Review Update on Tickle Your Senses Play Doughs

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hey guys, I know I haven't really been updating this space for a while because life has been pretty hectic but here is a quick one.. and quite important if you have purchased Tickle Your Senses play doughs.

Last month in December, on my Christmas Gift Guide, I received and reviewed Tickle Your Senses Sensory Play Toys which involved tubs of play doughs and water beads.

Both kiddos, Dylan especially, had a great time playing with these sensory toys. I thought having only 4 tubs of play dough won't be enough for him, so I bought an additional 10 tubs of play dough, out of my own pocket.

Of course, we didn't need all 10 tubs of play dough, after keeping 2 tubs for myself, I had them separately packed and gave them to my friends' children for Christmas.

One day, while Dylan was playing play dough with Nian, he took up the blue tub and asked, "What are these white spots in the dough?"

We were confused for a moment and then realised that the play dough had turned mouldy. We were not sure if it was because of our mishandling, since the tub has been opened and play with. Could we be the one who contaminated the dough?

So I whatsapped my friends whom I have given the doughs too and to my horror...

Almost all of the 10 tubs I bought turned mouldy, and almost all of them have not been opened yet.

My friend, Maggie, had it worst. The entire tub was almost engulfed by mould

The reason for this post is not to bring down Tickle Your Senses, or to tell anyone not to buy from them. 

I decided to write this post because I am worried that there may be daddies and mummies who have bought the same batch of play dough as I did, and are dismayed to find that the quality of this batch is lacking. This is especially so if any mummy and daddy readers have purchased it after reading my reviews - I feel that I have the responsibility to update everyone for batch issues like these.

I would like to reiterate that the initial review set that was sent to me is still fine and Dylan is still playing with them, and Tickle Your Senses has sent my friends and I replacement tubs for all the mouldy ones.

We have only opened one of the tubs to play and the quality is great as usual. The dough is soft and easy to knead and no chemical smell. A chat with Felicia, the founder of Tickle Your Senses, revealed that the only reason they could think of that resulted in moulding is that the doughs were not cooled and dried enough before they were packed.

However, I would like to remind parents that it is our responsibility to ensure that all products are safe for playing, before giving it to our children.

If you are experiencing the same issue as I did for your Tickle Your Senses play dough, please drop Felicia at to have your tubs of play doughs replaced. I would also keep everyone in the loop if I have experienced any other updates on my end.

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