4 Things I Stopped Buying As I Grew Older

Thursday, February 25, 2016

I was inspired to write this post during the Chinese New Year spring cleaning period, but I never got around doing that because I was too busy! While I was clearing my stuff, I realised I have a bunch of stuff that I kinda stopped buying as I grow older, and got quite amused by it. Here are some stuff that I have ditched, but never bought again:

1. Perfumes

When I was in my early twenties, I use a lot of fragrance. I spritz them before I head to school, before I go clubbing, before I go for a date... I would always get my family members to help me buy them at DFS when they travel because I use them so much so it will be quite expensive to buy them at retail!

But somehow, I gradually stopped using fragrances. I don't know why? Perhaps I grew lazier, or that because I was seeing steady boyfriends so I didn't need to smell attractive anymore, HAHA. Then when I got pregnant and started having kids, I stopped entirely because I didn't want to trigger their sensitive noses with strong scents.

And so, it has been a couple of years since my last bottle of perfume.

2. Jewelleries

In the past, I would buy jewelleries very often! Not those gold jewelleries, but typically fashion accessories such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, chokers etc.

I cannot decide which one I like more? I buy a lot of bracelets, like Pandora, Tiffany & Co, and some other random blogshop customised stuff. I think I fare the worst when it comes to earrings. In the past, I had 3 pairs of piercings on my ears, so I would buy SO MANY earrings!

As I grow older, my multiple piercings closed one by one. I still remember how my mom used to freak out when I come home with piercings on my tragus and helix. She would naggggg at me to no end, but little would she know, I would eventually grow out of it. And I am finally now "decent" with only one pair of piercings that I am forever wearing with the same pair of earring - the one she got me for my dowry.

I don't buy much rings, but having a good stash of 5 or 6 of them, I stopped buying them completely because wtf. How many fingers do I have? Besides, I like the classy way of wearing my rings - only on one finger and these days, I only wear my wedding and engagement ring stacked atop of one another. The rest of the rings that I have are stowed away and hardly see daylight, which is sad because they are so pretty as well? So I stopped buying them altogether.

3. Handphone cases

OMG if I could take back all the money I spent on handphone cases, I would probably be able to buy myself an LV!

Since secondary school when I owned my first Nokia 8210, I've spent SO. MUCH. MONEY on those  "housings" - I used to have at least 20 of them and I would change them so very often just to match my clothes!

Then as I grow older, every single phone I had would have at least 3 or 4 accompanying handphone covers because uh... I need to express myself like that wtf. Most of my handphone cases are Hello Kitty, of course. 

Thankfully, as I grow older, I grew out of it and now, all I can say is that my phone has stayed case-free for a couple of years now. I never bothered buying a handphone case anymore, and my phone is always in its original state. No blinky stuff, no shimmery stuff and no funky stickers on my home button. It is just a phone... with a default ringtone no less.

I don't even bother with setting a nice ringtone these days anymore lol.

4. Fancy Stationeries

Gosh, I still have a weak spot for fancy stationeries, especially heaps of colourful pens and markers!!!! But these days, I really stopped buying them because I no longer have the need to use them anymore.

In the past, I would buy them so often because I would use it to write my notes.. some how, colourful important points get etched to my brains better than blue/black inks. I would also have fancy stick-notes, nice notebooks that smells faintly of some cheapo fragrance... I think these were the main things that kept me going during my school days.

Do you have some stuff that you have completely outgrown and never bought them anymore? Share them with me!!

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  1. hahahah Thanks for sharing this because it got me thinking what I've STOPPED buying myself! Actually, I've stopped buying everything that I do not need. But, what have I started buying? Every little dress and pants for the kids that they obviously Do Not Need. hahaha

  2. I still buy handphone covers coz my kids drop my phone all the time! It's more for protection than vanity purpose. I think it's easier to count things that I DO buy than things I don't buy nowadays.

  3. Ha ha. Agree with your list. I think slowly slowly it is going to be my kids time to buy all this stuff.

  4. Everything in your list I still am actively buying leh! And all are like my usual will check-out things when I'm shopping. Sometime we just need to indulge ourselves a little.

  5. I can so relate to #1 and #4. These days, I get perfumes for Christmas presents and I think I can live vicariously through my daughter's fancy stationery :P

  6. Thanks for sharing... I hear you on the perfumes and jewelries which I have since stopped buying after kids. Now all my spending money goes into kids, although my one weakness is in buying notebooks. Haha...

  7. Actually all of them are very tempting but glad that I am not a shopaholic and try to keep my buying to necessary one.

  8. I've stopped buying costume jewelry too as I prefer to invest in more expensive pieces I can pass on to Lil Pumpkin :P can't stop buying stationery now that Lil Pumpkin likes it and loves to write!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  9. I used to buy those miniature perfumes cos I love how cute they look in that size! Never did use them, but just kept them and took them out to admire the bottles and smell the fragrances. And those $1/$2 small toys that come in a plastic egg case which drop out after you crank the handle of those machines? Haha, I'm still buying them once in a while :)

    Mary (Simply Lambchops)

  10. Agree with you - guess marriage and age changes our perception to things! I used to buy like over 10 'dresses' for my iPhones as well.. Till iPhone 5 launched and the dimensions are just so different that I must discard my iPhone 4 phone cases altogether (and I have swarovski crystal ones).. It was just madness at how many hundreds I would spend on my casing looking back but yeah now I'm contented with 2 iphone cases on my 6S and they are the best things ever!

    As for perfumes, I was never obssessed with them due to sinus and all I need is a good deodorant :P

    Thanks for sharing and have a fab week ahead!

    xoxo, Aldora
    IG: @Aldora_Muses


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