Chinese New Year Preparations at the Tan's!

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Chinese New Year is around the corner again and as many of us would have known by now, having the luxury of having your own house will also mean that you have to bear with all the spring cleaning that comes along with it every once in a year!

Last year, the Tan's Residence had a huge makeover for Chinese New Year. We repainted our walls, had a brand new wallpaper up for Dylan and Alexis' toy room, and we spruced up our guest room and made it into a comfortable bedroom for Dylan.

This year, I think the theme for my spring cleaning is "DECLUTTERING".

I simply cannot believe how much stuff we have accumulated over this one year! We had 2 new cupboards and yet we were bursting our store very quickly. Running Hello Lobang was one of the prime reasons, since we had to build up our inventory of beautiful tablewares, table cloths etc, so that really took up a lot of space.

I had to learn to move around things to make full use of each nook and cranny so that they don't spill out into various corners of the house... you know how convenient it is to just chuck a bag at a corner right?!

Before the spring cleaning begins. EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE OMG
As you can see, if I don't start clearing, my house is gonna look like a rubbish dump wtf. So I started packing the things into DUMP, DONATE and SELL.

Dump took up most of it and usually, the house would look somewhat cleaner and neater after I DUMP. This time, to my horror, it didn't make any difference! 5 huge rubbish bags later, I thought my house was still as cluttered as ever.

So I had to sell. And I am quite surprised how much money I could take back from the things I didn't need!

Major destash at Carousell!

Just within these 2 weeks of major destash, I actually got back almost $700.

Seven-freaking-hundred! I didn't even think I could translate all these goods to so much cash. I just kept keeping them thinking that they would be useful for me/the family/the kids some day. I promptly went out and bought myself a new bag with a-third of the money LOL.

So yes, selling is really quite addictive. After I managed to sell off some white elephants, I basically went full steam ahead to pack and sell, pack and sell. I am very happy to announce that all the corners are now clutter-free and my house is finally looking like a house again!

CNY goodies all bought!
Also collected my last batch of CNY goodies orders from my usual vendor. This year, we ordered 6 tubs of pineapple tarts for ourselves and 10 extra tubs for our relatives! I've been eating this auntie's pineapple tarts for at least 12 years and every single year.... she doesn't fail. Her pineapple tarts are THE BEST!

Tidied up the dining table and we are ready to receive guests (which I doubt so HAHAH).

So.. yeah! We are ready for the year of the monkey! What about you?

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