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Monday, December 07, 2015

This is one of the many series of Hello, Mrs Tan's Christmas Gift Guide for 2015, where I will feature items that I think make really good Christmas presents! If you would like to be part of the feature, do get in touch with me at jaccyy[at]gmail.com. This series will last for a month and end by 20 December. :)

Hey guys! We're 18 more days to Christmas and I'm truly excited as the festivity sets in! These few days I was basically just browsing and buying and packing and writing Christmas cards and all.

In today's instalment of our Christmas Gift Guide, we have Tickle Your Senses! Last week, we excitedly received Dylan and Alexis' first sensory play kits and we put it to play immediately!

When it comes to toys, I try to find toys that triggers their imagination and their senses. While we do have usual toys like kitchen sets, balls and random toy cars, I realise that the kids prefers these sensory toys more.

For example, they love love love the quiet book we have at home! And recently after we acquired more sensory play items, either from collaborations or home-made, I realised my kiddos don't really play the rest of the toys anymore.

I was thinking since they like these toys, I should try making them play dough, just for the fun of it. But even after many tries using different recipes I've found online, my play dough always ended up too dry or too sticky and we can't play with them. 

To be honest, I have never considered giving them commercial play doughs because I simply cannot tolerate that funky smell that comes along with it!

What's more, Alexis is at the age where she would try to taste anything that she is playing. I really wouldn't want her to be eating those play dough!

Thankfully, in this Christmas season, we were blessed with this lovely, lovely Christmas special - Build-A-Snowman Playdough Kit ($24.90). This set comes in:

  • 4 x 150g tubs of red, brown, green and white playdough
  • 28-piece Build-A-Snowman Kit [twig hands, carrot nose, buttons galore]

At first glance, I love how the items were all packed into a sturdy cardboard box that closed snugly without the use of tapes and all the mess. Tickle Your Senses also specially made Christmas theme logos when you purchase their Christmas series, just to add on the festivity!

In my opinion, even if you don't wrap up this present, the neat looking box is a fantastic presentation. Did I also mention that the play dough all came with googly eyes? The kids were so amused by it!

Dylan had the advantage to start playing with the play dough first because meimei fell asleep earlier that night. When we opened the play dough, I was pleasantly surprised that the play dough were not only made from food-grade ingredients, they actually smell lovely because they have been scented with essential oils!

I love the texture of the play dough too, it was neither too hard nor sticky, and it works well in retaining its shape so we could build all sorts of things with it. The 28 pieces of accessories also gave Dylan a lot of room to display his creativity.

Here are some of the creatures we made! There were actually more, but after a quick snap of photos, I couldn't resist it but to put my camera away and started playing with him. 

For a much better play, I would recommend getting ready several of these items:

* a rolling pin (I made use of an empty plastic bottle for this purpose)
* a mat, if you have floor tiles like ours because I realise the play dough tends to get stuck inside
* a toy kitchen knife for them to flatten and cut the dough
* cookie cutters for them to make into various shapes!

If you don't have these at home and have difficulties improvising, Tickle Your Senses has 6-piece play dough tool kit that will solve your problems conveniently. You can also visit my Instagram post on Tickle Your Senses to get a special code to redeem a FREE 3-piece tool kit when you buy 2 Christmas theme sensory play sets!

Some of these accessories are pretty small so if you have younger kids who are two years old and below, please supervise them when they play.

The next sensory play kit that we received was the Christmas Water Beads Sea Creature Kit ($18.90).

This kit consists of:
  • 2 sea creatures squirties,
  • 450g tub of ready-to-play water beads,
  • 5 packets of dry beads and step-by-step instructions for you and your child to grow 2.5kg of water beads on your own,
  • 1 scoop and 1 strainer

The water beads are probably the highlight of Dylan and Alexis' day over the weekend! It was a hot and sultry morning, so after a trip to the playground, I stripped them down and filled up their bath tub with some nice cool water and put in the water beads and some of their usual bath toys!

The was a generous amount of water beads in the 450g tub, so even though there were dry beads available for us to grow these "water babies" ourselves, we decided to keep it until later.

Both the korkor and meimei had so much fun scooping up the water beads with their strainer, cups and scoops! Alexis eventually gave up using the tools and used her hands to try to catch the beads. She was so amused she couldn't stop laughing!

Alexis feeling the bouncy water beads in her tiny hands. Exploration of new texture and experiences is definitely something I'd like her to have when we play. She eventually burst some of the water beads but it was of no big issue. All I needed to do was to scoop up the remnants and throw them away.

Again, these water beads are pretty small too so please only let the children play under supervision. Surprisingly, Alexis didn't see these water beads as food, so I had a sigh of relief as I sat on the little stool in the toilet with them, watching them play and laughing with them. 

It was really fun and the kids played until their fingers were all wrinkly. :)

While Tickle Your Senses has a huuuuuge range of play dough sets, Water Beads and Coloured Rice Set (you should check this one out too, I think it's gonna be super fun!), they have also thoughtfully set aside a wonderful Christmas theme play kits just for this festive period. 

Check out my Instagram post for a special promotion code for you to get a 3-piece tool kit FREE with every 2 Christmas Play Kits purchased!

Till then, happy shopping!

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  1. Sensory kits are really fun for little ones! Been seeing quite a few reviews of Tickle Your Senses and they seem to be one of the better ones!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun for the little ones! My kids are way past this stage, but I can imagine they would love this when they were little!

  3. Heya Jac, thanks for sharing this review. I love, love, love the Build-A-Snowman Playdough Kit... the fact that it comes with 28 pieces of accessories is just awesome. I think my girl will love playing with this as much as your two children ;)

  4. I wonder how the beads feel like. Like the bubble in bubble tea? Hahah looks delicious leh. Don't know if my children will eat it or not

    1. Actually I was quite surprised that my little girl didn't eat it because it really looks pretty chewy to be honest!!! :O

  5. Haha the beads remind me of the bubbles in bubble tea too!!! ;p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  6. I love that snowman! One of a perfect Xmas present. I should have kept my bathtub for such sensory plays...,, thanks for sharing!

  7. Sensory Kits seem to be very popular nowadays - keeping the old baby bathtub for water play is a brilliant idea.

  8. I've never bought any sensory kits for the elder girl before...looks like I should start looking at some for the younger boy :D Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love educational toys like these! I have one problem with many of them thought. Eg play dough and kinetic sand, is that they are so messy and difficult to clean up! I wonder if the water beads would be different though. Would like to try! Are they disposable or reusable?

    1. They are reusable! Gotta agree that playdough are a bit hard to keep because of the oily texture it leaves behind. Usually I use those kitchen tissue paper to wipe, they work really well! I also give them a chopping board (spare one that I had from Ikea) so it limits the mess... :p


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