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Monday, February 15, 2016

Hello everyone! GONG XI FA CAI!!!

Can't believe that the long holiday (we took an extended holiday and had a restful 1 week of break) is already over, it barely feels like we had enough fun yet LOL.

We just got back from a short trip to Montigo at Batam - more on that later, along with a Chinese New Year post, if I really ever get the time to sit down. We are kinda back to the grind as soon as we came back, with me hosting a show on the same day I got off the ferry. #hardworkingmama

In the meantime, I'd like to share with all of you a new online shop that I have been shopping on recently!

Two weeks ago, I carted out some new books and toys for the kids from Toddle.sg.

Toddle.sg is a one-stop online store for parents to shop for their children. From day-to-day items such as diaper bags, carriers, play yards, high chairs, hygiene items to nursing gears and even story books, toys and games, Toddle.sg carries a huge range of items that all parents will find it useful somehow or another.

Huge range of products that you can shop by category, or by your favourite brands
Apart from the wide variety, here are some other reasons why I found it enjoyable shopping with Toddle.sg:

1. Easy Navigation

When I first browsed Toddle.sg, I had no idea what I wanted to get for the kids. In fact, I contemplated getting something for myself instead, hehe. With the carefully labelled tabs at the home page, I could then decide whether I wanted something for myself (that will be Gears, Nursing & Feeding) or something for the kids, which will be Play & Learn.

2. Intuitive

I like the thoughtful sidebar which allowed me to choose my desired items based on Price and Age. I think this is extremely useful for friends who have no experience in shopping for children!

No offense, but when I first had Dylan, I always buy things that don't really match his age. Like we bought him some 12-piece jigsaw puzzle when he was 1.5 years old?? And then we realised he probably won't be able to play it until a couple of years later.... -___-

If you would like some suggestions on the age suitability on the toys, the Shopping Options will be able to help you to narrow down your choices and you will most likely end up buying something useful and age appropriate.

3. Easy, Fuss-Free Sign Up

All you need is 2 minutes and 3 things: Name, Email and Password. You can then update your billing and shipping address at one shot while you check out. It will be stored with your account, so you won't have to re-type them during your next purchase.

4. A combination that gives you a peace of mind

I really appreciate online platforms that give me money-back guarantee, in case of faulty items or wrong items etc. At least I know I can count on them if there are any problems! The items are also all authentic, so I won't have to worry that my Melissa and Doug is actually Monkey and Dog, you know that kinda thing????

And as for swift delivery, yes. I must vouch for this because my orders really came THE NEXT DAY, right to my door step. I was so surprised when I saw the Toddle.sg bags because I really, really didn't expect a next-day delivery. It was even lesser than 24 hours for me.

Having a fast delivery that sends out your parcels within 1 to 3 business days means that you have the liberty to shop for last minute presents, without having to worry if you will be late for the occasion.

Here are some of our favourite hauls:

Alexis working on making an ice-cream for me with Melissa and Doug's Scoop and Stack Ice Cream Cone Playset ($53.90). The ice-cream scoops and the ice-creams have hidden magnets, so the ice-cream really stuck on the scoop while they transferred it to the cone!

Dylan's story-telling session for Alexis. They are reading the Hey Diddle Diddle and Other Nursery Rhymes ($9.90)

Dylan working on the Vehicles Cube Puzzle ($23.90)
 This is my personal favourite - the Vehicle Cube Puzzle, where there are 6 different puzzles on different sides of the cubes. It is challenging, yet not too difficult for the boy to work on.

We had the Wild Animal Puzzles In A Box ($20.90) prior to this and it really kept him busy for a while. Dylan really enjoys puzzles at this age.

Here's another toy that I really like too, the Sushi Slicing Play Set. It comes with a pair of chopsticks with velcro-ed ends, so the kids managed to get some hands-on experience with using chopsticks. I must admit that I haven't really got around teaching them how to use the chopsticks yet, so this is a really great way to start.

With the major festivities already passed, there may not be much reasons for you to shop for your children. But... really, who needs a reason to pamper our kiddos sometimes? 

If there's something you would like to get, here's a discount code for you: jaccy15

It takes 15% off with a minimum spending of $70, which is like a whopping $10.50 off minimum! I'd say it's a good lobang. Heehee.

For more information and updates, do follow Toddle.sg social media sites:

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  1. Ooo... This is so dangerous for my wallet! I used to buy Melissa & Doug toys for my kids when they were younger. Now they are into hot wheels.

  2. I'm such a sucker for wooden toys.. thanks for the promo code. Will pop by to looksy looksy!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Thanks for sharing about this website. I didn't know about toddle. Would definitely consider ordering.

  4. I'm really quite amazed at the efficiency of online shops these days, very pleased that many of them offer next day delivery. :)

  5. looks like a nice online shop. too bad my kids are too old already. any ones for teens? 😀

  6. Love their collection and i always like those wooden kind of toys and find them useful and long lasting. I have not checked this website but will do soon.

  7. The sushi wooden set looks fun! Thanks for sharing this website ;)

  8. It is a good "lobang", thanks for sharing this!

    I'm gonna check this website out and it might save me the hassle of buying birthday presents in store. I am contemplating on getting presents in bulk for the same few kids we get invited to their parties every year ;)


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