Christmas Activity Part 3!

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

HAPPY 2016 Y'ALL!!!

Can't believe the first week is almost gone and we are heading into the 2nd weekend of 2016 as we speak. Today, while we were out having lunch, we saw that many Chinese New Year decorations are up and some shops are already playing all the festive CNY music!

OMG EXACTLY 1 more month to CNY only!

Thought I would share a throwback post on our Christmas celebration that happened two weeks ago, for memories' sake.

Gathering with the usual gang

Gatherings with our usual gang always happen at our place, which in my honest opinion, is getting very boring! Don't get me wrong, I love it when they come by because it is so convenient for us. We don't need to travel, I can be in my slacks and Dylan and Alexis can go to sleep at whatever time they like.

But you know, we don't live near central Singapore, so it is quite inconvenient for our friends to always be making a trip up to our ulu house all the time, so once in a while, I really relish travelling out with the kiddos to meet them instead of them coming all the way to us!

This time, we met at this beautiful new condominium for a simple gathering and swim.

All of these photos are taken by WY's GoPro and I LOVE them so much, I cannot choose which ones to post and which not to post, so here it is, ALL of my favourite pictures. The picture quality is too nice, it makes me want to buy a GoPro myself!

After an afternoon of lounging, gossiping and catching up over bubble tea (gone were the days where we would be sipping bottles of beer wtf), Old Chang Kee, Shepard's Pie and sweet corn, we adjourned to my sis-in-law's place, where we had our annual Christmas party, much to the children's delight!

Our first activity was pinata whacking. This was my first pinata I have EVER whacked in my 30 years!!! I barely started and Peyton was already covering his ears at the background lolol.

Dylan's turn to have a go at it

Of course, when the pinata broke and all the sweets came tumbling out, the children scurried to pick up as many sweets as they can!

Last year, Dylan ran with all his might to the crowd, only to emerge smugly with just ONE candy. I was really proud of him because he knew he didn't need so many anyway, so he just took one that he liked.

This year, he had a plastic bag to store a HUMUNGOUS number of sweets. But just as I thought he was going to keep them for himself, he gave it all away! Every single piece of candy was given away to his cousins because according to him, he doesn't want worms in his mouth LOL.

The pinata also revealed a bunch of Christmas decorations for the kids to stick onto the Christmas tree on the wall, so Dylan really liked that!

Then we had a police-catch-thieves game where the kiddos had to use their mini toy cars to bang down the tyres that were lined up. You could probably see the two robbers hiding behind the row of tyres!

Dylan caught the robbers and was busy running them down with his car wtf

We then designed snowmen cookies next. As you can see, my sis-in-law really prepared A LOT of activities for the children, and we were all occupied all the way until the late evening!

Dylan was very, very engrossed in decorating his snowman. He said he had so much fun!

And at about 9pm, it was bedtime for my kids so even though there was a sleep over, I chose to bring them home because I really don't think they will get much sleeping done if they stay there! Okie... I know, I am such a party pooper lol.

So before the kiddos bade their cousins goodbye, we had a logcake session. ALL the kids couldn't wait to eat the cake!

Full of anticipation

Afterwhich, it was presents exchange time!

The kids' mega haul this Christmas! Thank you so much to all the aunties and uncles for the love and care. Dylan and Alexis enjoyed so much ripping wrapping papers apart.

And now, onward to the new year.

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