comes to rejuvenating the body, I like to go for traditional massages that targets the lymphatic nodes, as it triggers the body to "clear" and flush out toxins from the body.

People always say that the eyes are the windows to your soul, and that the thin skin around your eye area gives the most tell-tale signs of ageing or lack of rest, or even a medical condition within your body!

Most of you would have known by now that I have the luxury of getting my skin pampered at Annabelle Skin for a couple of months now, and they were the ones who saved my ridiculous pimply face to one that I have now - well-hydrated and pimples-free.

Before: Terrible outbreaks in September and After: cleared up skin in October. Just one month!

With a clear face now, the next step to target would be to get rid of my dark eye circles and eyebags, which come with a vengeance whenever I have a late night.

The exposure to the sun is also a culprit for dull eyes and weak collagen structure all around. Shirley, the owner of Annabelle, says that if there is only ONE beauty tip she can offer, it will be to wear your sunglasses whenever you are out in the sun! That being said, though, make sure that your sunglasses have some SPF protection and try to avoid fashion shades that will not only harm your eyes, it doesn't provide any protection too.

Annabelle's Guasa (刮痧) Eye Treatment uses guasa stick that is made of volcano stone instead of ox bone.

The Guasa stone contains natural energy to stimulate blood circulation and oxygenate the skin cells. Applying specific lymphatic drainage skills to drains excess fluid around the eye contours, this special technique will visibly reduce puffiness on both upper and lower eye lids and gives a lifting result in one treatment.

At Annabelle, I like it that they pair my treatments with premium quality products that will suit your problem. For example, with the Guasa Eye Treatment, Annabelle will compliment the treatment with Dr. Belter's ampoule and their Ocular range of products. Here are some of my favourites!

I have blogged about this before in December when I wrote about some of my favourite Dr. Belter's products. This Ocula range Make Up Remover Eye & Lips Duo is seriously THE make-up remover I go to, whenever I have to wear make-up for my hosting gigs.

If you wear contact lens like me, I would recommend the Eye Make Up Remover Lotion instead because it doesn't form a film over your lenses, so you won't have to remove your lens first, and then risk having to stick your face too close to the mirror cuz you can't see anything after that.  (#truestory, it always happens to me!)

Dr. Belter's Biomimetic Eye Cream is also another great product you should look out for if you have wrinkle problems around your eyes. Its essential ingredients are Derma Lipid-Membrane Structure Basis (known as DLS Basis, which is similar to the skin), jojoba oil and Vitamin E complex and are free of perfume and colorant. 

Daily application promises firm, fresh and rested-looking eyes.

Apart from these two products, the Ocular range also includes products like Nutritiv Eye Balm, Multiactive Eye Contour Serum and Multiactive Eye Contour Collagen-pad masks. Each of these are specially formulated to target specific problems you have around your eyes.


Here is a special promotion specially for you!

1-for-1 facial: Bring your loved ones (spouse/best friend/family member to enjoy!) Top up Guasa Energizing Eye Treatment @ $28 only (U.P. $68)

Get 20% off for Dr. Belter Ocular Eye Care products between now to March!

Annabelle skin is located at:
The Adelphi
1 Coleman Street #02-42
Singapore 179803
Tel :: 63368975

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  1. Oh nice, love the transformation to your pimple-free face at Annabelle Skin. I may consider this venue for my next facial. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I didn't use to get eyebags but I'm starting to, alas! So have you started your treatment already? How is it going?

  3. I am one mom who uses only one product - off the shelf facial wash. It's not that I have good skin. I've been getting really pimply the past 6 months from the haze and lack of sleep. But caring for my skin is the last on my list amongst many others which take precedent over spending time in the toilet slapping on creams. Ahhhh I know. No ugly woman only lazy woman. Me lor.

    1. Eh but your skin is REALLY good for someone who doesn't care much lor!

  4. I've had eyebags for years due to sleep deprivation. It's one of those 'baggages' that come with Motherhood!

  5. Great that it worked for you but luckily I never had a pimple issue. I am very low profile cosmetic user.

  6. Love to see your before and after look after the eye treatment. How is it? I am starting to have eye bags after many late nights.. Sniff sniff

  7. Thank you for sharing, I know where to look in case my wife needs research.

    cheers, Andy

  8. Volcanic guasha stone!! I am learning something new everyday...


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