Christmas with Peppa Pig

Monday, December 28, 2015

You know you're officially a mother of a toddler when every June/December holidays, you start to browse through all the events line-up that is happening all over Singapore, so that you don't miss out anything that your kid might remotely like.

Last year they had a lot of My Little Ponies and Pororos in shopping centers, which, luckily (or not?) wasn't something that Dylan liked very much, so we settled for Christmas decorations watching along Orchard Road and taking pictures with countless of Christmas trees!

This year, there were The Little Big Club show, which featured Barney, Thomas the Train and a pair of firemen I had no idea who they were. Apart from that, there were also Bob the Builder, Mike The Knight and others, which thankfully (again!) wasn't something that Dylan knew about because he doesn't watch their cartoons.

I did think about going to Plaza Singapura for the Sesame Street meet-and-greet session, but then decided against it because we've seen Sesame Street so many times at USS! 

So eventually, we settled for Peppa Pig's Christmas Live Show at United Square for the kiddos this time round.

We arrived slightly after 3pm to be in time for their 5pm session, so we could walk around, have some tea and hopefully chalk up $50 for the meet-and-greet session for Dy & A to take a photo with Peppa and her family.

Even without the show, the kids were having a ball of fun because United Square is really quite children-friendly with LOADS of children rides and Zoomoov for everyone! 

Alexis was gonna knock-out from the sleepy dust from her Tula but suddenly, seeing all these kiddy rides made her as awake as day. She waved goodbye to her afternoon nap, of course.

While the kids had their fun with kiddy rides, the two of us relished in Bakerzin's hi-tea set that costs us $30 for 16 pieces of selection. I am not a regular with hi-teas, but I thought $15/pax seems rather reasonable with 8 items each? Besides, I really love their savoury selection of puffs and sandwiches!

Their dessert paled a little in comparison because two out of four were tiramisu-something. As a person who doesn't really take coffee, I would prefer something chocolatey instead. The cream puffs were also ordinary and in fact, lacked lustre.

A close-up of the savoury and dessert selection. I do hope that they would regularly change their combination too! I would be more than happy to go back for another round of hi-tea session hehe.

After a good round of fillin' up our stomachs, the Peppa Pig show was almost starting! We only managed to be ready 15 minutes before the show, so by then the first floor was already filled up and we had to take the second floor. 

No complains though! We camped at Dairy Queen with another fellow mummy and she was super kind to let us crash with her!!

Prior to heading down to United Square, we bumped into a neighbour who told us that it may not be worth it to go down to watch Peppa Pig because it was toooooo crowded. Even if we were to hit $50 and secure a meet-and-greet pass, the queue was 2 hours long. I was so shocked to hear that!

Then I quote him, "The show was only 10 minutes!"

That was when I SERIOUSLY reconsidered making our way down because I really wouldn't want to waste time travelling down for a 10-minute show! 

Thank goodness we decided to head down anyway because the show was not 10 minutes long, but almost 30 minutes!! Peppa and her family danced to some really great Christmas songs, and the children sang along with them to Deck The Halls and Jingle Bells.

It was whopping fun and even Alexis ended up dancing along! We didn't hit $50 eventually, even after our decadent tea-time at Bakerzin (it was like $45 or something but we had no time to order more food to hit already LOL), but when we walked past the queue to the meet-and-greet sesh, it was reasonable and not like what my neighbour said to be two hours long lah. -__-

Ended our outing with some more kiddy rides and as you can see, my kids LOVE rides lol.

I hope you have had a great Christmas! We certainly did and I honestly cannot believe that the year is coming to an end in just a couple more days. 365 days certainly pass to fast for me to grasp.... and the older I get, the time passes even faster. O_O

Here's wishing all of you health, love and happiness in 2016! Here's leaving you with a message from Zalora, featuring HEADLINE SEOUL.

Usher in the new year with a sleek new get-up! To be honest, I have never taken much look at Headline Seoul's collection until recently and I must say that I am loving the 'dress down' style that many ladies are pulling off these days.

Here are some pieces that I've pulled out from Zalora's site:

I really like a dress-down-chic kinda feel and what really amazed me was that even though some of these get-ups look expensive, they are actually very affordable! I spotted a cropped top at only $17, and even the most expensive dresses don't exceed $120.

In fact, majority of the items in Headline Seoul don't even exceed $90, which I feel is great because good fashion doesn't mean you have to spend hell lots of money on it.

Zalora also throws in free delivery if you exceed $40, so I'd say, buy a couple more sets for Chinese New Year too. :p

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  1. 30 mins is pretty good.. I went for our first mall show last Christmas too for Winx. Quite random but we happened to be there and Lil Pumpkin really enjoyed it!! Might try to make it for other shows now haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Been there done that too... queuing up for mall shows. #parentduty Haahaahaa... happy new year to you and your family!

  3. Been there done that too... queuing up for mall shows. #parentduty Haahaahaa... happy new year to you and your family!

  4. An aside, i LOVE that High Tea Set! looks like a good deal! :)

  5. Your kids look like they definitely enjoyed the time with Peppa (and the rides)! My younger boy is a Peppa Pig fan too, even though he's actually only watched the show on TV twice... glad that it turned out to be worth the wait for everyone in the end. :)

  6. Headline Seoul? hahah So random from Peppa Pig! Anyway back to Peppa and Live Shows, they are also so crowded and I can't believe that we have to "queue" for an hour sometimes to get a good "Seat". I rather watch from second floor lol

  7. Haha, we started our #mallrounds too, with Barney! Now i know exactly how other parents feel :P Oh, i was about to say that the high tea set looks really yums (love smoked salmon, mushroom pastry and cakes!) but guess it looked better than it tasted, eh?

  8. My kids are older now and it seems taking them to malls seems to be harder now . I guess end of the day, food still entice them. ^_^

  9. Not a big fan of Peppa Pig, but she sure seems popular with the little ones! The high tea set looks so pretty - it seems a little sad that it doesn't taste as great as it looks.


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